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Best Time to Visit Cancun

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When is the best time to travel to Cancun?

April, May, November and early December are the best times to visit Cancun, as they offer the perfect combination of good weather, smaller crowds and good rates on flights and hotels.April and December offer the best weather, while May is better for wildlife (whale sharks have arrived and sea turtles are nesting), and November is the least crowded and best price (although there may be rain in some years).The exceptions are Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter, the most active time for Mexican family vacations.

  • The best time to visit Cancun when the weather is good: Cancun’s weather can be fantastic most of the year, although it is particularly excellent from late December to April, with January and March being the peak of fantastic weather.these months have the least amount of rain and humidity, the warmest temperatures and the sunniest skies.Expect beautiful beach conditions almost every day and a pleasant climate for exploring the ruins and jungles inland.the ocean temperatures are colder than in the summer months, but still comfortable for swimming.night and early morning temperatures are generally warm during this time, but can be a little cooler from December to February, so it’s a good idea to take a light jacket or sweater if you’re traveling during the winter months.
  • The best time to visit Cancun for great deals: the best time to enjoy a good deal is during the summer rainy season, from July to October, with especially reduced prices in September and October.This coincides with the hurricane season, but hurricanes have only landed here twice in the last thirty years.the vast majority of days during the wet season are hot, dry and humid, but with little or no rain.for travelers who don’t mind the heat and occasional rain, this is the ideal time to travel.For travelers who don’t mind the occasional heat and rain, this is the ideal time to travel. hotel rates are greatly discounted and bargain hunters will also find cheaper rates on flights and excursions. travelers during these months can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars compared to any other time of year.
  • Best time to visit Cancun for families and children: April through June and November are the best times in Cancun for families traveling with children.Rates for hotels, flights and tours are lower than during the high season, attractions and beaches are less crowded, and the climate is warm and comfortable, ideal for visiting Mayan ruins and adventure parks in the interior jungles.The water temperature is warm for swimming and diving during all these months, with whale sharks and sea turtles present in May and June, the only exceptions being during Thanksgiving week, when tons of Americans visit, and during Semana Santa (Holy Week), the week before Easter, which is the busiest vacation week for Mexican families.
  • Best time to visit Cancun to avoid crowds: The best time to avoid crowds is during the rainy season, from June to October, especially in September and October. As mentioned above, these months align with the hurricane season, although storms are very rare.Travelers during this time will find beautifully empty beaches and excursions to the ruins almost private. Keep in mind that because there are fewer travelers at this time, many tour operators and restaurants close for their own breaks, especially during the month of October.
  • Best time to visit Cancun or do some sightseeing (jungles and ruins): December and April are the best months to visit Chichen Itza, Valladolid and the jungle adventure parks. The climate is suitable from mid-December to April, with sunny days, very little rain, warm temperatures and relatively low humidity.Traveling at the beginning or end of the best weather, in December and April, gives you the ideal conditions to explore all that the Cancun area has to offer.
  • The best time to visit Cancun for swimming, diving: the oceans, reefs and cenotes are really wonderful all year round, although there are some fluctuations in conditions.water temperatures are at their lowest in February and March and at their highest from July to October.However, September and October tend to have more rainy days, so July and August are the best of these four months for swimming.for diving and snorkeling, Cancun is not the best place.despite being surrounded by a huge reef and full of wildlife, the water is often rough enough to reduce visibility, and the coral near the main hotel zone is almost dead.Snorkeling and diving tours generally take visitors to nearby Isla Mujeres, MUSA or Punta Nizuc at the southern end of the Hotel Zone, where the water is calmer and clearer with active marine life; visibility is best in the drier months, November through May, especially during the months of January through March; for diving, especially with whale sharks, visit in late May; the water is warm, visibility is good and the first whale sharks have arrived.
  • The best time to visit the whale sharks and sea turtles in Cancun: Cancun is one of the most reliable places to see these two endangered animals.From June through August, whale shark tours have almost a 100% chance of spotting these gentle giants, usually several at once in one place.Adult sea turtles begin nesting on the beaches in May, especially towards the end of the month and end in sea turtles begin to hatch and head out to sea in July, continuing their night walks until December.the best time to see all three groups (whale sharks, nesting turtles and baby turtles) is in July and August, when they are all fully present and active.
  • The best time to visit Cancun for honeymoons: Cancun is the most beautiful from December to May, with ideal beach conditions and clear skies during these drier months, the perfect combination for honeymoons.early December, April and May offer the best combination of good weather, low crowds and good room rates for newlyweds celebrating on a budget.January through March has the best weather, with the most sunny days and almost perfect beach conditions, but the rates are higher and the crowds are bigger.
  • The best time to visit Cancun to enjoy the nightlife: Cancun always has a great nightlife, with parties going on all the time in all the clubs and bars in the residential area near Punta Cancun in the hotel zone.however, different times of the year attract party crowds.Cancun is the most legendary for its spring break, with wild parties all day and night, the best international DJs and bikini contests throughout the month of March. June through mid-July also sees many parties, this time for high school graduates who retire before college begins. The legal drinking age is 18 in Mexico, but IDs are rarely checked. For an incredible adult nightlife, visit from December to February.Clubs and bars still go crazy, but the average age of the crowds is over 25, and they are less likely to throw up on your shoes.
  • Best time to book flights and hotels to Cancun: Who doesn’t want to get the cheapest airfare when booking a flight to Cancun?While it is not a science, there are tricks to help you get the best price, in general, the sooner the better; however, buying too much in advance can sometimes get you a worse deal than if you had waited a little.Prices are higher if you wait too long.the sweet spot tends to be about three to four months in advance, with the best airfares usually found for off-season travel between late spring and early to mid fall.when it comes to hotels, the sooner you book the best deal you’ll find, since there are only a certain number of rooms available at the lowest rates.when you book, the prices go your room as soon as you’ve booked your flight if possible.
  • A note on spring break: although Cancun was once famous for its huge, noisy spring break crowds and a destination to avoid during the month of March, by staying off the main street, not venturing into the clubs late at night and simply avoiding the hotels that cater to that group will enjoy a relatively quiet atmosphere. those who want to find a party can easily do so, while those who prefer a more subdued atmosphere can also find it.

