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Where to stay in Brooklyn

What is the best area to stay in Brooklyn?

Although Brooklyn is one of New York’s five boroughs, it feels like it has a life of its own, as it is completely separate from the rest of the city.One of the things that makes Brooklyn so interesting to visit is the amount of different cultures that have come together to make it their home; therefore the architecture is very diverse.

The best areas to stay in Brooklyn, for a sightseeing tour of New York, are the Downtown and Williamsburg neighborhoods, as they are the closest areas to Manhattan The downtown area is the main tourist destination, and home to some of the most emblematic places; it has fascinating museums and is especially famous for its shops.Williamsburg is the opposite, it is the artistic part of Brooklyn, with many hidden gems that will show you a great variety of cultures, both areas enjoy an excellent nightlife with many restaurants, pubs , bars, discos and hotels to stay at.

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Downtown and Williamsburg, the best areas to stay in Brooklyn

Downtown: the center

Brooklyn is the most populated district, and the second most visited -just behind Manhattan-.A hundred years later, young artists have traded their expensive, small Manhattan apartments for spacious, affordable homes, and neighborhoods that had deteriorated over time have been restored and made into icons of modernity, and today Brooklyn is a popular destination for tourists of all kinds.

The downtown area of Brooklyn – known as Downtown Brooklyn – is a very famous and picturesque area, with many high-rise buildings that have been used in movies all over the world.Downtown Brooklyn is one of the safest neighborhoods, and since it is the main tourist area, this part is very well connected to other parts of New York, especially to Manhattan.That’s why so many tourists stay here and the neighborhood has one of the most famous structures in the district, which you can walk or bike over: the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s a suspension bridge that connects Manhattan and Brooklyn; it was completed in the 19th century, so it’s one of the oldest bridges in the country. The locals are incredibly proud of it.

In Downtown Brooklyn there are many things to see and do. For those who want to learn a little history, they can head to the Brooklyn Historical Society, which will show them a lot of information about their past.

If you’re looking for fun, Downtown Brooklyn is your place too, as it’s full of entertainment venues, the most famous of which is the Brooklyn Academy of Music, which offers a variety of shows.You can also visit Bargemusic, a huge boat that is moored under the bridge, and offers live music, or head to Fulton Street and Flatbush Avenue to go shopping -they are full of department stores, electronics shops, fashion…- The streets are also home to many restaurants, pubs , nightclubs, hotels and hostels that will allow you to stay at a very reasonable price.


Just like Downtown Brooklyn, the Williamsburg neighborhood is right next to Manhattan, and will offer you wonderful views. This area has changed a lot recently, as a lot of money has been invested and more and more restaurants have appeared, pubs , shops and hotels.However, it has not lost its traditional touch, with its artistic style, and is still full of art galleries that are hidden all over the place.

If you want to visit Williamsburg, a good place to start is the Reliquary City, where you can see many objects that will tell you the history of the neighborhood.The Williamsburg Art and Historical Centre offers a wide range of local and international art, from painting to new forms of art with video and sound, as well as a number of theatres, cinemas and music venues around Bedford Avenue subway station, and a number of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.You will find a mix of different cultures: Hispanic, Jewish, Polish, Italian… that makes Williamsburg a great area to stay, since there are so many different hotels, with different styles and prices, that it is impossible not to find the perfect place to stay.

Other areas to stay: Crown Heights and Park Slope

This central neighborhood is one of the most exclusive areas in Brooklyn, and also one of the safest.There are many things to do and see in the Crown Heights neighborhood: botanical gardens, museums, parks where you can walk and relax, shops where you can go shopping… most of the hotels and nightclubs are located along Washington Avenue, as well as the hotels and hostels, which suit all kinds of budgets.

Park Slope is one of the most attractive neighborhoods in Brooklyn. If you want an escape from the frenetic life of downtown, this is the place for you. It is one of the safest neighborhoods, and it is well connected to the rest of Brooklyn.

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