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Where to stay in Brighton

Where is the best place to stay in Brighton?

The English city of Brighton, situated on the south coast of the United Kingdom, is a well-known tourist destination that each year receives millions of tourists who come to Brighton attracted by the charm of its beaches and the proximity to London, which is one hour away by train.

The best area to stay during your stay in Brighton is the coastal area, located along the promenade, and the centre, located next to it and in the district of The Lanes.

In the old town you will find the icon of the city, the spectacular Royal Pavilion, the Brighton Pier, the most famous pier in the city, the Royal Theatre and huge multi-purpose spaces such as the famous Brighton Dome and Brighton Centre.

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Brighton’s seafront and city centre

Brighton is a cosmopolitan, modern and multicultural city, which many young people choose to study in, due to the prestige of its university.It is well connected both outside the city (it is only 50 kilometres from Gatwick airport, which is easily accessible by train) and inside, as it has a network of buses that run quickly and regularly.

The sea is also responsible for its tourist attraction and Brighton’s seafront is one of the busiest places in the city and offers a wide range of hotels for all levels, as well as an unstoppable activity both day and night.There are plenty of great cafes and restaurants on the seafront (there are many “fish and chip” shops) where you can stop and admire the beauty of the beaches along the way.The promenade is also a meeting place at night, as the main bars, beer gardens, pubs and clubs of the British city are located there and various open air festivals take place there, such as the Paddle Round the Pier, the largest beach festival in Europe.

The Brighton Pier, more than 500 metres long, stands out from the promenade and is the only pier in the city after the disappearance of the West Pier a little more than a decade ago.Built at the end of the 19th century, Brighton Pier is home to an amusement park, two arcades (Palace of Fun and The Dome) and a few kiosks and bars selling everything from hot dogs, noodles and cotton swabs, and there’s even a restaurant that has one of the best fish and chip dishes in town.

And, parallel to the seafront, in the heart of Brighton (The Lanes), is the Royal Pavilion, an old building commissioned by King George IV, which is characterised by its Indian-style exterior architecture, while the interior is decorated in Chinese.The imposing palace, which perfectly reflects the extravagance and harmony of its founder’s personality, is worth a detailed visit.Adjacent to this landmark building is the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery, which houses a number of treasures of British and European art, as well as other pieces from the Americas and other countries, and the Brighton Dome, an art complex that includes three major cultural spaces, the Concert Hall, the Corn Exchange and the Studio Theatre.the Royal Theatre, which has two centuries of history, is located next to the Pavilion and is another of Brighton’s landmark buildings.

In the centre and less than 10 minutes from the Royal Pavilion is one of the largest shopping centres in the south of England, Churchill Square, a huge three-storey space which houses shops, restaurants, nurseries, kiosks and a beauty salon and is well worth a stroll and some shopping.

A few steps from this giant shopping centre is the 11th century St Nicholas Church, Brighton’s oldest building, and close by are St Mary Magdalene’s Church, a Catholic temple, and St Paul’s Church, a Gothic church, located next to Churchill Square.Close to Churchill Square is the Brighton Centre, a huge centre for major international conferences and exhibitions.

And north of The Lanes is an area which has hotels and comfortable accommodation at a more affordable price than the seafront and city centre, as well as many cafes, restaurants and pubs, and is well connected to the centre by several bus lines.Here you will find Brighton Central Train Station and the Toy Museum, a space created in 1991 that houses over 10,000 toys and objects where children (and adults too) will enjoy themselves to the fullest.

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