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Best Time to visit Tulum

The best time to visit Tulum is between November and December, you’ll get the benefit of the post-hurricane breeze, plus the hotel prices are reasonable. Not that it’s hard to find reasonable room rates at other times of the year: this little pocket of Yucatan has one of the widest price ranges on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. However, if you’re worried about the crowds, avoid the region from January to March.For the best weather, avoid June, September and October, which experience the most rain.

When is the best time to visit Tulum?

The best months to visit Tulum are early December, March and April.these months offer the optimal combination of wonderful weather, good room rates and fewer tourists.April has the best visibility for snorkeling and diving, while May benefits from the presence of wildlife, namely sea turtles and whale sharks.However, avoid Easter week, the week before Easter; this is the peak time for local Mexican family vacations, which means hotels, beaches and busy roads.

  • The best time for good weather: from late November to April has the sunniest weather with the least amount of rain, along with warm temperatures during the day with comfortable and occasionally cool nights.Expect some rain for visits from May to October, with June, September and October being the wettest months.even during the rainy season, storms usually last only one or two hours, then sunny skies return: it is rare to have two or three days of continuous rain without sunshine.May and August are the hottest months, with August feeling especially hot due to the high humidity.Ocean temperatures are comfortable for swimming throughout the year, but are warmest from July to October.hurricanes are not common, but if they are going to hit, it is likely to happen in September and October.
  • The best time to get great deals: room rates will be the lowest in the low season, from June to October, especially during September and October, the two rainiest months in Tulum.Although humidity is high every day and it’s likely to rain half the time, storms usually last only an hour or two, then return to the sun and heat. October usually sees the biggest lull in tourism, so keep in mind that many shops and tour operators take advantage of this break and close for a few weeks during this time. April through June, after the high season and the pre-hurricane season, you also see occasional good deals, although prices tend to vary more widely.
  • Best time for families and children: The best time for family travel is in April and May, after the peak winter and spring vacation seasons end and before the rainy season arrives; the weather is incredible for all activities, especially in April and early May, with warm days, comfortable nights, clear skies and relatively low humidity; this is a good time to enjoy a good combination of activities, from ruins to jungles and beaches.The water temperature is warm in the ocean and comfortable in the cenotes, especially in May. Room rates are not at their absolute lowest, but many hotels will have deals at this time. The high season is over and spring break is gone, so crowds have started to decrease, but there is still enough activity to keep the attractions and restaurants open.
  • Best time to avoid crowds: Crowds are smallest in late summer/early fall, especially during September and October, when rain, heat and humidity are at their highest. From June to August, crowds gradually decrease, while October is the least crowded month, especially in the early part of the first half.Although fewer tourists means fewer crowded attractions, this also means that many smaller tour operators and restaurants close for their own holidays.however, the main attractions will still be open and the beaches will be quieter.plan accordingly and you can have a great time relaxing.
  • The best time for sightseeing (ruins and jungles): November to April are the best months to explore the wonderful historical, cultural and natural attractions of the area.These months tend to be dry and warm, but not too hot during the day.the humidity and heat are highest during the rainy season from May to October, with May and August being the hottest months, and June to September the wettest.this is not a problem when you are on the beach and get cooled down by the sea breeze, but visits to the interior of Coba, Chichen Itza and Sian Ka’an can be overwhelmed by the sticky heat.If you visit during the summer months, bring plenty of water and plan an afternoon swim in the cenote to cool down.
  • Best time to swim and dive: The oceans, reefs and cenotes are really wonderful all year round, although there are some fluctuations in conditions.water temperatures are lowest in January and February and highest from July to October.However, September and October tend to have more rainy days, so July and August are the best of these four months for swimming.for diving and snorkeling, visibility is not excellent in the warmer and rainy months, but rather during the drier months of November to May, especially during the months of January to March.for diving with whale sharks in particular, visit in late May; the water is warm, visibility is good and the first whale sharks have arrived.
  • Best time for whale sharks and sea turtles: Tulum is one of the most reliable places to see these two endangered animals; whale sharks start arriving in May and abound in June; from June to August, whale shark tours have almost a 100% chance of locating these gentle giants, usually several at once in one place.Whale sharks begin to leave the area in September, and most have left by the end of the sea turtles begin nesting on the beaches in May, especially towards the end of the month, and end up in sea turtles begin to hatch and head out to sea in July, continuing their night walks until December.the best time to see all three groups (whale sharks, nesting turtles and baby turtles) is in July and August, when they are all fully present and active.
  • The best time for honeymoons: Tulum is most beautiful from November to May, with ideal beach conditions and clear skies during these drier months, the perfect honeymoon combination. early November and May offer the best combination of good weather, low crowds and good room rates for honeymooners on a limited budget.January through March has the best weather, with the most sunny days and near-perfect beach conditions, but rates are higher and crowds are denser.
  • The best time for nightlife: December and January land in the high travel season and are the best months for nightlife. Dancers and partygoers are in a festive mood, but without the madness that spring break brings in March.

