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Where to stay in Belize

What is the best place to stay in Belize?

Belize is located in the heart of Central America and borders on Mexico to the north and Guatemala to the west and south.

Its tourist attractions are very varied, the most prominent being the Great Blue Hole that has 123 meters deep, the keys and the coral reef, it is the ideal destination for nature and sea lovers and also for those families or couples waiting to relax on the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

If you want to spend a quiet vacation in exclusive resorts and surrounded by beaches and a tropical environment can stay in San Pedro Once in San Pedro , take the opportunity and travel to Cayo Caulker , one of the most unspoiled islands in the area and declared a World Heritage Site.If your idea is to make a more adventurous trip, visit the jungle, see exotic animals and spend a few days surrounded by nature, Placencia is your destination.And for those who love fishing and diving the Turneffe Atoll will offer you unique natural conditions that you will hardly find elsewhere.

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Main tourist destinations where to stay in Belize

San Pedro

The island plus large of Belize is Caye Amergris where meets the city of Saint Peter, one of the places more singular of world. only reach you will find a poster that says well: “The laws of Saint Peter: without shoes, without shirt, without problems”. and this is totally right. When one arrives to this city sees that the streets and the majority of bars are covers of sand, by him that the visitor already can go quietly without shoes and enjoy as if will walk by house. The warm climate tropical also invites to no use shirt if one no want nobody le will look weird because the people and is used to these curious rules. and the last , is meets to the perfection,\xa0 because sure that your mind relaxes and the problems disappear a time is in Saint Peter contemplating the precious landscapes Caribbean.’, ‘

The atmosphere in the city is very calm and relaxed, and you can reach the paradisiacal beaches on foot, without the need to take transport or at most with a golf cart.The beaches are surrounded by piers that the locals use to go fishing and tourists use them to go on their sea excursions to the Barrier Reef or the Great Blue Hole and also to take a dip in its spectacular turquoise waters.

It is very pleasant to take a walk through the picturesque center of San Pedro and see the day to day life of the locals, it will not take long to go because there are only 4 unpaved streets, but they retain the essence of past eras and many of the houses retain the colonial style of yesteryear.At night the atmosphere is concentrated in the area of Central Park, there you will find many markets, musicians, discos, etc. We recommend you to taste the typical Creole gastronomy and in particular the fresh seafood that will surely surprise you pleasantly.There are very exclusive resorts with very few rooms, where you can relax and live for a few days surrounded by nature and luxury.this type of accommodation is ideal for couples looking for a romantic trip or for families with children who need to can also stay in old colonial villas completely renovated and enjoy a very island atmosphere.

Hotels in San Pedro

Cayo Caulker

A tan only 20 miles of Saint Peter is places Cayo Caulker, if can move via taxis water taxis or if the prefers in small aircraft from the city from Belize

Caye Caulker is a small coral island of impressive beauty.’, ‘The abundant marine fauna and the spectacular coral reefs, declared a World Heritage Site, are a pure spectacle of nature and a great attraction for its visitors.If you prefer to swim or snorkel, the best place in Cayo Caulker is Split, a narrow channel that separates the island into two parts.

After spending a day soaking in the water you can visit the lively streets and admire the traditional culture of the locals, their colonial houses, taste their cuisine or buy a souvenir at the markets.

If you want to stay in Cayo Caulker you will find different types of accommodation, in the centre there are beautiful colonial hotels with all kinds of facilities, it is true that their prices are not suitable for all pockets but you can also find other more affordable rooms.Many locals have converted their homes into charming mini hotels where they will not lack anything and will spend a stay of the most authentic.

Hotels in Cayo Caulker


A three hours of Belize is finds Placencia. is a small village fishing and offers one big infinity of tourist attractions, on all for the lovers the nature and the sports nautical

Its landscape is very beautiful, it has magnificent sands, lagoons surrounded by mangroves and huge cays with corals.On its white sand beaches and crystal clear waters you can swim peacefully and go diving or snorkeling, surrounded by an impressive marine fauna. If you feel like going on a land tour you can visit the Cockscom Basin, recognized as the only jaguar reserve in the world.This area is also home to other felines, such as cougars and ocelots, and at night you can take a stroll along the beach and have a drink in the restaurant area while listening to the typical Belizean music, the Brockdown, which is a variation of the calypso, a genre that is widespread throughout the Anglophone Caribbean.’, ‘

In Placencia you will find a great variety of resorts and hotels, located along the beach, you can stay in typical cabins built with reeds and woods that remind us of our bungalows, the hotels look like small natural reserves full of abundant vegetation, it is a very quiet and heavenly environment where you can rest with your family or your partner.If you are travelling more backpacking you will also find several areas for renting apartments at reasonable prices.

Hotels in Placencia

Turneffe Atoll

In Belize se places the incredible and forgotten Atoll Turneffe. Many visitors pass by high east place already that follow their route to others destinations from sea Caribbean but deserves the penalty make a escape and visit this paradise natural. The Atoll Turneffe extends to long from 30 miles. can visit in boat or but in plane already that has a small runway from landing for aircraft type charter

The natural charm of Turneffe includes wide beaches of fine sand and impressive coral formations.This is an excellent place to dive or snorkel and explore the rich marine fauna.this Atoll is also an ideal destination for fishing lovers who try to capture extravagant pieces.hammerhead sharks, long head turtles and giant rays abound in this area.

As it is such a small island there is not a great offer of hotels but there is a spectacular resort. If you want to discover the marine fauna diving in a unique place or you are on a fishing trip do not hesitate to stay in this place because you will spend an unforgettable holiday.

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