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Where to stay in Aruba: The best places

Are you interested in knowing about the best areas where to stay in Aruba You have come to the right place.

Aruba is one of the most special islands of the Caribbean and it is so for two reasons: it is one of the few paradisiacal destinations in the area geographically located outside the hurricane zone, and it has an enviable climate.

In the 10 months from January to October there is a radiant sunshine with an average temperature that varies between 29 and 30 degrees. Even in November and December it is advisable to visit the island, because only moderate rains are registered, generally at sunset or at night.

Its beaches, with turquoise waters , are a lure that manages to keep many tourists coming back every year.

The best places to stay in Aruba

Before booking your accommodation on the island it is advisable to get some information about which are the best places to sleep in Aruba and what advantages each one offers.

1.Palm Beach

This area is one of the most famous and most sought after to stay in Aruba because it concentrates an elegant and luxurious resort of hotels.

Palm Beach, named after the county of the same name in the United States, has a two-mile beach of white sand and orange sunsets and unforgettable sunsets.

In the area, you can also find two of the largest shopping centers in Aruba, a large variety of restaurants , clothing stores, cinemas, spa rooms and entertainment centers for children.

In addition, the nightlife is active in Palm Beach: there are casinos, clubs, discos and bars for those who love to party.In general, the public transportation is clean, safe and affordable, so is easy and simple to move around the area

On the other hand, the security is one of the virtues of this area, as in almost all the island.

2.Eagle Beach

Next to Palm Beach, this is the one that is for many one of the best beaches in the world .Its transparent waters have inspired filmmakers to film scenes from various movies.

It is distinguished by being a nudist beach. However, not everything is nudism. The beach also has an area for those who prefer to wear clothes.

Eagle Beach is also known for the Fofoti Trees , two of which, with the silhouette pointing to the Caribbean Sea, are the most photographed on Aruba and have become almost a symbol of the island, which must be known.

The area also has a high flow of tourists during Easter Week, when families traditionally flock to the beach, especially in the late afternoon to see four of the species of sea turtles that nest only on Eagle Beach.

Getting to the area is easy, and tourists can get buses and taxis without any problems.


Capital of Aruba , Oranjestad is an urban area of clear commercial growth, which converges with historical monuments and a good number of tourist attractions.They have access to a diversity of services and at the same time is close to the most demanded beaches of the island.

In Oranjestad, the tourist can visit the House of Culture , the archeological museum (where the ethnographic heritage of Aruba lies) or the Zoutman Fort , the first building on the island which was built in 1798 to protect the city from pirates.Inside the fort there is a museum where you can learn about the roots of Aruba\’s historical past.

In the tour through the streets of the capital, you can see small colorful houses, installed in the middle of a dense row of bars, restaurants, cafes and trade fairs that sell products of international brands.It is a pleasure to walk around these places.

If you have just arrived in Oranjestad by cruise ship, take , the tramway . It will be an unforgettable journey of almost two kilometers from the port to the city center.

In Oranjestad there is the Arikok National Park .This natural reserve has caves formed by lava, quartz and limestone residues.Huliba is the most visited cave by is a heart-shaped cave known on the island as the “tunnel of love”.

Oranjestad is also home to a butterfly farm , very popular with children.It is a kind of small botanical garden where different species of butterflies reproduce.when you walk among the plants, colonies of these colorful flyers will flutter around is a unique experience.



Savaneta, former capital of Aruba, is a fishing village full of mangroves and coral beauties , with ideal weather conditions for snorkeling or guided diving.

Its best beach is called Mangel Halto , whose waters are so crystalline that you will be able to see small colorful fishes while you go into its low depths.

In this area is located the first and oldest house of Aruba (150 years approximately), available for the visit of tourists.

In addition Savaneta is headquarters of the Royal Navy and the coast guard services of the Netherlands.There is also a swimming pool centre where high-performance sportsmen and women who practice synchronized swimming train.

Savaneta is a place away from the hustle and bustle of the busy beaches of Aruba and the urban bustle of the capital.Visitors take refuge there for to rest, fish and eat good seafood in beachfront restaurants.

The best thing is that it’s not far: from Oranjestad it’s a 16-minute drive to the island’s fate.for a weekend getaway, it’s usually enough.although some people choose it to stay in Aruba longer because of its tempting relaxed atmosphere.


5.Sint Nicolaas

Located 22 minutes from the capital, this city is considered the cultural and artistic icon of Aruba .In its main street stand out murals, walls and buildings painted by local artists, and in its surrounding areas abound galleries, museums and exhibitions that show the cultural richness of the Antillean island.

In the area there are shopping centres with everything the visitor needs, as well as restaurants , which apart from serving exquisite food, also function as improvised museums full of curiosities

Many of them collect on their walls and furniture objects typical of the island or from wealthy clients who have left their belongings, such as vehicle plates or valuable paintings.

One of these places is Charlie’s Bar , open since 1941 when the divers started to hang on its walls what they found at the bottom of the sea. With time, it became a tradition that every visitor leaves a memory in this picturesque place.

Also, the tourist can visit some of the three beaches of the city: Baby Beach, Boca Grandi and Rodger’s Beach .In any of them you will receive good service of food and drinks and in this beach area they offer walks by coral reefs.

If it is Thursday, and you are in Sint Nicolaas you cannot miss the festival Carubbian , where you will enjoy artistic presentations and sale of crafts and local gastronomy.

This city, once an oil hub, appears on the tourist map of Aruba for the charm of the percussion and calypso bands that resound during the carnivals held in March each year, with the pleasant participation of tourists and locals.


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