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Where to stay in Tulum: The best places

Have you heard of Tulum? it is one of the most desired destinations of the Riviera Maya Its dreamy beaches and natural environment dotted with Mayan ruins and cenotes make it a very special destination.

In the epicenter of the Riviera Maya , is located Tulum, a place that offers great possibilities for vacationers, this destination has plenty of arguments to seduce anyone: heavenly surroundings, charming beaches, historical and cultural attractions, fun for the whole family, romantic locations for couples and good food.

Tulum is warm all the time .Its average temperature is quite stable: it varies between 24 and 29 °C.Although these data invite to visit it all year round, many travelers prefer to do it between December and May, that is, during the dry season .

Before visiting this destination, it would not hurt to know a little more about the most emblematic places that make up this destination, so you will be able to determine the best place for to sleep in Tulum to make the most of your stay.

Best areas to stay in Tulum

The vast majority of accommodation in Tulum is concentrated in its town and the Hotel Zone.However, there are other points where there are also accommodation options and we recommend seven ideal areas to stay in Tulum, well differentiated and that stand out for the tourist interest they generate and the possibilities they offer.

1.Tulum Town/Center

Choosing this area to stay in Tulum has certain advantages.As the accommodations are not located in front of the beach, the town is somewhat far from it, they have a price more affordable and it is the point where you will find more services and things to do.

The town offers dozens of hotels, inns, bed and breakfast.On the other hand, this can be a good hub from which to move to the various attractions in the vicinity.

Also known as the town of Tulum, especially by foreign tourists, this area of the city is full of cafes, restaurants, supermarkets and craft shops, clothing and souvenirs.

fun does not end when the night falls, in bars and restaurants you can enjoy live shows while having a delicious dinner, there are also clubs to dance and sing in karaoke, if you wish, you can witness the presentations of the folkloric ballet that are offered in the building where the municipal palace is located.

The taxi service is more economical in this area of Tulum and is a good means of transport to get around the town or to the Mayan sites, beaches and cenotes if you have no other means.

– Accommodation in Tulum Town

2.The Veleta

This is considered by many as the fastest growing residential area of Tulum.More and more families, many from the United States, are moving in to build their permanent home or vacation residence.

This settlement is located in the middle of the jungle , but very close to the main road and along a road in process of becoming an avenue that leads to the beach.In addition, there is just one kilometer from the center of Tulum .

In the neighborhood it is common to see luxury houses and condos functional or under construction.

La Veleta is a area in full development Aware of its potential, the Mexican government has decided to invest in infrastructure to get it ready, the project includes the construction of bridges, roads and even a railway network that will connect it with the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula

– Accommodation in Valletta

3.Hotel Zone

At night and from the sea, in front of the coast, you can see a colorful strip of light that shines with intensity, it is the lighting of the hotel zone. If you want to have many options in terms of accommodation in Tulum , in this area of almost twelve kilometers extension you will find hotels for all tastes and budgets .

Some accommodations are deliberately more rustic, usually consisting of ecological cabins with electricity generated by solar or wind power, at a certain time of night, the lights are turned off

If you require lighting after a certain hour, you can light the candles in the room.It is a romantic alternative made to measure for newlyweds who choose Tulum to enjoy their honeymoon.

Other resorts are much more luxurious , with all the features you would expect from a hotel in a cosmopolitan city, such as swimming pool, Jacuzzi, spa room, gym, Wi-Fi, air conditioning, satellite TV, etc.

The hotel zone borders the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve , a huge natural protected area declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1987, located right across from the Caribbean Sea and the Mesoamerican Reef System.

Like the whole peninsula, there are two well differentiated ecosystems, beaches of white sand and turquoise waters on the coast and jungle scenarios with abundant vegetation, lagoons and cenotes inland.

In this last one are common the masses of trees that form islands of vegetation in the middle of swamps and springs, they measure up to thirty meters of height and two kilometers of diameter.Tankah Bay

Less than twelve kilometers from Tulum, there is a destination with paradisiacal natural environments and exclusive airs .We refer to Tankah Bay, the place chosen by many tourists to build their vacation properties.

Its green waters, its palm trees swayed by the wind and its white sand beaches have earned it the nickname of «Mexican Tahiti». As the sea near the coast is calm and shallow, the bay is a good spot for families travelling with small children .

The more adventurous will want to go into the ocean and dive to «visit» the Mesoamerican Reef System , a coral reef about a thousand kilometers long that extends along the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula and Belize, Guatemala and Honduras.

This makes it the second largest reef on the planet, just below the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

The Turtle Nesting is a seasonal attraction and takes place between May and December when there is a good chance of encountering a turtle that comes to lay its eggs on the beach, especially at night.We recommend that you wear water shoes if you go swimming on the beaches of the north coast, as the seabed is somewhat rocky.

