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Where to stay in Jamaica

What is the best place to stay in Jamaica?

Belonging to the Greater Antilles, Jamaica has 240 kilometers of island and is the third largest in the Caribbean Sea.Jamaica offers visitors areas of spectacular white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters, rainforest hiking trails and vast reefs for scuba diving.

If you’re thinking about where to stay in Jamaica, the birthplace of reggae, keep in mind its capital, Kingston where the Bob Marley Museum is located and major music festivals are held. Ocho Rios is a good choice for accommodation as it hosts a large number of resorts and you can visit the impressive waterfalls of the Dunn River. Montego Bay is the main tourist destination for its spectacular beaches and is known as the “resort par excellence” of Jamaica.However, if you need to disconnect from mass tourism in Port Antonio and Runaway Bay you can enjoy spectacular scenery in more intimate resorts.

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Best places to stay in Jamaica


It is the capital and main port of Jamaica, is located on the south east coast, in a beautiful natural bay at the foot of the Blue Mountains.Kingston is pure Jamaica and one of the most important pilgrimage points of reggae music.its greatest exponent was the legendary singer Bob Marley, who spent his last years in this city.

There are two clearly differentiated parts in Kignston.on the one hand, the historic center is unfortunately bad area for tourists so we recommend not to visit alone.A must-see for reggae fans is the Bob Marley Museum, located in the studio where he recorded many of his legendary songs.

Visitors can see his gold and platinum records, clothes, photographs, the original decoration of his house and even the shots on the wall left over from his assassination attempt.Another must-see is Devon House, a mansion built in 1881 that belonged to Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel.

We recommend a visit to Port Royal, an excursion not to be missed if you are in Kingston, the former capital of Jamaica, which was completely destroyed by a major earthquake in 1962, leaving much of it under water.Usually old renovated houses with the authentic Jamaican Rastafarian atmosphere.

Hotels in Kingston

Ocho Rios

This city is located on the north coast of Jamaica on the Caribbean Sea.The visitor can enjoy a wide range of hotels in a paradisiacal setting: fantastic white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, rainforests and impressive waterfalls.

One of the main tourist attractions of Ocho Rios are the waterfalls of the Dunn River.These are a series of waterfalls that can be climbed inside a tropical forest and the views from this place are unbeatable. At the end of the excursion you can walk through an open market full of handicraft sellers and buy some typical Jamaican souvernirs. If you like nature and hiking we invite you to visit the Green Grotto Caves or climb the Blue Mountains, the highest in the Caribbean.

This destination is ideal for families looking to relax in an incomparable setting, couples who want to enjoy a romantic trip and groups of friends looking for adventure.Some of these hotels are spectacularly restored villas and many celebrities have spent their honeymoon in Ocho Rios, the most famous couple being Henry Miller and Marilyn Monroe.

If you prefer a quieter destination, nearby Ocho Rios is Runaway Bay, with its beautiful beaches, great golf courses and horse riding, as well as a great range of hotels and resorts for all types of travellers.

Hotels in Ocho Rios

Montego Bay

On the northwest coast of Jamaica is Montego Bay, also known as Mo-Bay, baptized by Christopher Columbus as “the gulf of good weather”, became the main export port of butter, hence its name but over time has become the main tourist destination and second city on the island.

The visitor who comes with the intention of relaxing and enjoying the Caribbean Sea has found his place, this is the “resort par excellence” of Jamaica, you will find paradisiacal beaches with clear waters and fine white sand, all kinds of tropical plants, palm groves, etc. It is an excellent area for diving, where coral reefs and exotic fish abound.

The main historical sites include the Parish Church of Santiago built in 1775 and La Jaula, a former 19th century dungeon where slaves or pirates were locked up and now a small museum.

After this more touristy getaway you can relax at Mo-Bay’s impressive resorts, which offer a huge variety of 5-star European-style hotels, large hotels with more modern facilities, other lively all-inclusive resorts, small hostels, guesthouses and private luxury villas overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

Hotels in Montego Bay

Port Antonio

In the northwest of Jamaica and within the parish of Portland, Port Antonio is the most beautiful place on the island.It is not as crowded as other areas and is still quite unspoilt.

The town of Port Antonio is not very big and can be walked around, with the Clock Tower, the Victorian DeMontevinLodge, the central square and the popular Musgrave Market.If you like fortresses, you can’t miss the remains of Fort George, built in 1791.

After having visited these most touristic places one can rest on the magnificent beaches of white sand and turquoise water.this area will bring you a great tranquility and peace.we recommend you go to Frenchman’s beach, is one of the most beautiful in Jamaica, still remains quite isolated and is surrounded by tropical vegetation and cliffs.It’s a pleasure to sit in a local restaurant and enjoy the local cuisine and the views. close to this cove, is the San San Beach, an impressive place for scuba diving lovers.

If you want to escape a little from the all-inclusive hotels and tourist crowds, Port Antonio is consolidating as the preferred area for ecotourists and alternative travelers.There are some small, well equipped resorts in the middle of the jungle that will make you spend a very authentic stay surrounded by nature.

Hotels in Port Antonio

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