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Where to stay in san juan

What is the best area to stay in San Juan?

San Juan, with the purest Caribbean style and full of contrasts, is the capital of Puerto Rico, located in the north of the island.

Thanks to its network of roads, those more adventurous will be able to enter the Yunque Natural Park, where they can walk in harmony among more than 240 species of trees in search of a good picture, and even try to find the legendary fountain of youth, from which it is rumored that whoever drinks from its waters will be able to obtain eternal youth…

The most recommended place to stay in the city is Old San Juan , with many places of great historical interest and old Spanish buildings.spread out in the area you will find a great variety of leisure offers such as restaurants, music bars, shops and markets, where you can buy all kinds of items, from handcrafted products to big clothing brands and at the same time enjoy the originality and joy that the merchants show.all over the area you will find all kinds of accommodation available for all budgets.

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Old San Juan, the best area to stay in San Juan

Old San Juan, with more than 500 years of history, is a charming place, perfect for you to spend a few pleasant days surrounded by a Caribbean spirit that surprises the visitors that the city welcomes year after year.

In Old San Juan you can explore the various ancient fortresses, where every corner hides a beautiful history and another anecdote from its past.Al Amorro and La Fortaleza are the largest ancient defensive structures on the island, which stand imposing within their walls, armed with cannons to the teeth. In the city there are also several art galleries like Botello Gallery, Obra Gallery, Sanchez Gallery and Siena Art Gallery, where art and culture lovers can enjoy contemplating colorful works of the greatest and most praised Caribbean artists.

Many of Viejo San Juan’s restaurants are concentrated on both sides of Fortaleza Street; in famous establishments such as Dragon Fly, Aguaviva and The Parrot you will be able to taste all kinds of delicious traditional Caribbean food.And if salsa isn’t your thing… Don’t despair! You can take a few master classes at the Latin Roots dance school. The city has a lively nightlife scene where locals and tourists alike gather in bars, salons and clubs to have a few drinks, share anecdotes and enjoy live music.

Old San Juan is the best place to stay, since there’s a wide variety of hotels throughout the area that offer all kinds of services and activities.

Hotels in Old San Juan

Other areas to stay in San Juan


Condado en the zone plus luxury of Saint John.It is where reside the citizens class high and medium-high; place of fashion of place city and with a bustling life night if lodge in your streets may enjoy taking a cocktail a some of its clubs and bars, or or may bet by one exciting night from game in the casino plus large of St. John.

Condado beach, mainly rocky, is a very popular place for tourists who want to take a relaxing bath, and because of the peace that reigns in the area, is a perfect place for those who want to practice yoga or meditation.The site is also home to some of the most famous designers such as Cartier, Louis Vuitton, and many more; it has thus become a place of pilgrimage for fashionable fans from all corners of the world.

In Condado you can stay in various modern hotels for all possibilities, from bed & breakfast to designer homes, or even in large luxury hotels.

Hotels in Condado

Green Island

Island Green is a small island near to Saint John, famous by your landscapes natural green and precious in the that can perform all type from excursions, and their famous beaches Caribbean. Although by another side, also is famous by your nights unrestrained and your many exclusive hotels of luxury to first line from sea in the that will accommodate, if if budget if allows.

The island is home to a number of renowned restaurants, both international and local chains, for which the best chefs work On the beach you can enjoy various activities and water sports such as parasailing, boat trips and diving, with which you can discover the amazing biodiversity of the underwater world in the Caribbean.’, ‘

Hotels in Isla Verde

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is a charming neighborhood maritime of San John and is places between and main places of interest of the island. If decide pass some days by the area not may miss enjoy a fabulous dish from food traditional Caribbean, together to a wine and a dessert ice cream to the shadow from high palm trees that surround all the neighborhood and the walk sea. This zone finds full of alternatives of leisure very varied restaurants, shops, clubs..

On the beach, you can do all kinds of activities and water sports such as surfing, boating and many more.while sunbathing, you can buy from the street vendors on the beach, a variety of gadgets, crafts and drinks.

In the area you can stay in many different establishments of very different prices and ranging from simple hostels and youth hostels, to high class hotels that offer impeccable services.In addition to luxury hotels, Ocean Park also has many other first-class establishments such as casinos and clubs where you can interact with the locals and enjoy the bustling nightlife of San Juan.

Ocean Park Hotels

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