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Where to stay in Guadalajara

What is the best area to stay in Guadalajara?

If we want to make a tour to the historical and beautiful city of Guadalara the best area to stay is the Historic Center , which is located around the Plaza de Armas as it is where we can find most of the points of interest in the city.In the center we can find the Cathedral, an imposing building symbol of the architecture of the country as well as the Municipal Palace and the Palace of Government, among its different tourist points stands out the Cultural Institute Cabins, emblematic place to know the history and everything what has happened in this city.

Guadalajara is the cradle of the mariachi, you will be able to listen to them and to see them by all the city, nevertheless they have their traditional place of meeting in the Mariachi Square also located in the Historical Center.

Another place that we cannot let visit is the pedestrian Street Independence where we can find several historical buildings, commercial galleries as well as places of crafts, small restaurants and the traditional street food.

In the vicinity of the city is Tequila , where the liquor of the same name is produced, there you can taste this liquor and visit the Agave plantations. It is also highly recommended to go to the villages of Tlaquepaque or Tonala, just a few kilometers from the city where many objects of Mexican crafts are manufactured.

On the map that shows the best area to stay in Guadalajara , Mexico, are located a selection of the best hotels to stay .

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The Historic Center, the best area to stay in Guadalajara

The Historic Center, is the nerve center of all tourist activity in Guadalajara, the streets are full of beautiful historical buildings, which make the place an aesthetically impressive area to stay -perfect for those tourists interested in history and architecture.In addition, as far as local attractions and sights are concerned, by staying in the historic center, you will be in one of the most central places in Guadalajara, just a few minutes away from some of the city’s best attractions.

The impressive Guadalajara Cathedral, with its double tower, is the city’s most beloved monument and is located in the heart of the historic center.The cathedral gives its special characteristic to the city’s skyline and is the building that most adds to the historic atmosphere of the center, so those who stay in the historic center will be only a short walk away from this incredible architectural landmark, and might even be lucky enough to get a room overlooking the cathedral towers.

Around the cathedral are the four main squares of the city of Guadalajara: Plaza Guadalajara, Plaza de Armas, Plaza de la Liberación and Rotonda de los Jaliscienses Ilustres, all of which have different atmospheres and attractions to offer visitors, and when staying in the historic center, the tourist can experience all of them.The Plaza de la Liberación is a little quieter, although it also has street vendors, while the Plaza de Armas, offers a more traditional atmosphere reminiscent of a park.the Rotonda de los Jaliscienses is a beautiful site and the perfect place for art and history lovers, with busts of those who have made significant contributions to the society of the region.

Also in the area are the Palacio Municipal, and the Palacio de Gobierno.both buildings are architecturally impressive and have an interesting history.The Municipal Palace, like the rest of the historical center, has a neoclassical design, and inside there is a mural that artistically details the history of the city.the important Government Palace building offers unmissable political murals and an informative museum on the ground floor.and if you like to admire murals by talented artists, the nearby Cabañas Cultural Institute is an attraction not to be missed.full of art, you can admire works, and learn more about historical and political issues.The tourist who wants to stay in the historical center will have all these beautiful buildings just a few minutes from the door of his hotel.

If you are looking for a peculiar shopping street, the historical center has just the place.Calle Independencia is a colorful street that runs through the historic center and is well worth a visit: ideal for buying handmade items in the handicraft shops, savoring the local cuisine, or simply enjoying the vibrant atmosphere the street has to offer, and those staying in the historic center won’t even have to go out of their way to find it.

Hotels in the Historic Center of Guadalajara

Other areas to stay in Guadalajara


Zapopan is another great city in the State of Guadalajara, the second largest in fact.So clearly, there is a whole world of attractions in Zapopan waiting for the tourist. There are several artistic monuments and buildings of interest, among them the Zapopan Arches, the Zapopan Art Museum and the Magic Top Museum which makes art fun for the whole family.The best known attraction in the area is the Zapopan Basilica, which dates back to 1730. This is where Our Lady of Zapopan is located, which is a famous statue of the Virgin.

Hotels in Zapopan


Tlaquepaque is a colorful location that is always full of life, and it is a beautiful and energetic place to stay.This city is known for its handicrafts and in particular for its hand-painted pottery, which delights tourists who always find plenty of opportunities to buy local pottery while enjoying the colors and artistic sites of the area.

Those who decide to stay in Tlaquepaque, should do their best to schedule a visit to El Parían, an area where restaurants surround a kiosk where you can listen to Mariachi (Mexican folk music that originated in this area).Most visitors staying in Guadalajara organize day trips to see this show, but those staying locally will have the advantage of being able to enjoy the music of El Parían as often as they wish.

This area is also a good place to stay for those looking to enjoy a lively nightlife. In addition to traditional live music, you can explore the musical offerings of a wide range of bars, with good options for drinks as well.

Hotels in Tlaquepaque

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