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Where to stay in London: Best Areas

The best areas to stay in London are in zone 1 and some of the zone 2.

London has one of the most expensive land prices in the world, which influences the cost of the accommodation which is also very expensive In addition, it is the most visited city in Europe, with what this implies in the supply-demand relationship.

In terms of the types of accommodation, the quantities differ from the more rural and country side of the UK where Bed & Breakfasts are usually the most common accommodation.

Instead, it is the apartments that are the most expensive in terms of quantity, with more expensive prices in the more touristy areas and evenly distributed on both sides of the River Thames.Of houses and villas there is also an interesting offer, especially in areas far from the centre and more residential.

After the apartments, the second most common type of accommodation is the hotel , with an average in prices to stay in London high, as there are more than 110 hotel is 5 stars in the city.

The hostels and guesthouses, together with the hostels, are the cheapest accommodation to sleep in London although they are mostly distributed outside the central area (West End and the City). Finally, the mentioned Bed & Breakfast are scattered to the north and west of the centre, but their number is much lower than the rest of the accommodation.

Prices for accommodation in London differ according to the area Where are the limits for price change? Generally speaking, the Circle underground line (shown in yellow on maps) is that limit. This does not mean that in the interior area around this underground line you cannot find hostels or guesthouses for less than 50 pounds a night, but it is frankly difficult.

About the best time to find the lowest prices to sleep in London , this is in January , when the influx of tourists is the lowest of the year. During the rest of the four-month period, prices remain affordable until the spring when they are already set at a high price.

Prices remain high until Christmas, when, despite the cold, the city receives a great influx of visitors who want to enjoy the holidays in London: Christmas and Boxing Day, and New Year’s Eve.

The best areas to stay in London

The following districts and neighborhoods are an ideal option to stay in London.Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and also a different price scale.

1.West End, includes the most central areas

What are the limits of the West End? There are various opinions on this, but generally speaking, to the north it has the limit at Oxford Street, Picadilly to the west, Trafalgar Square to the south and Aldwych to the east.

As the is a very touristy area, the average prices of accommodation are high , especially in the west, with several five star hotels where the room can exceed 500 pounds per night, however, you can find hostels with prices around 50 pounds.

One of the great attractions of the West End are its theaters , especially in the area around Charing Cross Street.Although there are many interesting plays, Les Miserables is definitely the show to see and has been performed continuously since 1985 in several theatres in the West End and can now be seen at the Queen’s Theatre.

In addition to the cultural offer, the West End is also famous for having the highest density of restaurants and pubs in London : the British restaurant Rules, the Indian Dishoom or the Mediterranean Nopi are some examples of the variety of gastronomy in the area.

As for shopping, from Picadilly Circus square, along Regent St. to Oxford Circus and from there to Tottenham Court Road, there is an impressive density of shops and stores , from Primark to Zara, through Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland or Liberty department stores.

The nightlife is assured in many clubs and nightclubs with the classic Hippodrome as the main attraction, as well as areas such as Covent Garden whose attractions deserve a separate section. Without doubt the West End is the best area to stay in London.

– Accommodation in West End

2.Covent Garden, the most recommended place to stay in London

East small neighborhood has its nerve center in its great shopping center where you can spend all day, from breakfast to dinner, and take advantage to do some shopping in one of its stores.

This big market stands out for being located in a beautiful square of a little more than 100 meters long and considered one of the most beautiful commercial areas in London.

As for staying in London in this area, things are difficult, because most of the buildings are occupied by shops, businesses and restaurants, having to leave the limits of the neighborhood to be able to find hostels and hotels.

However, the neighbourhood also offers cultural attractions such as the London Transport Museum, St. Paul Covent Garden church or the London Film Museum. To close a day full of emotions, we recommend visiting the Roadhouse club, a classic that offers dinners, live concerts and with the most skilled bartenders to prepare cocktails.

– Accommodation in Covent Garden

3.Soho, ideal for sleeping in London to enjoy its nightlife

Until the 1990s, Soho was a neighbourhood famous for its many sex shops and adult venues, but everything changed and now it has become one of the most interesting, touristic and cosmopolitan areas of London.

As part of the West End and Westminster Borough, the prices of the accommodation are expensive except near Oxford Circus where there are some two star hostels with prices around £50 per night.

On a cultural level, one of the most visited places is the British Museum , where you can find the Rosetta Stone and other wonders of antiquity.Not far away, it is recommended to visit Russell Square and the surrounding university quarter.

Further south, there are several theatres such as the Prince Edward or the Palace and, further west, Chinatown, a miniature Chinese city with banks, shops, restaurants and all kinds of businesses run by Chinese citizens.

In terms of cuisine, Soho is probably the area with the greatest variety of cuisines , especially around Berwick St. For shopping , in addition to the many small shops in the area, we recommend visiting the large department store Mark & Spencer .

