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Where to stay in Guanajuato

What is the best area to stay in Guanajuato?

Capital of the state that bears the same name, the colorful city of Guanajuato is one of the main tourist destinations in the interior of Mexico, its impressive historical heritage and cultural activity are its main attractions.

Everything you need to see in Guanajuato is located in , the historic center , so we recommend staying in it or as close to it as possible.

The main attractions of Guanajuato are the Juarez Theater , one of the most beautiful theaters in Mexico, the University of Guanajuato , of neoclassical style and with a beautiful staircase and the plaza of Jardin Union , the most atmospheric place in the city.In the surroundings of the Juarez Theater and Jardin Union we can find the best concentration of restaurants in the city, from which we can contemplate the beginning of the Callejoneadas, a night tour of the city accompanied by a student.

From behind the Juarez Theater comes the funicular that takes us to the viewpoint of the Pípila , a must to contemplate the best views of the city.

In the map of downtown Guanajuato are located a selection of the best hotels where we recommend to sleep .

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Staying outside the city center

Staying outside the center of Guanajuato can also have its advantages especially if we travel by car:

  • We can find cheaper accommodation.Hotels, apartments and B&B’s are more expensive in the city center as in most cities.
  • There are hotels with swimming pools in Guanajuato, but the temperature can reach a maximum of 28 degrees Celsius in the warm months.Guanajuato is made up of a group of hills and hills, some of which house hotels in beautiful natural surroundings and others have rooms with views of the city.
  • We can park the car easily.some hotels outside the center are specifically designed for travelers with cars, while in the hotels in the historic center is virtually impossible to park.

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