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Where to stay in la Jolla

What is the best area to stay in La Jolla?

La Jolla, a town just outside of San Diego, has a wonderful mix of Southern California fun and Southern Europe tourism, and is especially famous for being one of the most prosperous communities in the country.It has a landscape of great natural beauty full of magnificent beaches, spectacular art galleries, world-renowned institutions, museums, oceanfront hotels, top brand shops, outdoor activities and a challenging nightlife for the more adventurous… La Jolla certainly lives up to its nickname as “the jewel” of San Diego.

The best area to stay in the La Jolla district is the town with the same name: the town of La Jolla – “La Jolla Village” , important not to be confused with “Village of La Jolla”, another town in the areaThis is where you will find most of the activities, the best beaches, the best hotels, attractions, pubs , and a splendid range of restaurants. There are also many shops where you can go shopping, and as it is a fairly small village, you will be able to enjoy the views and the atmosphere at all times as you walk from one place to another.

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La Jolla town, the best area to stay

La Jolla town -often known simply as “El Pueblo”- is very well connected to San Diego – you can find plenty of bus and train lines running every half hour- and it is also a particularly safe neighborhood to stay in, with continuous police surveillance.

It is especially easy to get around the village of La Jolla by bicycle or on foot, as it is quite small and compact, with lots of small, narrow streets that intersect, so you can visit all its tourist attractions with a simple walk.’, ‘Visit the Cave, built on top of a sea cave: there are several daily tours that will show you this jewel of nature inside, and its gift shop is very famous. You can also relax and enjoy yourself on one of the beaches that surround the town: the most popular is La Jolla Cove, perfect for all kinds of swimming, diving, snorkeling… if you want to spend the day on the beach and don’t feel like eating in the sand, there are even green areas for picnics.Bear in mind, however, that the beach is part of a protected reserve, and therefore you cannot practice activities that are not allowed – it is considered that they could harm the area – such as fishing, surfing, windsurfing… don’t worry, adrenaline lovers, because there are other beaches for that purpose.Another incredible and very interesting beach to discover is Children’s Pool Beach. Any visit to La Jolla has an inherent stop to contemplate its most exotic residents, the seal colony that lives under the watchful eye of the gulls and pelicans.That’s because this is where the seals come to breed from mid-December to mid-May, so don’t miss out on this beautiful spectacle if you’re in the area around this time of year.

For those who want to enjoy themselves and get cultured, La Jolla’s best museum is the Museum of Contemporary Art, which has permanent and temporary exhibits by local and international artists.If you prefer to enjoy an afternoon of shopping, head to Prospect Place and Girard Street, where you’ll find numerous international brands and art galleries, restaurants offering food from all over the world, pubs lively places to start the nightlife, and hotels of all ranks and categories, suitable for all budgets.

Other recommended areas

Lower Hermosa

Lower Hermosa is one of the most popular places to stay in La Jolla, as it offers great sandy beaches and coastal paths where you can walk and explore the beautiful new houses that have been built right on the seafront, in the purest Californian style.It is a very safe neighbourhood, and has good transport connections with the rest of La Jolla.El Camino de la Costa is popularly known as “The street of dreams”, as there is a wide variety of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels to choose from.

La Jolla Shores

This residential community, situated to the north of La Jolla, is a place of relaxation where you can enjoy kilometres and kilometres of beaches that are much less frequented than those of the town of La Jolla.It is undoubtedly an excellent option for those travelling with children, as the beaches are very clean and not very crowded, and it is one of the only places in La Jolla where you can go by boat and practise kayaking in

Visit the Kellogg Park, at the top of the beach, which offers spectacular views, and very close to it you will find the Birch Aquarium, which has received international awards, offering interesting exhibitions and where you can discover fascinating oceanic species.

Along the beach you will find several restaurants, shops, bars and hotels of all ranges – not as expensive as those in the village of La Jolla – where you can choose to stay.

Beach-Barber Tract

This area stretches from Windansea Beach to the village and has one of the best beaches for surfing, with huge waves, but you will have to bring your own equipment, as there are no facilities that can offer you rental or lessons.

In this area you can also enjoy the beach at Sea Lane, but again it is ideal for surfing and water sports, rather than swimming, as it can be difficult with the giant waves.

The area has many lovely English style houses, and is within walking distance of the village of La Jolla, making it a good place to stay.On the street of La Jolla Boulevard you will find a lot of shops, restaurants, bars and hotels.

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