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Where to stay in Panama City

What is the best area to stay in Panama City?

The well known Financial District in the heart of Panama City is the best area to stay in Panama City.

This city, known worldwide for its canal, has more than 1 million inhabitants. To enjoy the beautiful view of the canal, you can take a taxi or a bus to the Miraflores Visitors Center, a few minutes from downtown.It is a true naval spectacle with an annual traffic of fourteen thousand ships.

In the Financial District stands out the best offer of leisure, shopping and entertainment in the is a financial and tourist center that attracts visitors from all over the world.banks, restaurants, shopping centers and a wide variety of accommodations located in modern buildings and skyscrapers in front of the bay.

In the capital of business and the city of skyscrapers, the best option to have a luxury accommodation, safe and in the middle of the Panamanian movement, is the Financial District.

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Financial District, the best area to stay in Panama City

The innovative buildings and skyscrapers confirm the architectural landscape that distinguishes the Financial District.It is inhabited by upper-middle class and upper-class families and has seen the biggest real estate boom in recent years.

The Trump Ocean Club International Hotel & Tower is the tallest building in Panama City at 284 meters high and is also known as “La Micha” because of its resemblance to the popular food.Another skyscraper that attracts the camera of tourists is the F&F Tower, for its structure similar to a screw and The Point, the highest residential building in Panama with 266 meters.

Calle 50, whose official name is Avenida Nicanor de Obarrio, is one of the main roads of the Panamanian capital, this street crosses the town of Bella Vista and San Francisco.This street crosses Bella Vista and San Francisco, and is where the most important banks in the world are concentrated, including Credicorp Bank, the first “intelligent” building in Panama, built in 1997, and Harry Strunz Park, a green area ideal for taking a break after a long walk around the city.

Among the most modern shopping centers you can visit are: the Multiplaza and the Multicentro.It is the most luxurious in the city and offers its visitors national and international brands, a playground, food court, banks, city tours, airport transfer, taxi service and valet parking, while the Multicentro is a modern shopping center, located in the heart of the city, with four levels of shops, restaurants, casino, cinemas, supermarkets, cafes and the popular Hard Rock Café.

To taste the traditional Panamanian cuisine, you can visit Niko’s Café, which with a tradition of more than 60 years, produces its own sausages, hams, yogurts, breads and sweets.

Tourists can not miss Balboa Avenue, the most modern and wide street in the city, was remodeled and expanded with the opening of the Cinta Costera, a place to enjoy green areas, which has become a tourist attraction in the city.

Other points of interest in the surroundings of the financial district are the San Francisco de la Caleta Church, the ATLAPA Convention Center, one of the most important in the country and the Omar Torrijos Recreational Park, with a distance of approximately 5 km and which houses the National Library of Panama.You can also find traditional schools such as the Isabel Herrera Obaldía Professional School and the Don Bosco Technical Institute, as well as modern hospitals such as the Paitilla Medical Center and the Punta Pacifica Hospital.

The Casco Viejo, the other area where you can stay

If you find modernity and multicultural style in the Financial District, in the Casco Viejo, you will enjoy the traditional and old air of the city.At Best Locations Hotel we also recommend the Casco Viejo as an option for your accommodation, as there you can find different options of hotels, old houses, pensions and hostels, for those travellers who prefer to save.

The Casco Viejo is a picturesque area full of churches, squares and palaces with a landscape that shows the civil, military and religious architecture.It is located in the village of San Felipe and has a warm atmosphere, typical of traditional places, which can be visited on foot without the need to use public transport.

There is a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets, with typical dishes, an open-air café and live music.the Avenida Central is emblematic for its stone streets and restaurants, including the Diablicos Restaurant with Panamanian cuisine and the Manolo Caracol Restaurant, which offers signature cuisine.

In Plaza Bolívar, originally known as Plaza de San Francisco, you can delight your palate with a varied gastronomic offer: Ego y Narciso, Casa Blanca, Segafredo Zanetti Espresso, Ciao Pescao and Kyoto.The Paseo Esteban Huertas on the Plaza de Francia, which borders the sea, offers a view that travelers should not miss, from where you can see the Cerro Ancon, the Bridge of the Americas, the Biomuseum, the Calzada de Amador, the Bay of Panama and the modern city.

In the streets of Casco Viejo, tourists can take advantage of the opportunity to shop for souvenirs, indigenous jewelry, typical crafts and traditional Panamanian hats.

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