Cancun travel seasons

  • High season (mid-December to March): Winter and early spring are the peak travel hours in Cancun when hotel and flight rates are the most expensive and crowds the most intense.Christmas, New Year, and especially spring break are the most popular times to travel here.but by booking several months in advance, travelers can find better rates and occasional deals.To avoid the crowds during the high season, book your stay at Riviera Cancun, Playa Mujeres and Isla Mujeres, which are less populated than the main avenue along the Hotel Zone. Book the best hotels in Cancun and the best family hotels in Cancun in advance for the high season holidays.
  • Low season (June to October): summer is the low season when bargain hunters can get the best rates on hotel rooms, flights and tours.Expect the beaches, bars and attractions to be discreet and much less crowded than usual.these budget-friendly months are not the best for the weather, with very hot days and frequent showers.storms are generally heavy but brief, and although this is technically a hurricane season, major storms are rare and have only landed twice in the last thirty years.July and the end of the October tail tend to have the driest and least cloudy days of the season.
  • Mid season (April, May and November until mid-December): the shoulder season can be an incredible time to visit Cancun, with sunny days, less chance of rain and a lot of people.although the offers are not as high as in the low season, the room rates are much lower than in the high season, especially if you book in advance or for stays of more than five nights.Exceptions to this fall are Thanksgiving Week, a popular travel time for Americans, and Easter Week, the week before Easter, the busiest time for Mexican family vacations.

