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Where is the best place to stay in Lagos?

Lagos is the most prosperous city in Nigeria and also its most populated city with a fast growing population, it is located on the coast of Nigeria and has the largest port in the country.

The two main islands of Lagos are the most exclusive areas: On the one hand, Ikoyi, located on Lagos Island, is the wealthiest district of the city, where the upper class of society lives; it is a quiet and safe area, where the most important social and sports clubs are located; and Victoria Island, the financial and business centre of Lagos.There you will find the best shopping centres in the city, a wide range of entertainment and nightlife and the beaches just a few steps from your hotel.

Ikoyi and Victoria Island , located minutes from the centre and in the heart of the commercial and tourist area are the best accommodation options in the former capital of Nigeria.

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Ikoyi and Victoria Island, the best areas to stay in Lagos


Lagos is the port city of Nigeria that offers the highest quality of life to its inhabitants, thanks to its wealth and productive commercial and economic life.Numerous banks and financial institutions can be found in Lagos, and most of the industries take place in this city, its production capacity ranges from electrical equipment to beer, processed food and textiles, and its port is the largest in Nigeria.

It is on the island of Lagos, minutes from downtown, where the richest neighborhood of the Nigerian city is located, Ikoyi, located on the eastern side of the island.In the past, it was a middle class neighborhood, but over the years, Ikoyi has been transformed into a privileged area that offers security and comfort to tourists coming from different parts of the world and is the residential neighborhood of the upper class of Nigeria, the locals who have greater purchasing power, also making this area the place to be, since most of the population lives on the continent, where industrial life is concentrated.

In its architectural landscape, one can still see colonial residences built between 1900 and 1950, but luxury apartments, modern buildings and the development of sophisticated offices predominate. It is considered the most expensive area of Lagos and its real estate is believed to be the most expensive on the African continent, especially towards Parkview Estate and Osborne Road.It has a wide range of accommodation from the most modest to the most luxurious, providing options for all preferences and budgets.’, ‘

Its main tourist attraction is the famous Ikoyi Golf Club, one of the best courses on the continent, and the famous 1938 Ikoyi Club, one of the multiracial clubs, with members from all over the world, which had originally arisen from the merger of the European Club and the Lagos Golf Club.It occupies an area of over 400 hectares of land, and has high quality facilities for about 10,000 members, with a reception area, ballrooms for formal events, bar, pool rooms, swimming pool, TV room, libraries and much more, while the ideal place to do your shopping is Awolowo Road, a street of shops and luxury boutiques with a variety of fashion brands to the delight of shopping lovers.

Hotels in Ikoyi

Victoria Island

South of Lagos Island is Victoria Island, considered the main financial and business centre of Lagos and one of the safest and most expensive areas to live in Nigeria, linked to the Lekki Peninsula by a road.A few decades ago, Victoria Island was mainly a residential area, but today it has become the epicenter of banking, commerce and large national and international companies.

Among its main attractions is the famous Bar Beach, also known as Victoria Beach, a few meters from the center of the island.It is the ideal place to spend an unforgettable day at the beach and enjoy the breeze, eat fresh fish in the surroundings or take a bath in its waters, although it is recommended to be careful because the waves are strong.Other alternative beaches are Lekki Beach, Alpha Beach or Eleko Beach.

Among the streets of Isla Victoria, travelers will find a wide range of local cuisine and international cuisine, as well as shopping centers, shops, discos, bars, cinemas, hotels, bars, discos and cinemas.A visit to the Silverbird Galleria is recommended, where you can find a wide variety of world brands and specialty shops. It is a huge sand-colored building of several floors, where there are also discos, large concert halls and cinemas, and Wi-Fi connection is available. Since its opening in 2004, Silverbird Galleria has changed the shopping experience in Nigeria and West Africa.

Numerous consulates are located on Victoria Island, as well as the headquarters of the National Open University of Nigeria, a centre for open and distance learning, the first of its kind in the West African sub-region, with over 54 centres throughout the country, offering around 50 programmes and 750 courses.

Hotels on Victoria Island

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