Tulum travel seasons

  • High season (late December, January, February, March): the weather is phenomenal in the winter months, attracting travelers who escape the cold weather of the north.Expect mild weather every day, clear skies and warm ocean waters. Crowds are at their peak now, especially in the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year.Expect full capacity at the most popular attractions, such as Coba, Chichen Itza, Sian Ka’an and the adventure parks, and schedule these in advance as well, especially if your time is limited.
  • Middle season (April, May, November, early December): a busy period but not as crazy as the high season.I still recommend booking your hotel as far in advance as possible.rates don’t change much between high and shoulder season, but it’s easier to find a room.expect good weather now, especially in November, early December and April.July and August see more European travelers than other times of the year.
  • Low season (June, July, August, September, October): a good time to save money in Tulum, where visitors are noticeably less than in the peak months.Be prepared for some rain during these months, especially in June, September and October. The rains tend to pass quickly, leaving many hours of sunshine almost every day. July and August are hot and sticky, although considerably less rainy than the other summer months.However, the sea breeze does an excellent job of cooling things down, and there are several cenotes that remain refreshingly cool throughout the year.

The weather in Tulum month by month

  • Tulum’s climate in January: the climate in January is generally mild and dry, with average temperatures of 23°C, mostly clear skies and infrequent rainy spells.Tulum is located at the edge of a tropical jungle, and although it is often humid here, January is one of the least humid months, averaging around 59%. On a windy day at the beach, you don’t even notice it. The nights can be a bit cold, so it’s a good idea to bring a light sweater.”, “Its near-perfect climate makes it the best month to explore inland attractions, such as the ruins of Coba or Chichen Itza. Ocean temperatures are colder than average, but still very comfortable for swimming and diving (average maximum temperature: 28°C, average rainfall: 55 mm, rainy days: 7, water temperature: 27°C).)
  • Tulum’s weather in February: even drier than January with lots of sunshine, clear skies and warm temperatures.this is the least humid month of the year, but it barely reaches 58%.night temperatures usually cool down to about 19°C, so it’s good to have some long sleeves if you plan to go out.the sea temperature is cooler in February, but still remains quite warm for all water activities. Average rainfall: 46 mm. Rainy days: 6, water temperature: 26 ° C.)
  • Tulum’s weather in March: the driest month of the year. Expect sunny and warm days and an excellent beach climate.Night temperatures are around 20°C, so plan accordingly if you plan to go out for dinner or go to the bars late. Ocean temperatures are starting to heat up again (average maximum temperature: 29°C). Average Precipitation: 35 mm, Rainy Days: 4, Water Temperature: 27 ° C.)
  • Tulum’s weather in April: the end of the dry season, with clear skies and the least amount of rainy days.Days start to get very warm, especially in the late afternoons and even more so towards the end of the month. Night temperatures are comfortable, and ocean temperatures are very warm, perfect for snorkeling and diving (average maximum temperature: 30°C, average rainfall: 43 mm, rainy days: 3, water temperature: 28°C).
  • Tulum’s weather in May: the end of this month marks the beginning of Tulum’s wet season, although most days are dry and partially for the temperature, May is surprisingly hot, averaging 28°C and occasionally reaching 34°C, competing with August for the hottest month of the year.the humidity is increasing, and most days are very humid.If you plan to visit the ruins, be sure to bring a bottle of water, as the humidity is more noticeable as you move inland. The water temperatures are very warm, actually matching the heat of the day. The first sea turtles should arrive to make their nests on the beaches, and the whale sharks will arrive later in the month.”, “(Average maximum temperature: 31°C, average rainfall: 97 mm, rainy days: 8, water temperature: 28°C.)
