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Where to stay at the Valet

What is the best area to stay in Valletta?

Valletta , the small capital of Malta, is a city full of history and well worth visiting all year round.

The best area to stay in Valletta is its historical center The center of Valletta houses its most important attractions; St. John’s Cathedral, a jewel of baroque architecture, the gardens of the Upper Bank Gardens and the National Museum of Archaeology, located in one of the most beautiful buildings of the capital.From the centre, the ferries depart for another of the must-visits in Malta, the three cities (Cospicua, Senglea and Vittoriosa).

The main streets of the historical centre where we will find all the bars, restaurants and shops are Merchant Street and Republic Street .The only disadvantages of staying in the centre of Valletta are that there may be many people in the summer and the taxi may not be able to reach the door of the hotel.

On the map showing the best area to stay in La Veleta there is a selection of the best hotels to stay in .

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Where to stay near La Veleta

If we cannot find suitable accommodation for our needs in La Veleta we can stay in one of the nearby cities.


Located across the bay from Valletta is the beautiful coastal town of Sliema. Sliema has a wider range of hotels than La Veleta and is famous for its promenade called The Ferries which has a wide range of bars and restaurants as well as spectacular sea views.

To get to Sliema it takes less than 30 minutes by taxi or bus, although the fastest and most attractive way is to take the ferry which only takes 15 minutes.

Hotels in Sliema

St Julian’s

Just north of Sliema is the town of St Julian’s one of the favourite destinations for tourists visiting Malta, and a good option for staying close to Sliema.With a better hotel offer than Valletta, St’Julians is one of the favourite destinations of young people for its beaches, among which the Balluta and St George’s stand out, and for the nightlife of the Princeville district.

We can reach Valletta in less than half an hour by car or bus or we can take the ferry in Sliema.

Hotels in St Julian’s

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