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Where to stay in Montreal

What is the best area to stay in Montreal?

The most important district of the city of Montreal is Ville-Marie , which coincides with downtown .This area is where you can find several shopping centers, vertiginous skyscrapers and the main tourist attractions of the island, therefore is the best area to stay in Montreal , for a sightseeing tour.

In Ville-Marie you can find churches like the Notre-Dame Basilica, considered the most important church in Montreal, shopping centers, restaurants and many shops located mainly on Sainte-Catherine Street.

The most important district of Ville-Marie is Quartier International and is characterized by its buildings and more than 60 international organizations’ headquarters.this is where the Palais des Congrès and the Centre de Commerce Mondial are located.all these buildings are connected by the underground network between the Bonaventure, Square-Victoria and Place-d’Armes subway stations.

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Downtown Montreal

The Canadian city is the largest in the province of Quebec and the second most populated in the country and can boast of having a very well educated population, as it has the highest concentration of university students per capita in all of North America (it has 4 universities and 12 colleges).In addition, impressive skyscrapers, spectacular churches, shopping malls, and countless restaurants and cafes are all located on the island of Montreal, which is located between the rivers of St. Lawrence and Ottawa.

Located in the heart of Montreal, Ville-Marie is the district that concentrates these places and the main tourist attractions of the island, so many visitors choose it during their stay in Montreal.In the neo-Gothic style, this emblematic temple, recognized as a national historic site in Canada in 1989, is a veritable gallery of religious art in Montreal that welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

The district also has several shopping centres, restaurants and numerous shops (most of which are concentrated in rue Sainte-Catherine) that are a major tourist attraction.another cultural attraction in Ville-Marie is the Pointe-à-Callière Museum of History and Archaeology, which offers several permanent and temporary exhibitions.founded on May 17, 1992, on the occasion of the city’s 350th anniversary, this space aims to preserve and highlight Montreal’s archaeological heritage.

Quartier International is one of the most important districts of Ville-Marie.Characterized by its urban planning and also by its many of the more than 60 headquarters of international organizations such as IATA or ICAO, the Quartier International is home to the Palais des Congrès de Montréal, the Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and the Centre de Commerce Mondial, all of which are connected by an underground pedestrian network between the Bonaventure, Square-Victoria and Place-d’Armes subway stations.Because of its sophistication and the buildings and premises that are located in this neighbourhood, Quartier International is a focus of interest for many real estate investors, as there are many flats in this area that are still under construction

Other sleeping areas in Montreal

In addition to Ville-Marie, Montreal has other neighbourhoods with accommodations available and adapted to all tastes.The Plateau Mont-Royal is one of them. Located near the city center, this district has an intense cultural life, trendy restaurants and a very pleasant urban lifestyle.Very popular with artists, the Plateau Mont-Royal extends on both sides of the Avenue du Mont-Royal, with a central element, the Parc La Fontaine, a huge urban park with paths, waterfalls and establishments where many people who want to enjoy this green area on foot or by bike or practice some sport there.

Another interesting option to stay is the Latin Quarter , located around the University of Quebec, it is a small student neighborhood with a full life and activity, on the famous Rue Saint-Denis there are bars, cafes, restaurants, bookstores, shops, cinemas and shows, the Bibliothèque Nationale and the Cinémathèque québécoise.

Like many cities in the world, Montreal also has its own Chinatown , which was created in the 1860s. This unique neighbourhood is mainly occupied by retirees and newcomers to the Canadian city.In one of the typical Asian food establishments you can taste a «bubble tea», a very popular drink in North America that is usually bought to go.

Located north of the island of Montreal, Villeray is also a good place to stay.Multiculturalism is very present in this Canadian neighborhood where many Latin Americans live, and it fascinates with its variety of cafes, terraces and restaurants, as well as its street markets with fresh fruits and vegetables at a good price.this district hosts Parc Jarry, a nice green space with a beautiful lake and is ideal for walking and enjoying and relaxing alone or with the family.

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