Tankah Bay is the home of the Manatee Cenote , a natural well with crystal clear waters surrounded by an extensive mangrove system that attracts all snorkelers and divers eager to get certified for open water swimming.

Those who wish to learn how to dive, can take classes at one of the two centers in the area.Some of the fresh water from this cenote filters into the Caribbean, forming a turquoise eye on the sea.

South of the bay, there are bars and restaurants with local and international cuisine. Some of them are located in front of the sea.

Those who choose Tankah Bay for to stay in Tulum , will find four and five star hotels with all the amenities.

– Accommodation in Tankah Bay

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Aldea Zama is a ecotourism settlement and a residential area located in a central location in Tulum.From here you can take a bike ride to the main attractions of the city and its surroundings: the town, the cenotes and the pre-Hispanic is adjacent to the only paved road in the city that leads to the beach.

Permanent surveillance, access to Wi-Fi and underground water, electricity, telephone, cable TV and internet services guarantee a comfortable and safe stay.At the same time, the aesthetics of the neighborhood remain intact.

Many of the buildings are environmentally friendly. It is not uncommon to find properties made of natural materials or supplied by clean, renewable energy sources.

Streets and sidewalks are sand colored to blend in with the natural environment and buildings cannot exceed three stories in height so as not to obstruct the visibility of the trees.

Aldea Zama combines the best of both worlds, proving that humans can live with nature without overexploiting it.

Those who choose this point for to stay in Tulum , should do it in a rented house or in a condominium.

In a few years, Aldea Zama has become the most exclusive location within a destination that has aroused great interest within the national and international real estate market.

Despite its rapid development, the environmental impact has been minimal, thanks to government policies and the efforts of its inhabitants to make Tulum remain a green and sustainable place.

The great variety of restaurants, shops and bars located along the main avenue of Aldea Zama could turn it, in the not too distant future, into the new downtown area of Tulum.

– Accommodation in Zama

6.Soliman Bay

Traveling by car, ten minutes from the walled city of Tulum , is a quiet place, considered by many as the ideal point to spend your stay during your vacation or even to settle in after your retirement.No matter if you are looking for adventure or relaxation, you will find a lot of both here.

The coral reef close to the coast offers protection against heavy swells This feature makes the bay the favorite place for young children to swim in its waters.the beach consists of fine and shiny sand, and almost no rocks are seen .

However, due to the presence of turtle grass, we recommend you to wear water shoes.

The buoys located near the reef allow you to moor small boats, such as a kayak, and go down with your snorkel or dive gear or to get to know the corals up close, and swim with the typical Caribbean fish, rays and sea turtles.In fact, these magnificent reptiles arrive in the bay between May and September to nest.

Most of the properties located along the main road of Soliman Bay are private residences; however, there is also a small but acceptable tourist infrastructure to stay in Tulum .This includes small hotels, both economic and luxury, and restaurants of international and Mexican cuisine.

Enjoy a good meal in a setting in the middle of the lush jungle or stay with the typical beach experience, asking fish and seafood at the edge of the sea .

As we said, the famous Mayan ruins of Tulum, which give name to the entire municipality, are very close to the bay.This ancient Mayan city is located on a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea.

It was one of the last settlements built by the Mayas, which had its time of splendor between the thirteenth and fifteenth centuries.Even after the arrival of the Spanish to Mexican territory, it remained inhabited for seven decades by its original inhabitants.

Today, is one of the best preserved pre-Hispanic vestiges , and the view of the sea is spectacular.

Very close to Soliman Bay is Xel-Há , a park full of attractions: the largest natural aquarium in the world, swimming with dolphins, diving and snorkeling in underground rivers, as well as ziplines and amphibious vehicles.

– Soliman Bay accommodation

7.Playa Paraiso

Considered by many frequent travelers as one of the best beaches in Mexico and part of the top of the best sandy beaches in the world, Playa Paraiso is a must-see destination if you come to Tulum.It could not be otherwise, considering that it is a Caribbean beach.

The change of shades of the waters that bathe the coast is more striking and evident than other beaches in the region. The scale includes several shades of blue, ranging from the lightest to the turquoise , a prodigious symphony of color.

The sand , on the other hand, is particularly fine and smooth , and thanks to the sun, which shines intensely during most of the year, the water maintains a pleasant temperature

The infrastructure of Playa Paraiso is focused on pleasing the most demanding tourists.And the best of the Quintana Roo, Mexican and international cuisine can be enjoyed in the restaurants of the area.