Cancun weather month to month

  • Cancun weather in January: January in Cancun is warm, sunny and dry, with daily highs of around 28°C, dropping to a cooler and more comfortable temperature of 20°C at night. Cancun is located on the edge of a tropical jungle, so humidity is always present, but January is the least humid time of the year, especially towards the end of the month.This is a great month to get out and explore the ruins and the interior jungle, as well as visit downtown Cancun and the beach.the rains are occasional, but are usually very light and short, lasting only an hour or two.the ocean temperatures are colder than other times of the year, but still comfortable for swimming.visibility is excellent for snorkeling or diving.(Average maximum temperature: 28°C, average rainfall: 46 mm, rainy days: 7, ocean temperature: 27°C)
  • Cancun weather in February: February continues the trend of magnificent weather, only one degree warmer than January and slightly drier, with less and less rain.Although the cloud cover is minimal, the humidity increases a bit, making it a little more humid, but still comfortable enough to explore the interior. The beach conditions are excellent, with good visibility for snorkeling and comfortable water temperatures for swimming (average maximum temperature: 28 ° C, average rainfall: 44 mm, rainy days: 5, ocean temperature: 26 ° C).
  • Cancun weather in March: expect splendid weather in March, the second driest month in Cancun, with warm days averaging 29°C and comfortable nights.Humidity is increasing, but it is still comfortable for hiking, visiting ruins or colonial villages; the beach breezes keep the coast cool; water temperatures and visibility remain constant from February (average maximum temperature: 29°C, average rainfall: 37 mm, rainy days: 4, ocean temperature: 26°C).
  • Cancun weather in April: April is the driest month of the year, it only rains about three days a month, and on those days, the rains are usually very short and light, the days and nights are warm, with a few hours of heat in the afternoons, the humidity is high, but the temperatures are usually mild enough to explore the ruins and the jungle.The weather at the beach is almost perfect, with lots of sunny and windy days and warm ocean temperatures, especially at the end of the month (average maximum temperature: 31°C, average rainfall: 31 mm, rainy days: 3, ocean temperature: 27°C).
  • Cancun weather in May: May is the third driest month of the year, with brief storms at the end of the month.Cloud cover is generally heavier than in previous months, and humidity is very high.most days see clear skies, warm mornings and nights, and hot afternoons.beach days are windy, so humidity may not be noticeable.but if you plan to visit Chichen Itza or the adventure parks, go in the morning before the day warms up; early in the month is better, too.Ocean temperatures are rising, and the first whale sharks and nesting sea turtles are now arriving (average maximum temperature: 32°C, average rainfall: 52 mm, rainy days: 5, ocean temperature: 28°C).
  • Cancun weather in June: summer is the rainy season, and June is one of the rainiest months.Most days see a good amount of cloud coverage, but actual storms only reach a quarter of the days, and even then, it is unlikely to rain for long.the first really hot days of summer come later in the month.June marks the beginning of hurricane season, although major storms are rare and tend to occur later in the season.Beaches are the most comfortable places to relax this month, as the constant breeze keeps the heat in. If you decide to venture inland, be sure to bring plenty of water and plan to swim in a cenote to cool down (average maximum temperature: 32°C, average rainfall: 115 mm, rainy days: 8, ocean temperature: 28°C).
  • Cancun weather in July: rainy days are less frequent this month, with stronger storms ending quickly.the days are warmer and more sultry than in fact, the last half of July and the first half of August are the hottest weeks of the year.It’s best to spend your time at the beach or cool off in a cenote; they stay refreshingly energetic throughout the year.This is an excellent month for marine life, with whale sharks, nesting turtles and hatchlings all here at the same time (average maximum temperature: 32°C, average rainfall: 103 mm, rainy days: 5, ocean temperature: 28°C).
  • Cancun weather in August: August starts off warm and oppressively humid for the first few weeks, and begins to cool down as the month progresses.Days that have rain usually only experience rain for one or two hours in total. Stay on the beach or in the cenotes as much as possible. This is the last month of the year that has all three groups of animals: whale sharks, nesting sea turtles and baby turtles (average maximum temperature: 33°C, average rainfall: 136 mm, rainy days: 6, ocean temperature: 29°C).
  • Cancun weather in September: the rainiest month of the year, September has at least a small amount of rain for about a third of the month and cloudy days most of the time.while the rains are more regular and intense, they usually last about two or three hours.hurricanes rarely hit Cancun, but when they do, usually in September or October.The days are extremely humid, although the heat and humidity are less constant in the last week.the water temperatures are slightly warmer compared to August.the beach is probably the most comfortable place to relax on most days, although it’s a good idea to have some activities planned for rainy days, just in case.The whale sharks start to leave the area this month, while the sea turtles continue to nest and hatch. (Average maximum temperature: 32°C, average rainfall: 185 mm, rainy days: 10, ocean temperature: 29°C).
  • The weather in Cancun in October: expect more rainy days, but less total rainfall than in September.Most rainy, cloudy and humid days are at the beginning of the month, with the weather becoming more pleasant as the weeks go by.the month ends with clear skies, warm temperatures and beautiful weather at the beach.the ocean temperatures are slightly lower than in the previous months.This is the last true month of hurricane season, storms, although rare in Cancun, and the last nesting turtles lay their eggs this month before returning to the sea (average maximum temperature: 31°C, average rainfall: 157 mm, rainy days: 11, ocean temperature: 28°C).
  • Cancun weather in November: temperatures continue to drop, skies become clearer and rainy days are less frequent in November. Most of the humidity and rain comes at the beginning of the month, with showers rarely lasting more than a couple of hours.Ocean temperatures remain stable from October onwards, while the last of the sea turtles leave the area (average maximum temperature: 29°C, average rainfall: 95mm, rainy days: 8, ocean temperature: 28°C).
  • Cancun weather in December: December is a great time to be in Cancun!The days are warm, the nights are cool and comfortable, and the skies are sunny and clear.the brief patches of rain are fleeting, with mostly bright days.the dry season officially starts in the last two weeks of the month and continues until March.the beaches are beautiful, with comfortable temperatures for swimming and good visibility for snorkeling and diving.

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