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Where to stay in a Grand Canyon

Where is the best place to stay in the Grand Canyon?

The Grand Canyon of the Colorado is a stunning area, one of the natural wonders of the world and mostly protected within the Grand Canyon National Park.It is almost 500 km long, excavated in the Colorado River during millions of years, Theodore Roosevelt himself dared to baptize it as » the wonderful place that every American must visit «. Accommodation inside National Park is quite limited, you will only find campgrounds and some ranches and cabins that rent rooms to tourists.

The southern end of the Grand Canyon is the most popular place with the best views of the entire park, and you can stay at several hotels in the picturesque village of Grand Canyon Village , just 5 miles from the center of the park.In the western basin you can soak up the Indian culture on the Hualapa Indian Reservation; if you come from Las Vegas the best option is to stay in the small hotels or in the camping that you will find in Supai, about 30 km from the Grand Canyon; while in the east you can take nice pictures in some of the most spectacular views and stay in one of the different hotels in the small town of Page, which is about 10 km from the park. The northern area is much less touristy , since it is a little further away, and is the ideal place for those who want to practice trekking; the different establishments where you can stay are inside the park; you will find small charming cabins, an economic hostel and a camping site where you can camp your caravan.

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Best places to stay at the Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon South

The south end of the Grand Canyon is the best known part of the entire park with the spectacular views often shown on TV shows and magazines.In the south there are more than twenty different points from which you can get breathtaking views of the steep gorge, and from many of which you can look out and see thousands of feet below, where the Colorado River is located.The southern end is open all year round and is the most popular area for visitors, especially first-time visitors.

The picturesque village of Grand Canyon Village is home to several hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops and gift shops, museums and other tourism-related establishments.Don’t hesitate to visit the visitor center at Mather Point, it’s a mine of information and you’re sure to find the best way to spend your time in the park; it has a library, tour information boards, a small theater where you can learn about the history of the Canyon and many other interactive tools to help you plan your trip with ease.

Grand Canyon Village hotels are almost all located on the southern edge.They are very varied and have a wide range of prices to suit the possibilities of all tourists. You can stay in all types of accommodation, ranging from simple log cabins to much more modern motels and hotels.

The city of Tusayan, just a few miles from Grand Canyon Village, is home to Arizona’s second busiest airport, where you can hire a variety of helicopter and airplane tours, jeep tours and several rafting tours .In Tusayan you will find great brand hotels with all kinds of amenities.

Grand Canyon West

This is the most recommended area of the Grand Canyon for the more adventurous, who can experience the exciting Skywalk of the Grand Canyon, in the Hualapai Indian Reserve.On the Hualapai Reservation itself you will have the opportunity to see the Native American homes and enjoy all kinds of shows organized by the local tribes at Eagle Point.

Most people who visit the western end come only for a few hours, and arrive on organized trips from Las Vegas.

Located between the South Coast and Grand Canyon West, you will find the famous turquoise water waterfalls of Havasu Canyon: Mooney Falls, Havasu Falls and Navajo Falls.Reservations should be made at Supai Village, where you will find some amenities such as a grocery store and a post office, and the only accommodations in Grand Canyon West for anyone wishing to visit Havasu Falls are a small hotel and a camping site .

Grand Canyon East

The eastern part of the Grand Canyon, also known as Desert View, is less crowded than the popular southern basin and is a good choice if you are visiting the Grand Canyon for a second time.The views are just as great as the southern part, and from the top of the historic watchtower, the panoramic view is breathtaking. The Desert View Visitor Centre has all kinds of facilities, including a restaurant, a gas station, a picnic area and a campground where you can stay comfortably.

In the Grand Canyon East you can visit Little Colorado River Tribal Park and Horseshoe Bend, two beautiful places where you can take amazing pictures of the Grand Canyon with the Colorado River in the background.

North Grand Canyon

The northern end is much less accessible than the southern edge, and is only open from May to October.there are fewer views than on the south side and many of the tours are run by the rangers is a great place for sports outdoor such as hiking.the information point is located in the ranger’s office and has some maps and vital information such as weather and water supply.

The lodge at the northern end is located within the park itself, where you will find a building, a couple of hundred cabins, a motel that has a restaurant, a handful of shops, and a camping site .A few kilometers from the park there is another hostel, and at Jacob Lake, which is about 40 kilometers from the park and has a small motel, a shop, and a gas station.

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