– Soho accommodation

4.Westminster, very central and tourist attractions

As a municipality, its boundaries are the City, to the east, and Kensington to the west .but as a neighbourhood, it extends to the River Thames to the east, St. George’s and the River St. Petersburg to the west. But as a neighbourhood, it extends to the River Thames to the east, St. James Park and Buckingham Palace to the north and Vauxhall Bridge Rd to the south, which is what was once considered the Westminster Political District and surrounded the current Palace.

Currently, this area is mostly residential and the density of accommodation is not very high, except around the St. James Park underground station, where you can find everything from 5 star hotels to hostels with rooms under 100 pounds.

This area is possibly the highest density of historic buildings of importance in London: the Parliament of England with its two great towers, one of them the famous Big Ben; Westminster Abbey, where traditionally the British kings have been married; the Jewel Tower and Westminster Bridge; the Home Office or Government Office; the Imperial War Museum Winston Churchill; Westminster Cathedral, and, of course, Buckingham Palace.All these places are less than a kilometer away from each other.

As it is a quite residential area, the number of restaurants and shops is not very big , except in Victoria Street, which is a bit more commercial.In nightlife, apart from the western part of the neighborhood there is a popular concert hall in front of the Thames: St. John’s Smith Square.

– Accommodation in Westminster

5.The City, the best option where to stay in London for business travelers

It is mandatory to start with the oldest area in London (founded in 50 AD by the Romans), which is also called Square Mile because it is about one square mile long.

It has, more or less, the same perimeter that it had in the Middle Ages and, unlike the rest of the districts and municipalities of London, the City has its own government since the ninth century.

The City is a totally financial district In fact, it is one of the most important economic centers in the world.

The number of accommodations is lower than in other areas of London and it is rare to find rooms below 80 pounds.

However, the City has some of the city’s biggest attractions such as St. Paul’s Cathedral; the 30th St. Paul’s building and the

. Mary Axe or The Gherkin, with its pickle shape; The London Museum, where you can learn about the history of the city since prehistoric times; The Guildhall Art Gallery, to see the remains of the Roman civitas; walk along the bustling Liverpool Street, or contemplate the Thames from Blackfriars Bridge, Millennium Bridge or London Bridge.

To say that, although technically it does not belong to the municipality of the City, we recommend a visit to the Tower of London, to the southwest and guarded by the famous Beefeaters.

The City is also an ideal place for shopping thanks to its many shops and several malls such as Leadenhall Marketing or One New Change, where you can find all kinds of products and the latest fashion in the case of clothing and accessories.

In these malls you can also enjoy magnificent restaurants .After dinner, for have a drink , we recommend the area of the Temple , area surrounding a Templar church where you can enjoy quality nightlife.

– Accommodation in the City

6.Southwark, a very practical area and cheaper than the West End

On the other side of the River Thames , just opposite the City, is Southwark, a historic borough that currently occupies much of Inner London.The northern part of the same, opposite the Thames, is the most touristic area while the southern area is much more residential.

In Southwark it is possible to find prices for accommodation under 40 pounds a night, a interesting price to stay in London a few days.The most expensive accommodation is around the Shakespeare Globe Theatre and The Shard, a 309m glass and steel tower, the tallest building in the UK.

In addition to the above attractions , Southwark has other attractions such as the White Cube Art Gallery; the Imperial War Museum; the Anglican Cathedral of Southwark and St George’s; the Clink Prison Museum, a former prison now converted into something of a ‘house of terror’, and of course the Golden Hind, a replica of the ship that the privateer Sir Francis Drake sailed around the world with in the 16th century.

Precisely in the area surrounding the Golden Hind and the promenade in front of the River Thames, there is an important variety of restaurants and gourmet places where you can taste magnificent wines, beers and other drinks, and places where you can buy fresh products such as the old Borough Market, specialized in farm products.

Further south, around Borough underground station, there are several nightclubs and the famous Ministry of Sound nightclub .

– Accommodation in Southwark

7.Victoria, ideal to be well communicated and close to everything

An important part of this district is occupied by the large underground and train station long distance Victoria Station, which connects the city with the rest of the United Kingdom and even with Paris through the Eurotunnel.

In spite of being a very small and somewhat residential neighbourhood, it has an area where you can find dozens of hostels: the surroundings of Eccleston Square Park , where most of the accommodations have prices below 80 pounds the night.Without a doubt, one of the most recommended areas to sleep in central London for affordable prices.

For shopping, north of the neighborhood, is the Cardinal Place, and a little further south the Victoria Place Shopping Centre.Near the train station is the Apollo Victoria Theatre, and to enjoy a little afternoon-evening, on Wilton Rd there are numerous restaurants and pubs.

