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Where to stay in Lake District

Where in the Lake District is it best to stay?

Lake District is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the UK, a wonderful region full of lakes, forests, valleys and slate covered hills.A spectacular landscape, in every sense of the word, it attracts millions of visitors every year who stay in the area to hike the trails and mountains, take part in every imaginable outdoor sport, sail on the calm waters and walk the riverside paths.

Throughout the Lake District you will find picturesque villages that offer accommodation, ready to meet every need and suitable for every budget, and even private cabins and beautiful country hotels. The area has something that enchants everyone and invites you to stay in the region, even for those who prefer to hang out in traditional and cozy pubs or in fine restaurants.Although there are many small towns and villages hidden away in protected areas, most visitors choose to spend their holidays in one of the larger towns or villages, such as Windermere and Bowness , two twin towns located along the shores of the largest lake in the area – also called Windermere .Other popular tourist destinations are Ambleside – with its Victorian elegance -, Troutbeck – a small town with the three most famous pubs in the area – and the old town of Keswick – because of its location on the beautiful northern lakes.

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Best places to stay in Lake District

Windermere and Bowness

The Twin Cities Windermere and Bowness are two destinations vacation classic in Lake District. The zone, therefore, is divided into two parts: Windermere, plus quiet, and Bowness, plus boisterous and busy Lake Road snakes through the hill between the two cities, and presents one large selection from hotels, pensions and bed & breakfast offer delicious breakfast British traditional. In the surroundings of the village and by the banks of the lake also may find one large variety from apartments from rent and camp sites surrounded from nature.

For those who are looking for relaxation and tranquillity we recommend that you settle in Windermere, but Bowness is undoubtedly the place where most tourists and holidaymakers congregate.The city has a wide variety of shops, restaurants, tea rooms, cafes and ice cream stands, so it has everything necessary to keep the tourists who decide to sleep there entertained. It is especially busy in the summer, but is visited all year round. It is the ideal place to stay for those who want to settle in a central point of the Lake District to explore it, and also offers a frenetic nightlife and a good range of entertainment activities.

To avoid the crowds in the summer, it’s a good idea to book your cruise tickets in advance. There are a variety of modern ferries, as well as beautiful boats built in the 1930’s. You can take a quiet and relaxing cruise, or travel by boat to Ambleside on the other side of the lake.

Hotels in Windermere

Hotels in Bowness


Ambleside is a beautiful Victorian town, beloved by poets such as Wordsworth and Coleridge, and an ideal base for exploring the hills and lakes of the Lake District.Not quite as bustling as Bowness, Ambleside is a great place to stay if you want to experience the natural hospitality of the Lake District and enjoy the slow, Victorian atmosphere, and offers a varied selection of accommodation and all sorts of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants.In fact, they joke that Ambleside has more bars than you could visit in a day.

It’s situated on the banks of the Windermere River, making it the perfect place to try out some of the water sports on offer in the area – in fact, the marina is where much of the action takes place at Ambleside.

Within walking distance there are other natural attractions, including the Ghyll waterfall, over 70 metres high, and the beautiful Stagshaw gardens, which literally explode with life and colour in spring and summer.

Hotels in Ambleside


Troutbeck is a small village situated near Windermere, it is very well preserved, has the three most famous pubs in the area, and offers a great number of excursions for those who want to walk.

Although not full of hotels and cottages, this small village offers a well worked out selection of beautiful small guest houses and campsites, which are very popular with hikers who want to explore the area between Kirkstone Pass and Ullswater.In fact, many choose to stay there because they like the tranquillity of Ullswater, and because they intend to cross the pass.

Hotels in Troutbeck


The small town of Keswick – whose name means “cheese farm” – is situated in the quiet areas of Derwenwater, and is an ideal starting point for those who want to explore the lakes of the north.In Keswick you can find everything from camping sites to luxury hotels.

The towering peaks of Skiddaw, Helvenllyn and Scafell – England’s highest mountain – are all within easy reach of the village, and for those who prefer to stay closer, there are also plenty of forest tracks and trails that follow the path of the lakes.There is a great lakeside path, ideal for those who want to walk a bit or practice cycling, where every so often you will find places to stop and have a welcome coffee, accompanied by a piece of homemade cake or a delicious ice cream.

Ghyll also offers all sorts of outdoor activities – mountain biking, climbing, abseiling – for those looking for adventure… if you like to spend time on the water, you’ll have plenty to keep you entertained: stay in Keswick and you can choose from all kinds of sailing, rowing, windsurfing and quiet boat trips.

Hotels in Keswick

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