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The mere mention of Honolulu is enough to evoke colorful cocktails with umbrellas, beaches and surfboards… because in Hawaiian, “Honolulu” means “place of refuge”.This paradise, on the island of Oahu, is the capital of Hawaii and one of the most important tourist destinations in the area.Honolulu is home to art museums, hiking and biking trails, and some of the most beautiful scenery and beaches in the world.

If you decide to visit Honolulu we recommend you to stay in the Waikiki district -also known as Waikiki Beach-: this is the area that hosts most hotels and absorbs all the tourism in Honolulu.The district occupies the entire waterfront of the area, is full of residential buildings and tall hotels, and is famous for its white sand beaches with a Caribbean look. It exudes a special energy, and offers a lot of activities to do: enjoy a swim in its clear and clean waters, try a surfing lesson, relax with a walk along the coast … the best hotels and resorts of Honolulu, no doubt, you will find them in Waikiki.

The map shows the best hotels and resorts in Honolulu in Waikiki, the best area to stay in Honolulu .

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Waikiki, the best place to stay in Honolulu

The Waikiki area is the most touristy area of Honolulu and became a legend many years ago when it became a favorite playground for Hawaiian royalty.Waikiki stretches between Ala Wai Canal – an artificial canal that runs through Honolulu – and Diamond Head – a volcanic cone that serves as a vantage point for the area’s magnificent views.It’s Honolulu’s most famous tourist district, and one of the safest: there’s a constant police presence, so all you have to worry about is the heat and the waves. Its world-famous beach attracts millions of tourists every year. It’s wide, very clean and empty of pineapple and sunglasses vendors, so you can enjoy its crystal-clear waters, white sand, coconut trees… and surfers.It’s one of the best places to surf in Hawaii: the waves can be up to 30 feet high!

Waikiki makes it easy for you to get around the district, as Honolulu’s public transportation system has twice been awarded the title of “Best Transportation System in America” by the American Public Transportation Association.Don’t forget to ask for a bus map at one of the many resorts, and you’ll find it incredibly easy to get around the area. There are shuttle buses from the airport to Waikiki and back every half hour, and it’s helpful to be connected to the rest of Honolulu, as it’s almost mandatory to take a tour of Diamond Head, already a symbol of the Hawaiian Islands, recognized around the world and Hawaii’s most iconic natural phenomenon.It is an extinct volcano, composed of compacted volcanic ash, and from its crater you can see the impressive views of the city of Honolulu and the Pacific Ocean.You can also take the tour on foot, as it’s very close to the Waikiki resorts.

If you want to disconnect from so much beach, at the eastern end of Waikiki you’ll find Kapiolani Park, the first Hawaiian public park, which is not only a zoo and aquarium – a perfect activity for those traveling with children! For those who prefer to enjoy shopping and shopping , west of Waikiki is the Ala Moana Center, the world’s largest outdoor shopping center.Another option for shopping is to visit Kakaako, a shopping district, located in the east of Waikiki, which has a huge extension of docks, and is an area known especially for its large number of shops.

In Waikiki you will find numerous hotels where you can stay, shops and all kinds of bars, pubs and nightclubs where you can enjoy the nightlife.It has a hotel infrastructure for all tastes – 90% of Honolulu’s hotels are concentrated in this district – so you can choose from a wide range of amenities and prices.

Hotels in Waikiki

Other areas to stay

If you find the Waikiki neighborhood too touristy, you can also stay in Downtown Honolulu.It’s the financial, commercial and government center of Hawaii, and is home to the Aloha Tower lighthouse, which was the tallest building in the country for many years.The narrow streets of this area will offer you plenty of shops, bars, restaurants and hotels, where you will be able to find any product from Asia, it is highly recommended to get lost in this unique and colorful neighborhood, which will make you discover a less known Honolulu, less tourist, more authentic.The great importance of this area lies in the high percentage of Asians living in the Hawaiian capital: this has made the neighborhood one of the most authentic Chinatown in the world, and incorporates a rich mix of culture, people and activities.

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