If you are looking for accommodation in Tulum , you will find a wide range of hotels that include first class options, those who want to get away from modernity, can stay in the cabins of Villa Pescadores Tulum.The rooms are spacious and rustic, but no less comfortable than those of the large hotel chains.

Playa Paraiso is located near the ancient city of Tulum, Xel-Ha Ecological Park and several cenotes, among which are the Calavera, the Carwash and the Gran Cenote. undoubtedly a good option to stay in Tulum

– Accommodation in Playa Paraiso

What is the best place to stay in Tulum?

Full of Mayan ruins that rise imposingly over the sea, the town of Tulum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the entire Mexican Caribbean. The town was once a very important commercial port and was walled, and now is the perfect place for those culture lovers who want to discover stone by stone the history of this exotic place with a majestic past.In addition, the town of Tulum is visited by thousands of tourists every year who go in search of its famous beaches of fine white sand where they can cool down and enjoy the heat that reigns in the Rivera Maya.

The best place to stay in Tulum is the area of the beach of fine white sand, which extends along the coast of Tulum National Park, southeast of town.It is quiet and uncrowded, and you can do all kinds of activities and water sports, or just relax and enjoy the sun and the swimming.

Near the beach are the ruins of Tulum, full of history and places to explore.It is also perfectly connected to the town, where you will find all kinds of basic services such as a pharmacy, shops and markets, and also to other cities and places of interest nearby, thanks to its busy bus network.

The accommodation offer in Tulum is very different from the other great destinations of the Rivera Maya: Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

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Tulum Beach, the best place to stay

The best place to stay in Tulum is the beach area, which extends along the entire coast of Tulum National Park, located southeast of the town.The area is a paradise with almost virgin beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise water, a luxury if you want to get away from big cities and urban life.

During the day you can hire all kinds of water activities such as scuba diving, kayak and snorkel among others; or if you prefer, you can lie down on the sand to rest under a sunshade.The locals, proud of their beaches, boast of having the best sunsets on the Rivera Maya, and hundreds of people sit and watch the sky turn red and the contours of the palm trees blend with the silhouettes of some Mayan ruin high on the rocks.

In addition to the beaches, history and culture lovers will find in Tulum the vestiges of what was once an ancient Mayan commercial enclave, full of important buildings and many other curiosities such as an astronomical observatory.From the various hotels you can hire various visits in which you can discover the history of the place by the hand of a friendly guide.

You can also hire many other excursions that will take up the whole day where you can visit different sites and tourist attractions throughout the Rivera Maya, such as a day of diving in the ceñotes, some caves full of fresh water; visits to the paradisiacal island of Cozumel and the ruins of Xel-Ha; you can also visit the Coba Lagoon, which is located northwest of Tulum, near the Quintana Roo National Park; and if you travel with your family you can’t miss the opportunity to spend the day at the Xcaret Eco-Theme Park, full of attractions and cultural shows.

Although there are many more restaurants in town than on the beach, here you will find several small and picturesque establishments such as taquerías, seafood restaurants and chiringuitos de playa, spread out along the coast and offering traditional Mayan and Mexican dishes at a very good price.

The nightlife is not as frenetic as in the big cities of the Rivera Maya, although you will find several nightlife venues with music so you can have a good time: at night, tourists gather on the beach and take advantage of the moderate temperature to have a cocktail and dance to the music of the parties organized on the beach.

If you want to stay at Tulum beach you can choose from a wide range of possibilities with very different prices, ranging from hotel complexes where you can stay in a small and exotic cabin, to luxury villas, spa centers and resorts full of pools that offer all kinds of amenities and lots of fun activities.

Tulum Beach Hotels

Other areas to stay in Tulum

Tulum town

The various services and the proximity to all the other zones of village make of center of Tulum a good site in the that may lodge. The zone finds perfectly communicated with all the zones of the village and its surroundings thanks to its network of buses, e even exist lines regular that les will bring to the cities plus important from the region, as are Cancun and Beach from Carmen.

There are also shuttle buses to the Cancun airport, which is a safe and perfect place to walk around in total tranquility, as there are no huge crowds of people; if you explore the area a little, you will find several picturesque places where the local culture and tradition come alive in the form of beautiful handicrafts that you can buy as souvenirs .

On the main street you will find several companies where you can hire excursions to the most interesting historical sites, both in Tulum itself and throughout the Rivera Maya.The center of the town is full of life and color; walking through its streets you will find an infinity of small bars and restaurants.

Regarding accommodation, there are several establishments that offer rooms at very different prices, ranging from small and simple hostels decorated with flowers, rental apartments and bread & breakfast , to the suites more luxurious with breathtaking views and from which you can see the wonderful sunsets of Tulum.

Hotels in Tulum Pueblo

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