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Where to stay in Hawaii Island

What are the best places to stay on the Big Island?

Hawaii Island , also known as Big Island or Big Island , is the third most visited island in the archipelago, behind Oahu and Maui and ahead of Kauai .Waterfalls cascading down giant cliffs, rivers of molten lava, magical rainforests and intensely beautiful black sand beaches springing up from unknown valleys are part of the undeniable charm of this island.

Hawaii Island is a destination almost for every kind of tourist, from surfers to golfers and from newlyweds to families making their annual trip to the Big Island.The beaches of Kailua Kona create perfect moments during the sunset for those couples on their honeymoon, while the various types of excursions on Waikoloa and Hilo make them the best options if you are looking for an active vacation.

Pāhoa , on the other hand, offers its visitors the chance to see the lava eruption and majestic views of the black sand beaches.For a real family beach holiday, opt for a stay at Hapuna Beach : the atmosphere of the resort will meet all your expectations as well as the warm waters of this popular beach.

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The best areas for a vacation on the Big Island


Known by locals as “Kailua” and “Kona”, the sunny north side of the region attracts those who prefer to sunbathe on white sandy beaches, dive around in crystal blue waters and, its marine life will keep you busy for hours.

The most sought-after accommodation in Kona is on the beach that stretches along Alii Drive. Some of the resort’s beachfront properties are more expensive, but every penny is worth it when you consider all the features and amenities included during your stay.

Kona is not just a destination for rich people, so don’t be afraid if your budget isn’t as substantial as you’d like it to be.There are many properties within walking distance of the beach that are equally perfect for honeymooners, families or groups of friends looking for a fun-filled vacation on the west coast of the Big Island, known for its busy markets and outdoor excursions.

Hotels in Kailua-Kona


Although Waikoloa is a small community on the coast of Kohala, it is known as the perfect place for water and hiking adventures and provides a bit of versatility compared to traditional resorts.Walking through ancient petroglyph fields and historic temples may sound like a chore, but in reality the trails are quite easy and can be traversed without complications, making it a walk suitable for the whole family.

Like Kona, this region with its fascinating history offers a diversity of accommodations to suit the budgets of all types of travelers, so finding the right place is simply a matter of what you are willing to pay for a room or an apartment with an ocean view at one of the many resorts in Waikoloa, including Hilton Waikoloa Village, Waikoloa Beach Resort and Marriott’s Waikoloa Ocean Club.

No matter what you decide, watching the sunset at the Waikoloa Beach Resort’s A-Bay, a picturesque recreational area, provides the perfect setting for a cocktail or two at sunset.Along Waikoloa Beach Drive, there are many great alternatives to the food on offer at the resorts.

Waikoloa Hotels


Located on the northeast side of the Big Island, Hilo attracts many visitors with its stunning natural beauty and quaint, vibrant city life, all within the crescent-shaped bay.Hilo is known as the best starting point for travel from the eastern half of the island.

The town of Hilo offers inexpensive hostels, guest houses and, of course, upscale hotels.Waikulu River State Park and Rainbow Falls create the most wonderful fog effects and the lava rock pools are within walking distance of this location.Hilo is also home to Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park, which offers a glimpse of the active volcanoes of Kilauea and Mauna Loa.

It’s been noted that the nightlife in Hilo is not as “touristy” as in Kona, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing for night owls.The nightlife that many people have enjoyed during their stay in Hilo is having a party with friends around a burning barbecue, while savoring an appetizer and the drink of your choice. However, you will find some bars and discos in the city if you want to continue with your night out.

Hotels in Hilo


Located in the Puna district is Pāhoa, a place rich in migratory history and a key player in the European exploration of Hawaii.

Despite the size of the city and its reputation as an alternative to extravagant tourist spots, Pāhoa has a lot to offer in terms of things to do and see.’, ‘

You will notice that the residents of Pāhoa are individualistic and socially very is a wonderful place to explore an interesting part of the city, there are a couple of bars to frequent during your visit and your best option in terms of accommodation is probably a hostel, a guest house or a unit with a kitchen.

Hotels at Pāhoa

Hapuna Beach

Hapuna Beach is a state-run recreation area within a large park, known as another of the notoriously idyllic places on the Big Island with its stretch of white sand beach and blue waters, an excellent place to play in the summer as it is full of trees and offers a shady picnic area to take a break from the sun.

Across the beach you can reach a part of the AlaKahai Coastal Trail, which is a group of ancient trails and roads along one of the most pristine coasts of Hawaii.

Hapuna Beach is the perfect place for a family trip, but because it is a place that receives many visitors and tourists throughout the year, resort, hotel and accommodation rates are high.

Hotels at Hapuna Beach


Bordering Kurtistown in the southwest is the city of Keaau, in the Puna District. Keaau is predominantly surrounded by a forest of ohia lehua and also has black sand beaches and a large number of botanical gardens to explore and venture into during the day.

This is a city that also proves to be a great destination for family trips with zoos, underground cave tours, zip-lining and horseback riding to complete your stay.

The Puna Hongwanji Buddhist Temple (founded in 1902) is a popular site for visitors as well as the scenic Haena Beach Trail that will not disappoint you.

You will notice that the accommodation in Keaau is simple but comfortable.there are no hotels in this area, but that is part of its charm.renting a holiday home is the best value for money and provides the opportunity to taste the local delicacies and fresh products.

Hotels in Keaau

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