  • Tulum weather in June: June is the first really rainy month in Tulum, but most storms only last one or two hours, leaving most of the day free.Humidity is off the charts as of June and for the next few months, with most days at or near 100%.temperatures are high, although a little cooler than in May.water temperatures remain very is excellent for going to the beach, but a little too hot to explore inland.whale sharks and nesting turtles should be in full swing now. Average rainfall: 160 mm, Rainy days: 12, Water temperature: 28 ° C.)
  • Tulum’s weather in July: the summer continues with a warm and humid weather, although with much less rain and shorter showers than in June.Although it is technically the rainy season, travelers will find plenty of sunny weather to go to the beach. The sea breeze keeps it nice on the coast, but you will feel the humidity as you move inland, so make sure you find a cenote to cool off.The temperature of the ocean is rising, ideal for long days of swimming, snorkeling or diving.(Average maximum temperature: 31°C, average rainfall: 121 mm, rainy days: 11, water temperature: 29°C)
  • Tulum’s climate in August: August is generally the hottest month of the year, with average temperatures of 32°C and regularly reaching 34°C. Humidity is 100% most days, so the perceived temperature is even higher. Rainy days occur as often as in the previous two months, but the rain is a little stronger. There are still many hours of sunshine on rainy days, and most days are still dry.The ocean temperatures are very warm, but most cenotes remain refreshingly cool throughout the summer. This is the best month to interact with marine life, as whale sharks are here, adult sea turtles are mating and nesting, and thousands of baby sea turtles are hatching, all at the same time! Average Precipitation: 145 mm, Rainy Days: 12, Water Temperature: 29 ° C.)
  • Tulum’s weather in September: the wettest and most humid month of the year. It rains about half the time in September, but the rains are usually brief and then the sun comes back.The sea temperature is higher now, but many cenotes remain cool. September is the last month for whale sharks, and most of them are no longer in the second half of the month (average maximum temperature: 31°C, average rainfall: 188 mm, rainy days: 15, water temperature: 29°C).
  • Tulum weather in October: October is the second rainiest month, but you will still have beautiful weather for the beach on a good amount of days.Average temperatures cool down throughout the month and the humidity starts to decrease, although the days are still quite sultry.the sea temperature remains constant.this is the last nesting month of the year for turtles, although the babies continue to hatch. Average rainfall: 170 mm, Rainy days: 14, Water temperature: 29 ° C.)
  • Tulum weather in November: the weather is improving in November, with lower temperatures, reduced humidity and the return of the dry season.Night temperatures remain comfortable, as do oceanic temperatures. late November, especially, can be an ideal time to visit Tulum: expect many perfect days on the beach and excellent days for walking in the jungle or visiting the ruins. Average rainfall: 91 mm. Rainy days: 8, Water temperature: 28 ° C.)
  • Tulum weather in December: one of the best months in Tulum, December sees clear skies, lots of sunshine and warm days throughout the month. daily temperatures average 23 ° C, humidity drops to a slightly sultry but still comfortable level. sunniest days fall towards the end of the month.Ocean temperatures drop but are still excellent for swimming.temperatures are a little cooler in the early evening, just after the last call to the bars.this is an ideal month to explore the jungle, the ruins or the beach.the last baby turtles of the season hatch and head out to sea now. Average rainfall: 78 mm. Rainy days: 8, Water temperature: 27 ° C.)

Tulum Festivals and Events

Best Recurring Parties in Tulum:

  • Tuesday and Wednesday – Batey Mojito and Guarapo Bar: relaxed but modern bar, serving their famous mojitos made with fresh pressed sugar cane from a converted VW Beetle.Centrally located in the main bar and restaurant strip, within walking distance of much more nightlife.
  • Thursday – Casa Jaguar: intimate, contemporary, Mexican bar and restaurant, with a jungle party with live DJ every Thursday night in the backyard garden.
  • Friday – Gypsy: exclusive mezcal bar and restaurant in a jungle beach setting with a DJ and live music several nights a week.

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