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Where to stay in Panama City: The best places

The Panamanian capital is characterized by the great diversity of its neighborhoods, something that must be taken into account when choosing where to stay in Panama City.

The best areas to sleep in Panama City

When booking your accommodation in Panama City you have a lot of variety to choose from, from hotels to hostels, through the classic B&B, hostels, luxury hotels, resorts and apartments.

The prices will depend on the neighbourhood where you decide to stay and the season in which you travel; as the dry season (December to April) is considered the high season and the months with the greatest influx of tourists.

Below you can find out which are the best areas to stay in Panama City.

1.Casco Viejo

The Casco Viejo of Panama City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, corresponds to the historical center of the city, which still maintains architectural elements from the colonial era, with striking facades, craft shops and traditional streets.</

This area is not very central, it is situated in the bay of Panama and is surrounded by the coastal strip, this is where most of the emblematic places and historical museums are concentrated, so it is a good idea to choose accommodation in Casco Viejo if you are interested in cultural tourism.However, when it comes to staying in Panama City in this area you should bear in mind that it is close to the El Chorrillo neighbourhood, a conflictive area that is best avoided.

The good news is that the streets of Casco Viejo are monitored by the police 24 hours a day.On the other hand, this whole historical area can be walked through and is well connected by city bus lines to other nearby neighborhoods, so you will have no problem getting around.

Accommodation in Panama’s Casco Viejo in the low season has some really low prices and is very varied, from hostels to boutique hotels. If you don’t mind sharing a room in a hostel, you can find accommodation for 7 euros a night, but if you prefer a single room, prices are around 25 euros in hotels and hostels.

Overnight stays in 3-star hotels or more are now around £50, which is a very good price for accommodation in a historic area, and in the high season the prices are a bit higher, but not at all exaggerated, around £80 a night in 4-star hotels.



Bellavista is one of the most central neighborhoods of Panama City and its name is not for less, since the accommodations located in the Balboa Avenue have impressive views of the bay.Bellavista stands out for concentrating hundreds of skyscrapers in its avenues, offices, banks, high class residential areas, luxury shops and restaurants among others.

This neighborhood is one of the most modernized areas of Panama City and attracts both tourists and business visitors.

In addition, as it is an area that is quite central and well connected by public transport compared to Casco Viejo, it is preferred by many visitors, who choose Bellavista to stay in Panama City and to travel to other areas.Here you will find both luxury hotels, typical of such an elegant neighborhood as Bellavista, and hostels with shared bathrooms and rooms.

Prices for lodging are higher than in other neighborhoods, depending on the type of lodging, since they do not reflect much variation between seasons.You can book hostel rooms from 12 euros per night.if you prefer the luxury option, you will have to prepare around 170 euros per night.



Next to the Bellavista neighborhood you will find the Marbella neighborhood.

Many visitors spend a whole day in Marbella to take advantage of the good temperatures while visiting the coastal area, it is a fairly quiet neighborhood where you can rest to recover from the long international flight.

In high season, you can find accommodation in 5-star hotels on the beach for around £170 a night. If you prefer to save, you can choose to stay in hostels, which cost around £12 a night with a shared room, or hotels further away from the beach, which cost around £80 a night.

In low season prices can drop, and more if you book in advance, but this is not a significant price difference.the means of transport that stands out in the area of Marbella is the bus.


4.Obarrio and El Cangrejo

The neighbourhoods of Obarrio and El Cangrejo are located next to each other, north of Marbella, and there are many options for local gastronomy and leisure activities.If you prefer, there are several subway and bus stops in both neighborhoods, perfect for moving to other areas of Panama City.

It is worth noting that the Obarrio area is ideal for shopping. There are hundreds of shops on the streets, souvenir shops and top brand name galleries. The area is very quiet, safe and full of luxury residences and upper class neighborhoods.</Accommodation in the Obarrio and El Cangrejo neighbourhoods is not as abundant as in other neighbourhoods in Panama City and the prices per night are cheaper compared to the prices per night in the coastal neighbourhoods.

In the neighborhoods of Obarrio and El Cangrejo you can find a hostel room for about 10 euros per night. The prices of the hotels in this area are around 50-100 euros per night, depending on the category.In the neighbourhood of El Cangrejo you can usually find prices a little cheaper than in its neighbour Obarrio.



Near Bellavista and on the shores of the bay is the neighborhood of Calidonia, another of the neighborhoods linked by Avenida Balboa and which also houses many skyscrapers.The business area contrasts with the commercial area, more humble and always full of customers and visitors willing to buy souvenirs and bargains.

Staying in Panama City in Calidonia offers the advantage of being close to several important museums, such as the anthropological museum, and having the sea just a few minutes away, being able to get there by public transport or walking.

Accommodation in this area is, in general, cheaper than in other more central neighborhoods. Many tourists choose to stay here for the tranquility, the proximity to the beach and to save a little. In addition, Calidonia has subway and bus stops, ideal for travel to other areas and sightseeing without staying in the most expensive and crowded areas.

In the high season, the prices of the hostels are around 10 euros and the hotels are a little more expensive, but nothing exaggerated, around 60 euros a night.When it comes to staying in Panama City, if what you are looking for is luxury and full attention, in the maritime zone there are several of the most luxurious hotels in Panama City, with prices of more than 400 euros per night.


6.Costa del Este

The Costa del Este is located in the Corregimiento de Juan Diaz, next to Punta is a very quiet area, to the point that it has almost no options for leisure or gastronomic places nearby.

There are a couple of bus stops on the edge of the neighborhood, but it is not one of the best options for sightseeing or staying in Panama City.The area has a couple of parks and is not far from Marbella, where there are more options for tourism.

As the Costa del Este is an area of Panama City that is currently undergoing urban growth and is home to exclusive high-class resorts, there are not many accommodation options.</You will find a couple of hotels at decent prices.


7.Punta Pacifica

Punta Pacifica is next to Costa del Este and is a more lively area than its neighbor in terms of tourist options.The area is basically an upper class residential area, but is very well equipped with a shopping center, hospital, supermarkets, a ferry station, several restaurants and a few beachfront resorts.

The disadvantage is that this area, like Costa del Este, has good connections to public transport, only has a couple of bus stops, and you will have to use taxis or a rented car to move to other areas of the city if you do not want to be tied to the bus schedule.

If you are looking for accommodation in Panama City, the accommodation options in Punta Pacifica are not very abundant, as is the case with Costa del Este, however, as it is an upper class area, you will find some luxury hotels here to stay in Panama City, the prices are the usual ones for a coastal area in an exclusive area, around 150 euros per night.



Tocumen airport is the main airfield of Panama City, where most of the planes from national and international destinations land.

is not a tourist area but it is a good option to stay in Panama City for those who prefer to stay near the airport. If you are going to stop over or need to stay near the airport because your flight leaves in the early morning, you can choose from several hotels at very good prices in any season. There are even hostels that offer low cost prices for less than 10 euros a night.


In general, the prices of accommodation in Panama City are quite affordable at any time of year. Being such a touristic city, there is a lot of variety and the final price will depend on the area you want to stay and the time of year you choose to travel to Panama.

The great advantage is that, in Panama City, the transportation network covers all the interesting neighborhoods, so no matter where you stay, you will always have a travel option at your fingertips.

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