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The Most Touristic Islands in the Caribbean

Music everywhere, happy destinations, friendly people, beaches and history are some of the characteristics that identify the islands of the Caribbean They are located in the sea of the same name and present really unique landscapes in the world.

These are the Caribbean islands that attract more tourists :


“It’s better in the Bahamas” says their slogan and of course we can confirm it, a group of more than 700 islands located in the Caribbean Sea where only 24 of them are inhabited.Its capital, Nassau, is the tourist center par excellence, with resorts and beaches where you can practice various water activities and recreation, as well as duty free shops and images of pirates throughout the city. If you are there, do not miss the Hotel Atlantis, with its own water park, private beach and the largest outdoor aquarium in the world!


And if we are talking about diversity, this island will really surprise you.Beaches, markets, natural reserves and music everywhere are some of the words that characterize this wonderful island. You can visit the city of Havana, the beaches in Varadero, history in Trinidad and natural reserves in Viñales.


Hispaniola may not ring a bell, but it is the island that is home to the Dominican Republic and poor, unfortunate Haiti.the Dominican Republic is a country that spreads joy around every corner.the most important cities to visit are Punta Cana, a world-renowned tourist destination, and Santo Domingo, its capital, almost a living museum.If you want to see colonial houses contrasting with luxury resorts, the Dominican Republic is the place to visit. Santo Domingo will surprise you with its history that combines with exotic flora within its green spaces, and Punta Cana with the best sunsets in the Caribbean enjoying a rum cocktail or dancing bachata.

Puerto Rico

A destination that has been growing over the years thanks to the influence of tourists from the United States as it is an official territory.In addition, San Juan, its capital, lets you visit its historic center composed of buildings characteristic of the Spanish colony, you can visit its main square full of bars to dance a night of salsa, the Spanish fort on the Atlantic Ocean and the Cathedral.Don’t miss out on enjoying its marine fauna made up of coral reefs, turtles, sea stars and a great diversity of fish.


We’ve all heard a song by Bob Marley and how could we not visit the island that saw him grow up?Jamaica is the cradle of reggae but also a tourist destination par excellence for its resorts and warm water beaches.If you visit Jamaica, don’t miss Negril Beach where you can jump from cliffs of 7 and 15 meters high! If you don’t dare, you can stay and watch the locals do it because they are real acrobats. Visit the cities of MontegoBay and Ocho Rios, where you will find the most famous beaches and, if you still have time, you can go to Kingston, the capital of the country, to see how the local people live.


Can you imagine pink and white sand beaches? Barbados is the answer! 34 km long and full of beaches and shops, it is tax free and invites tourists to stroll around its capital city and historic centre.


Classified by scientific studies as the “happiest island” in the Caribbean, Aruba is full of resorts, nightlife and paradisiacal beaches.With only 32 km long and average temperatures between 26° and 28° all year round, this island invites you to relax and have a good time at its beaches and resorts, ideal for those who want a well-deserved rest at a beachfront resort or who prefer to tour the island on their own.If the beaches are a reason for happiness, then Aruba is happy!


This small island belonging to Honduras, will only fill you with curiosity.Roatan is an island surrounded by beaches and jungle, with a small shopping center located near the port, is noted for its calm waters and long beaches that allow hundreds of restaurants to spread along the coast.You don’t have to rent or buy snorkel masks to enjoy the fish in the water as they are visible to the naked eye, you can rent a jet ski and enjoy the sunset on the island or just relax on the beach listening to local music.You are in the Caribbean, if there is no music, there is nothing!


Antigua and Barbuda is a country in the Caribbean Sea divided into these two islands, the most frequented by tourists is Antigua as it hosts the country’s capital: Saint John’s and is the anchorage port for hundreds of cruise ships that arrive every week.On this island you can do sea activities such as snorkeling with stingrays or diving or just enjoy the beaches with turquoise waters and fine white sand, as in Barbuda.


Its original name meant “island of beautiful waters”, until its name was changed to Guadeloupe during the Spanish colonization in 1493.An island divided in two by a small channel but that combines activities and places to visit, beach and mountain are two of the main attractions located both in the east wing, Grand-Terre, and Basse-Terre, to the other side, if you are not a lover of the beach, do not miss the trekking through the mountains to end at the volcano La Soufrière.And if you prefer to rest, turquoise waters will be there for you.

St. Lucia

Declared by some as the “pearl” of the Caribbean, St. Lucia makes tourists want to enjoy its bays that surround the island.beaches, waterfalls, mineral baths and the botanical garden are the main attractions, as well as the volcanic peaks of 720 meters high.The island has a hotel infrastructure of all kinds, tastes and pockets!

Sint Maarten

If we are talking about divided islands, Sint Marteen is no exception, divided between France and the Netherlands, it is a perfect recreation for all those seeking fun.Of course, the beach is the main ingredient, but its casinos, nightlife, shops and rum-based drinks are not far behind. The most famous city is its capital, Philipsburg, where you will find most of the promenades, the historical center, casinos and discos on the beach.Don’t miss Maho beach, located near the airport where you will see the planes very closely!


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