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Where to stay in Denver

What is the best area to stay in Denver?

If your next travel destination is Denver, the capital and largest city in Colorado, at Best Location Hotels we recommend staying in the Downtown or Central Business District (CBD), an area strategically located in the cultural and commercial heart of the city.

In downtown Denver , in the area from 14th to 17th streets, you can find the most important tourist attractions of the city .From the Colorado Convention Center, where the most important congresses and events of the state are held, to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, which concentrates a wide variety of theaters where the most exclusive artistic representations take place.Additionally, the Center is home to the famous 16th Street Mall, Denver’s most popular pedestrian and shopping area with almost two kilometers of extension.

Enjoy your stay in Denver and don’t miss the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience full of culture, entertainment and passion for shopping.

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Downtown Denver or Central Business District, the best area to stay in Denver

Denver is also known by the nickname of Mile-High City, because its official altitude is one mile above sea level.Denver’s geographical position has made it a strategic commercial point, since it is located between the great cities of the center of the country, such as Chicago and San Luis. The economic and commercial life of the city is developed in the Center of Denver or Central Business District, specifically from 14th to 17th streets.

The Colorado Convention Center, a multi-functional space that opened in 1990, is the site of Colorado’s most important conferences and events, and hosts at least 400 events each year, including several meeting rooms, two lounges and an indoor amphitheatre.

The Denver Center is the heart of the city’s cultural life, starting with The Denver Center for the Performing Arts, an arts organization founded in 1972.The Buell Theater hosts Denver’s biggest Broadway-style musicals and plays and has a capacity of nearly 3,000.

Culture lovers will also find entertainment at the Paramount Theatre, a concert hall located in Glenarm Place, one of the city’s most popular destinations and part of the National Register of Historic Places since 1980.It opened its doors as a movie theater and for several decades, was the emblematic place for the premiere of the movies.

A few steps from the Paramount Theater, is the emblematic 16th Street Mall, a pedestrian shopping area with an extension of almost 2 kilometers.It was inaugurated in 1982 and has been expanded over the years.

Currently, it is the meeting point for the main companies in downtown Denver and some of the city’s tourist attractions are located in the surrounding area.during your visit to 16th Street Mall you will be able to enjoy the local culture, with musicians, dancers, actors and comedians who take advantage of this space to offer their street shows.

Another of Denver’s tourist destinations is the iconic Larimer Square, a sophisticated area filled with Victorian buildings, the most exclusive boutiques and chicest shops in the city, night clubs, a comedy club, outdoor cafes and the best restaurants.If you want to enjoy nature, in Downtown Denver or the Central Business District you can also enjoy Skyline Park, a three-block oasis where a wide variety of free activities and events take place.

Capitol Hill, another area to stay

The Capitol Hill neighborhood is located just southeast of Downtown Denver or the Central Business District (CBD).It is a residential area with shopping centers located along major thoroughfares such as Colfax Avenue and East 13th. On Capitol Hill, construction dates back to 1920, with some of the oldest homes in the city and historic buildings worth visiting that have been converted into offices.

One of Denver’s most cosmopolitan areas and a meeting place for artists, bohemians and the punk community, with numerous restaurants, nightclubs and bars, as well as Denver’s two major parks, Civic Center Park and Cheesman Park, which hosts popular music festivals.The area is also home to the Colorado State Capitol, the seat of the Colorado General Assembly and the offices of the Colorado Governor, with architecture inspired by the U.S. Capitol with white granite and a gold-plated dome.

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