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Where to stay in Puerto Vallarta

What is the best area to stay in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta , with its incredible landscapes, is known for being one of the most paradisiacal places in the world, and without a doubt, will amaze every visitor who arrives to the city.This city in the Mexican state of Jalisco offers a wide range of activities: you can go on jungle excursions, observe the marine fauna while diving, or practice all kinds of water sports, and you will also find all kinds of leisure activities such as restaurants, bars and a lively nightlife.

The best area to stay in Puerto Vallarta is the promenade area , as it is the most active part of the city.The area is perfectly connected to the other areas of the city, the streets near the promenade are full of life, both day and night, where you can mingle with the locals and get the true Mexican spirit, the area is full of bars, restaurants, both haute cuisine and traditional food.Most of the hotels are concentrated on the first and second line of the sea, where you will find diverse lodging options that cover a wide range of prices, from cheap apartments and lofts , to luxury hotels, spa centers and resorts with so many activities that it will be impossible to get bored.

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The Puerto Vallarta Boardwalk, the recommended area to stay in Puerto Vallarta

The coastal area of Puerto Vallarta is an ideal place to stay, the city is one of the most popular tourist places in Mexico, and its seafront is a real paradise where locals and visitors mix to enjoy the life and joy that transmits this wonderful place.This part of the city has an excellent public transport network through which you can visit other areas of the city and other nearby towns.

There is also a bus line that will take you directly to Gustavo Díaz Ordaz International Airport.The promenade area is very safe, as it is the most touristy area of the city, and is heavily guarded by local police patrols.

The main part of the promenade, also called Malecon, is a renovated pedestrian avenue, full of foxtail palms planted in pots in the shape of rounded waves, which give an exotic touch to the place.Along the entire promenade, which is traditionally paved with river stones, are various contemporary sculptures sculpted by famous Mexican artists such as Ramiz Barquet, Alejandro Colunga and Sergio Bustamante, and many other traditional Huichol art works.

These incredible sculptures represent important historical figures of the area, and also reflect important aspects of the daily life of Puerto Vallarta’s inhabitants.The boardwalk is also home to a variety of street performers such as mimes, dancers, musicians, painters and magicians.

The paradisiacal beaches of the coast are some of the most beautiful in the country and are, without a doubt, one of the main attractions of Puerto Vallarta.Besides sunbathing, these beaches are perfect for practicing all kinds of sports and many other water activities such as surfing , paddle surfing , fishing and diving, among others.

The jungle that surrounds the city is another very interesting tourist attraction that will please those more adventurous.Both along the promenade and in the city center, you will find several tourism companies where you can hire all kinds of excursions into the jungle, either on foot, by bike, or even on horseback.

The area is a good place to stay, because if you walk along the promenade you will pass through many neighborhoods in the city, such as the old town, full of historical sites such as churches or many other buildings of colonial architecture.Culture lovers will also find several museums such as the Rio Cuale Museum, which explains the history of the area, and many other art galleries displaying local, national and international artworks and all kinds of historical pieces.

The promenade will also take you to the centre, one of the busiest areas and full of life.If you decide to spend a few days in Puerto Vallarta you will not be able to resist having an ice cream or a coffee in one of the many picturesque establishments that are located on the boardwalk near downtown.

Between the boardwalk and downtown you will find all kinds of restaurants where you can eat both traditional Mexican and Huichol food, as well as typical food from other countries in South America and the rest of the world.The nightlife in Puerto Vallarta is lively and bustling, locals and tourists alike gather in the bars for cocktails and go to the various dance halls and clubs that are located near the boardwalk.

If you want to enjoy a fun day of shopping, along the entire coastline you will find several shopping centers, which house both local and international brand stores.However, if you prefer, there are alternatives to the large stores: scattered throughout the city, and especially in the old town, you will find several traditional markets where you can buy a large selection of locally produced food and many other crafts.

Throughout the promenade is where most of the hotels in the city.If you want to spend a few days in Puerto Vallarta, you can choose from a wide variety of hotels with very different prices, from apartments and lofts for rent and bed & breakfast cheap, to luxury hotels with excellent service, spa centers where you can relax, and resorts full of activities that will make it impossible to get bored.

Hotels on the Puerto Vallarta boardwalk

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