– Accommodation in Victoria

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8.Knightsbridge for those looking for a stylish neighbourhood to sleep in in London

West of Victoria (with Belgravia in between) is this luxurious residential neighbourhood full of embassies where the famous Harrods Department Store is located , on Brompton Rd.

It is precisely on this street and its surroundings that you will find most of the accommodation, which has a cost in general quite high , with prices that can exceed 1000 pounds per night.

In any case, Knightsbridge is a very interesting neighborhood. On the one hand, it has two entrances to the magnificent Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens , in addition to other small parks within the neighborhood as Prince\’s Gate Garden.On the cultural level , you can visit the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Holy Trinity Brompton Temple or the nearby Catholic Church London Oratory.

The highest density of restaurants is on both sides of the Brompton Rd, with a good offer of international cuisine , and also in this area you can visit numerous shops and stores of famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga or the jewelry store Tiffany & Co.

As it is such a residential area and full of official buildings and temples, nightlife is not very common, although there are some pubs where you can extend the night a bit.

– Accommodation in Knightsbridge

9.Chelsea, another elegant and wealthy neighbourhood

It is a very wealthy residential neighbourhood south of Knightsbridge and famous for having famous people from British and international society as neighbours, from Agatha Christie to Johnny Depp.

It is also known as the “thinkers quarter”, as it was a bohemian neighbourhood in the past and some of it is still there, especially because of the many plaques and memorabilia on the buildings where the artists and writers lived.It also has its own football team, although the stadium (Stamford Bridge) is outside the boundaries of the neighbourhood.

The residential nature of the neighbourhood has meant that the hotel industry has not developed much and only in the northern area, around Fulham Rd, there are some accommodations, mostly hotels and with prices that exceed 100 pounds per night .

The tourist attractions are related to the culture It is interesting to visit the National Museum of the Army to know the evolution of the weapons since the 15th century.

In addition to the numerous parks , Chelsea is also a good place for shopping, lunch or dinner , the ideal place to do so is King’s Rd, where there are restaurants such as the Bluebird, specializing in modern European cuisine, or the Gallery Mess, within the Saatchi gallery.

As for shopping, small (somewhat expensive) shops predominate and there is a large shopping centre on King’s Road itself: Duke of York Square.

– Accommodation in Chelsea

10.Kensington a quiet and safe area

Large and divided into three areas (South Kensington, West and Centre, the northern part of the neighbourhood), the area around Kyoto Garden is very residential and there is no large accommodation offer.

On the other hand, in the south area , especially around Cromwell Road or A4 (which connects the neighborhood to Heathrow airport), the number and variety of these is huge , also with all kinds of prices .

Kensington also has a cultural area in its eastern part, where there are several museums such as the Science Museum and the Natural Museum, both south of one of the most important theaters and concert hall in the United Kingdom: the Royal Albert Hall.

Of course, the visit to Kensington Gardens is a must, highlighting the visit to The Albert Memorial, the Serpentine Gallery and Kensington Palace.

For shopping, lunch and nightlife the best area is Kensington High St In relation to shopping, in 2005 this street was considered the second best in the city and is still one of the most visited for its many and varied shops.

In addition, between commerce and trade, are very common cafes and English restaurants as The Ivy Kensington Brasserie.finally, as a curiosity, in this street is the Northcliffe House building, home to some of the major newspapers in the UK as the Daily Mail or Independence.

– Accommodation in Kensington

11.Notting Hill, a romantic alternative to stay in London

The premiere in 1999 of the film Notting Hill (starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant) made this neighborhood one of the favorite destinations for tourists, however, the area was already well visited until that time for having one of the most famous street markets in Europe: Portobello Road .

However, this neighbourhood is quite residential, cosmopolitan and does not have much accommodation, except in the area around Notting Hill Gate Underground Station, increasing the density in the neighbouring Bayswater neighbourhood.

As well as being the ideal place to shop any day of the week, Portobello Road also has the highest density of restaurants, cafes and places to enjoy nightlife .Some suggestions: The Duke of Wellington restaurant, The Hummingbird bakery and café or the Portobello Star.

– Accommodation in Notting Hill

12.Paddington, London’s most affordable accommodation

North of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens is this neighbourhood famous for its large train station , which connects several underground lines and for Saint Mary’s Hospital, where Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin in 1928.

There is also a large amount of accommodation, especially in and around Sussex Gardens Street, and among these there are also many more affordable Bed & Breakfasts in the central area

A very popular attraction is the water channel that runs in the northern part of the neighborhood: the Paddington Basin.This small river is the end of a large waterway that runs through the north of London and has an area not far away called Little Venice , as there is a small port with boats with which to make a small tour of the channel.

To enjoy the leisure and gastronomy , the best area is the one between Praed Street and Sussex Gardens , where the Asian restaurants like the Yemeni Saba or the Chinese Peking Seoul London stand out.In terms of nightlife, the most common places to go are the English pubs such as the Royal Exchange.

