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Where to stay in Liverpool

What is the best area to stay in Liverpool

The best area to stay in Liverpool is the city centre and the seafront adjacent to this .In this area there are many luxury hotels, many pubs and music venues and the main tourist attractions, such as the Albert Dock, the World Museum, St George’s Hall, the Merseyside Maritime Museum, the Tate Liverpool, the Echo Arena Liverpool, in which the great stars of the moment perform, and above all, deserves a detailed view The Beatles Story, a museum that takes the visitor on an unforgettable journey that recalls the history of the legendary quartet.

Staying in this area will allow you to get around the city on foot and see the most emblematic places and enjoy the nightlife, as the Cavern Club, the rock&roll pub where the Beatles were discovered, and the shopping in the huge St Johns Shopping Centre are located there.

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Accommodation in the centre of Liverpool

Declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site a decade ago, Liverpool is a huge city in the north west of the UK that is spontaneously and regularly associated with the Beatles.

To enjoy and make the most of the view of Liverpool, the best option is to book a hotel on the seafront or in the city centre adjacent to it.Even so, the city has a network of metro, bus and fast and frequent trains to move around the city and it is very well connected to the airport by bus and train.

One of the most outstanding buildings on the seafront and one of the most emblematic of what was the capital of culture in 2008 is the Royal Liver Building, an imposing building of more than 98 meters high and 13 floors that was, for years, the highest in Europe.This monumental building is located a few meters from the Albert Dock, a pier that was built in the mid-nineteenth century to house the boats from outside and was the first British construction that was not made of wood, but with iron, brick and stone.

This famous dock, which offers wonderful views of the River Mersey, is home to many historic and artistic buildings in Liverpool, as well as several hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars.

The most relevant building in Albert Dock is The Beatles Story, the Beatles Museum, which offers an audiovisual tour of the history of the band from its beginnings to its dissolution.The Tate Liverpool, the city’s most important modern and contemporary art gallery, which houses works by artists such as Andy Warhol and Picasso, and the Merseyside Maritime Museum, opened in 1980, houses a collection that reflects Liverpool’s international importance during the Second World War, including its role in the transatlantic slave trade and emigration.A few steps from this dock, almost next to the Beatles Museum, is the Echo Arena Liverpool, a site opened in early 2008 with a capacity for over 10,000 people where major sporting events take place and where groups such as Oasis have performed.

A few steps from Albert Dock is Chavasse Park, a beautiful green space that links the seafront with the city centre and is surrounded by hotels, restaurants, sophisticated shops and a luxurious shopping centre, the Whitewall Galleries.The Cavern Club, besides being the pub where Brian Epstein discovered the Beatles, who played there before they were launched to international fame, is a bar that does not charge admission, in which new bands play live music and you can have a good time with friends while having a few beers.About 10 minutes from this legendary pub is Concert Square (near Liverpool Central Station), which is surrounded by the city’s most famous bars, nightclubs and pubs, such as The Zanzibar Club or The Abbey.

Liverpool City Hall is a five-minute walk away.It is located in an 18th century building with ornate columns and a large dome on which rests the statue of Great Britain. Nearby are the Catholic Cathedral of Christ the King, an impressive example of modern architecture, and St. George’s Hall, one of the emblems of the city and also a World Heritage Site, which today hosts concerts and exhibitions.This is a neoclassical-style building located opposite the Lime Street train station, around which are some of the city’s most famous theatres and museums, such as the World Museum, which houses historical treasures from around the world and hosts a planetarium, an aquarium and exhibitions ranging from dinosaur skeletons to meteorites from Mars, the Walker Art Gallery, which has an impressive collection of paintings, sculptures and decorative art from the 13th century to the present day and the Royal Court Theatre, an art deco building.

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