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Where to stay in Havana

What is the best area for your hotel in Havana?

If we are going to visit Havana, without a doubt the best area to stay is in Old Havana .Visiting Havana means getting lost walking through the streets of Old Havana, listening to the music coming from its houses and bars, smelling the smell of Cuban tobacco, enjoying its old but still attractive architecture until you reach the Malecón and enjoy the sunset with a view of the sea.

Old Havana, the historical center of Havana, is the heart of the city that concentrates everything there is to see and enjoy in the capital of Cuba.Among its unmissable places of entertainment are the Bar Floridita and La Bodeguita del Medio.

The economic poverty of the island does not correspond to the price of hotels.The hotels in Havana are expensive and although they are installed in imposing restored buildings, some material deficiencies are still noticeable, and the courtesy and kindness of the employees often compensate for the small material deficiencies.

Staying in Old Havana we can forget about haggling with taxis as we can visit everything there is to see on foot or using the tourist bus.

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Old Havana, the best place to stay in Havana

It is impossible to say that you really know Cuba without getting lost in the streets of Old Havana, an area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, where you can breathe the authentic flavor of Cuban history and culture in every corner.’, ‘Besides being the epicenter of the capital, perfect to capture the scenes of daily life of its inhabitants, Old Havana is the area where the main attractions are concentrated, its streets are full of historical buildings and there are countless bars and famous restaurants like El Floridita or La Bodeguita in the middle and street “palates”.In this area you will also find the main museums, squares, palaces and castles such as La Fuerza, La Cabaña and El Morro.

In addition, with accommodation in this part of the city, you will have shops, craft fairs, bookstores and art galleries within walking distance.As this is the most touristy area of Havana, you should bear in mind that you will find many other international travellers in the area and some of the bars and sometimes it is not so easy to frequent places with a greater presence of locals.

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Other areas to stay in Havana


If you prefer to be near the most modern side of the capital, the Vedado area, political and administrative center of Havana, is a comfortable place to stay.In this area you will find the Plaza de la Revolución, some of the best night clubs where you can enjoy Cuban music and emblematic hotels such as the Hotel Nacional de Cuba and Hotel Habana Libre.El Vedado is a large area, but the best area to stay is near the well known Rampa (23rd Avenue) and the famous Coppelia ice cream parlor.

Although Old Havana has a higher density of historical monuments, El Vedado is well located and from there you can reach the center by walking through Old Havana, walking along the Malecón or in a short taxi ride.

Hotels in Vedado


Miramar is one of the main residential areas of the city, where the Cuban upper class lived before 1959 and today most of the embassies are located.The area is full of sumptuous mansions with beautiful gardens, swimming pools and patios, now converted into luxury hotels between wide and well kept avenues.

Being on the outskirts, the experience that Miramar offers is far from the authentic aroma of the city streets and it is necessary to have a rental car or hire guided tours to visit the rest of the areas of the city, but if what you are looking for is a quiet and luxurious environment with all the comforts, this is your area.

Hotels in Miramar

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