– Accommodation in Paddington

13.Kings Cross, a practical option for those arriving on Eurostar

In addition to Paddington and Victoria stations, London has two other large railway centres: Kings Cross and St. Pancras International, both independent stations but sharing an underground line.

Due to the large size of both, the area is not provided with many accommodations, and you have to cross the A501 to find an area with numerous Bed & Breakfasts for less than 100 pounds a night.

In addition to train stations, St. Pancras and Kings Cross are also two great leisure areas, as both within their facilities and in the surroundings you can enjoy many restaurants and shops for shopping.

As for restaurants , the German Gymnasium, a luxurious place with cocktails included; the Kings Cross Wine Cellar or the Plum and Spilt Milk in Pancras Rd.

In terms of shops , the offer is greater: The Real Food Market, a fresh produce market, opposite the King’s Cross St. Pancras metro station; the Pancras Square shopping centre; the John Lewis St stores, inside the St. Pancras station, or The Harry Potter Shop, on platform 9 3/4.

What is the best area to stay in London?

The best area to stay in London for a sightseeing tour is the city centre , which coincides with zone 1 of the underground network.It is precisely in this central area where most of the main tourist attractions of London are located, such as Trafalgar Square, Leicester Square, Big Ben, Parliament and Westminster Abbey.

Zone 1 basically comprises the districts of City of London and City of Westminster , where the most popular leisure and shopping areas are located.City London is the oldest district of the city and currently one of the busiest as it houses the financial part of the city, while West End , within the district of City of Westminster , is home to the elite of the city, is famous for being the area of theaters and home to Picadilly Circus Square, a meeting point for Londoners.

Without a doubt, the best area to stay in London is zone 1, the most central area of the capital.

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Central London, the best area to stay

The English capital has the City of London and 32 districts.For a visit to London it is best to stay in the centre, where the main shopping and entertainment area is. Zone 1 covers part of the City of Westminster and City of London district, where we can find the liveliest and most attractive neighbourhoods for visitors, including West End, Westminster and Soho.

West End is the urban area of London included in the city of Westminster which is famous for hosting many tourist attractions and for having most of the theatres in the city.

Piccadilly Circus is also a popular destination for shopping and a gateway to Soho’s lively neighbourhood, with its theatres, cinemas, night clubs and restaurants.Soho is known as a vital centre of pleasure and spirit.since its creation in the late 17th century, the theatres, cinemas, clubs and restaurants have made the area one of the liveliest by day and night.

Nowadays it is an area full of record shops, galleries, community houses, cafes and vintage stores, large official buildings and narrow shopping streets.

Westminster is in the City of Westminster district, surrounded by: Vauxhall, Millbank, St James’s, Covent Garden, Lambeth, Belgravia, Mayfair, Pimlico, The West End, Nine Elms, Lambeth District, and Wandsworth District. This area has been the centre of political and religious power in England for over a thousand years.On weekdays, the streets of this central area are filled with officials, because almost all the administration offices are in this district, and on weekends the streets are deserted, with the exception of the tourists who visit the historical sites.

The main attractions that can be seen in this area of central London are The Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, symbol of the city of London; Westminster Abbey, the oldest and most important church in London; Horse Guards, where the twice-daily changing of the mounted guard is celebrated; Downing Street, residence of the Prime Minister since 1732; and the Jewel Tower, the tower where the kings kept their most valuable jewels.

For those who do not want to lose their physical condition, despite being on the road, you will be minutes away from three of the city’s main green areas: St. James’ Park, Green Park and Hyde Park with 5, 10 and 20 kilometre circuits.

Within zone 1 we also find the 2.6 square kilometres that make up the City of London, where the main business buildings of the city are located, so if you are staying here you should know that during the weekends many of the restaurants and pubs remain closed.It is also known as the Square Mile or the City of London, so it should not be confused with the city of London as such when choosing where to stay.

East of Picadilly and St. Jame’s and bounded to the north by Hyde is the South Kensington area.This area is the closest to the center of the elegant and coveted Kensington neighborhood and the proximity of Kensington Palace has helped the area to remain true to its original appearance and to become, after Mayfair, the most expensive in the capital. The luxurious shops of Knightbridge, with Harrod’s at the head, are in keeping with the neighborhood’s wealthy residents. Hyde Park to the north and some museums of Victorian tradition in the heart of the district provide the visitor with a perfect combination of peace and grandeur.

Also in Underground Zone 1 is a part of the Lambeth district, South Bank, on the east side of the Thames, where there is something for everyone, whether you are visiting London for the first time or living in the city, a centre for theatre, art, music, literature, film and dance.It is also home to one of the city’s main attractions, the London Eye, as well as the famous Hayward Gallery.

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