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Where to stay in Playa del Carmen: The best places

The best area to stay in Playa del Carmen depends a lot on what you are looking for on your vacation, you can choose between Playacar with its famous all-inclusive hotels or the different areas of Playa del Carmen itself with its charming atmosphere.

If you are visiting the Rivera Maya and are looking for a destination without the crowds of Cancun, but which also has beautiful white sand beaches and turquoise waters, many leisure possibilities, good atmosphere for dining out and nightlife, and easy access to the Mayan ruins and other tourist attractions in the area, staying in Playa del Carmen is an excellent option.

In addition to all this Playa del Carmen is the best place to go shopping of all the Rivera Maya and has an elegant and refined but at the same time carefree atmosphere, which attracts visitors mostly Mexicans and Europeans.

Playa, as the locals call it, despite its consolidation as a first class tourist destination has managed to preserve its Mexican essence.its charm remains intact.

The best areas to stay in Playa del Carmen

The best area to stay in Playa del Carmen depends on what you are looking for for your vacation.If you are looking for the typical sun and beach vacation without doing anything beyond relaxing in a good all inclusive hotel the best option is Playacar .

On the other hand if your idea of vacation is move around a lot and make excursions to visit the Rivera Maya, and also enjoy everything that Playa del Carmen has to offer stay in one of the the most recommended areas of the city .

1.The Fifth Avenue and the beach

The Fifth Avenue is the main street of the city, it is a pedestrian street that runs parallel to the beach and where most of the life of the city is concentrated, you can find many shops, travel agencies, bars, restaurants, etc.

The best area to stay in Playa del Carmen is between the beach, obviously better if it is on the seafront, and the 5th Avenue.Any hotel close to 5th Avenue is very well located as it is only a couple of minutes away from the beach.

The streets close to 5th Avenue are well located with the exception of 12th Street where the discos are concentrated and the noise will not let you sleep.

The 5th Avenue is a very long street with two different areas, one between the pier and Constituyentes street and the other from Constituyentes, where the Mamitas beach is.

The zone that goes from the dock where the ferries leave to the island of Cozumel until the Calle Constituyentes is the zone more animated of the Fifth Avenue.In this zone there is a huge amount of hotels and other types of accommodation.

It also has the highest concentration of shops, bars and restaurants, and the bus and bus stations are very close by.It has a good beach although it is the busiest in Playa del Carmen.

The best beach area in town is Playa Mamitas It is the part of the beach that extends from Calle Constituyentes and is less crowded than the previous one.The urban area is quieter although there are also plenty of bars and restaurants. On Mamitas beach are some of the best known beach clubs such as Mamita’s and Kool.

– Hotels on Fifth Avenue

2.Ado Bus Station and Plaza 28 de Julio

The area around the ADO bus station, the bus station, and the Plaza 28 de Julio is an inland area of the city where you can find the most affordable accommodation in Playa.

Many budget travelers choose this area for to stay in Playa del Carmen In this area you can find hotels with more or less acceptable single rooms from 25 euros per night .

There are also some hostels and guesthouses whose beds in shared dormitories are usually between 8 and 12 euros

– Hotels in the area of the Ado bus station


Playacar is a very exclusive tourist resort located right next to Playa del Carmen.In this area the majority of the hotels are resorts that offer an all-inclusive plan and as it is not a residential area the beach is enjoyed almost exclusively by the clients of these hotels.

This area is a very good option to stay in Playa del Carmen for those looking to relax in a luxury hotel enjoying good beaches while being close to everything Playa has to offer.

– Hotels in Playacar

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Accommodation in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen is a fully consolidated destination with a wide range of options for all tastes and pockets.You will find from all-inclusive beach hotels to hotels with an urban profile, and from the cheapest options for backpackers in shared beds to the most luxurious options on the market.

The vast majority of the all-inclusive are concentrated in Playacar , an area adjacent to the city.In Playa del Carmen you will find all-inclusive hotels , the small boutique hotels that provide you with a closer and more personalized attention at very affordable prices.

Those who are looking for luxury options will have no problem finding it in Playa.there is an abundance.for those who need a more economical option they will also find good options.For those who need a cheaper option, they will also find good options. just avoid the first line of the sea.

The hotels that are some streets away from the beach have much cheaper prices and are also a good option for to sleep in Playa del Carmen Taking into account that all its beaches are public this should not be an impediment to enjoy them.

You can find good offers of hotels in Playa del Carmen on this website:

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