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Where to stay in Monterrey

Where is the best place to stay in Monterrey?

On the Pacific coast of central California we find the beach town of Monterey. The life of the inhabitants of this community is strongly rooted in the sea, as they combine their work as fishermen with the practice of all kinds of water sports such as kayaking, surfing and diving.The city, famous for its fine sand beaches, offers all kinds of services: the best are the exquisite restaurants with fresh seafood and its entire range of hotels, so that you can enjoy a perfect stay.

Cannery Row is a perfect place to stay , full of shopping centres and shops, and is one of the most popular tourist destinations due to its historical past.The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a great, quiet place for a family day out where both children and adults can have a great time while learning. The North Fremont neighborhood is a charming community surrounded by greenery where you can enjoy a relaxing stay for those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.On the fantastic beaches of Munras Avenue you can enjoy all kinds of fun activities and taste the local food at their beach bars.

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Cannery Row, the best area to stay in Monterey

Cannery Row is one of the most popular areas in Monterey, it is an old fishing neighborhood and although it has been given a perfect facelift -their old buildings have been restored and some new ones have been built, of design-, the area still maintains its traditional spirit and is always tied to the sea.

Cannery Row is full of historic buildings with beautiful architecture, and you can also visit many other places of interest such as Monterey Bay, which enjoys breathtaking views, and the Monterey Marine Sanctuary, a refuge for all types of marine animals, a must for all those staying in the city.For those who prefer tranquility and sun, McAbee beach, located right in the middle of Cannery Row, is a small beach of fine sand where you can have fun doing all kinds of activities and water sports.

In Cannery Row you can spend a great afternoon shopping in the centre of the town, with its many shops selling clothes, toys, jewellery, art galleries and crafts, or you can enjoy a typical menu of the area in one of the many restaurants or food stalls.And when the sun goes down, don’t worry, you won’t be bored: the night on Cannery Row is loud and lively, the music bars are full of people with whom you can dance to jazz while having a good glass of wine, and all kinds of events and festivals are organized throughout the year, such as the Jazz Bash, the Steinbeck Festival, the Cannery Row Block Party and the Holiday Tree Lighting.

There are all kinds of accommodations where you can rest after a tiring day of tourism, from cheap hostels and bed & breakfast , to large hotels and beach resorts that organize all kinds of activities, you can also choose to relax with a professional massage in one of its many spa centers.

Hotels in Cannery Row

Other areas to stay in Monterrey

North Fremont

North Fremont is a residential neighborhood in Monterey surrounded by a lot of vegetation, which creates a warm tropical climate in the area.You’ll find beautiful, crystal-clear lakes to paddle around on, and all kinds of outdoor spaces perfect for lying on the grass for a breather and a nice family picnic.

Ardenwood Historical Farm is one of the most popular places for tourists to visit in Monterey.It is a complex with a farm, a beautiful forest to walk through, and a beautiful large mansion, known as The Patterson House, because in 1857 it was owned by George Washington Patterson himself.If you prefer to shop, Ranch 99 Market is the most famous shopping spot in North Fremont, where you’ll find a wide variety of products exported from Asian countries like Taiwan and China, as well as ready-to-eat meals, cakes and fast food at very affordable prices.

The tranquility and peace that reign in the neighborhood of Fremont make it an exceptional place for tourists who want to enjoy a pleasant and relaxed stay, which can be accommodated in charming hotels with very varied prices that can be found throughout the area.

Hotels in North Fremont

Munras Ave

Munras Avenue is a beautiful place near the sea that is surrounded by beautiful beaches where you can lie down to sunbathe while being swayed by a light and fresh sea breeze.On its various beaches you can hire various activities, both in the sand and water: sand bikes, quads, scuba diving and jet skis are some examples of activities with which you can have fun.

On the promenade of Munras Ave you will find several restaurants where you can enjoy delicious local cuisine and fresh can also taste a variety of wines produced in the area in one of its famous wine cellars.The complex has all kinds of leisure and entertainment facilities such as cinemas, restaurants and shopping centres.

All along the coast you will find several first class luxury hotels to stay in, although if your budget is smaller you can also spend a few fantastic days in hostels and middle class hotels, or even rent an apartment in the area.

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