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Where to stay in Cape Cod

Where is the best place to stay in Cape Cod?

Cape Cod is a peninsula located on the Atlantic Ocean, in the eastern end of the state of Massachusetts -northeast of the United States-.With its 900 km of coastline and more than sixty beaches, it is worth doing your homework and researching a little before choosing a destination.

Places to stay range from Provincetown , in the north east, to Falmouth in the south east. Provincetown has theatres and art galleries, and a lively nightlife; it is certainly the place to stay for groups of friends and couples. Falmouth and Mid Cape both have many amenities and tourist attractions, and are great places to enjoy a family vacation. Lower Cape is the ideal place for beach lovers, surfers and windsurfers who want to practice their favorite sports and enjoy a relaxed vacation, while Outer Cape is much more seasonal, without the hustle and bustle of the main tourist centers.The nearby islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket are vacation destinations famous for hosting big celebrities in the summer, and tourists head there to experience the Cape Cod lifestyle that appears in so many books and movies.

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The best places to stay in Cape Cod


Provincetown is a place to enjoy a great vacation any time of the year.It has a wide variety of activities and tourist attractions, which make the city suitable for guests of all ages and all tastes and preferences. Its most emblematic sites are the Pilgrim’s Monument, the House of Art and, of course, beautiful beaches like Herring Cove Beach, which was declared one of the best American beaches of all time, and has all the necessary amenities to spend a great day playing in the sand.

There is a vibrant arts community in Provincetown, and plays and cabaret shows are a regular feature of the venues, while there are many bars and restaurants on the street that provide nightly alternatives for those who choose to stay in the city.Even if you prefer to stay in a place without children around, there is a magnificent hotel just for adults in the mansion of a 19th century ex-captain… as you can see, Provincetown will leave you with your mouth open!

Hotels in Provincetown


Around Falmouth there are many tourist attractions, and the area has something prepared for everyone’s enjoyment.many of these activities are easily accessible on foot, but if you prefer, there are many local shops that rent out bicycles to tourists.

Summer is the main tourist season for Falmouth, and there are open-air concerts and film screenings under the stars – just throw a blanket on the floor or pull up a chair and enjoy the atmosphere – there are many famous restaurants, a fine French bakery, ice cream and yoghurt shops, a weekly farmers’ market and many arts and craft events.

Falmouth is the place with the hottest water on Cape Cod, and it has over 90km of coastline and about ten beaches, so there’s room for everyone.

From Falmouth it’s easy to sail to Martha’s Vineyard on one of the ferry crossings that are scheduled every few hours.

Hotels in Falmouth

Martha’s Vineyard

With plus of 260 Km, Martha’s Vineyard only is accessible to through sea or from air. From the islands that not are connected by bridge or tunnel to the coast east of the United States is the plus large.

Films and art are the most popular tourist attractions on Martha’s Vineyard, which enjoys film festivals throughout the year.Beach lovers will find public beaches within walking distance of the town centre, although much of the coastline is privately owned and accessible only to islanders, so check before you enter the beach to avoid disappointment.

For those who love to shop, there are small shops with hard to find treasures and over 50 art galleries offering crafts of every type imaginable.Shopping therapy is good for whetting your appetite, and it’s easy to find beach bars where you can eat an excellent lobster, as well as cafes, ice-cream parlors and great restaurants for every taste and budget.

Accommodation ranges from luxury and romantic boutique hotels to cheap guest houses and hostels, and campsites renting cabins and tents, with vehicle accommodation, or picturesque private cottages or palatial mansions.

Hotels on Martha’s Vineyard


Nantucket has stunning views, and all the charms that only a small island can have.You can stroll through its picturesque streets and visit exceptional boutiques and art galleries.

It also has beautiful beaches, which are a paradise for seashell collectors and those who love to build sand castles.

The streets are surrounded by 16th and 17th century fishermen’s cottages, the sea comes to the doors of the houses and you can see piers and docks everywhere. Take time to explore the trails and bike routes, which will take you to magical places.

In Nantucket you can stay in beautiful bed and breakfast, or in private rental houses. There are also inns and hotels that offer all kinds of services.

Hotels in Nantucket

Mid Cape

In Mid Cape there are a number of charming little villages where it is worth staying, offering lots of activities for the whole family including mini-golf and go-karting, and it is a great place for canoeing enthusiasts.It also offers ferries to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard for those who want to take a day trip.

The nightlife is quite lively, and there is a wide selection of places to eat and drink.There’s also the only indoor mall on Cape Cod, and even a large cinema complex.

Accommodation is suitable for all budgets: motels, country hotels, bed & breakfasts, and even five star hotels.

Lower Cape

Once you cross the river, the scenery changes and the way of life changes.

There are plenty of restaurants, and luxury clubs on the beaches, and during the summer, there is a ferry that takes you to Nantucket in less than an hour, for those who wish to take a short trip.

Outer Cape

The beaches of Outer Cape are simply incredible and you can find surfers all year round, taking advantage of the excellent conditions that the place offers.Life here is more seasonal, and many of the establishments are only open in the summer.the lifestyle is beach, beach and more beach.

Much of the accommodation is made up of private apartment rentals.

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