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Where to stay at Lake Tahoe

What is the best area to stay in Lake Tahoe?

Lake Tahoe is a major tourist destination that extends on both sides of the state border between California and Nevada in the U.S. This natural paradise has something interesting to offer everyone, both those seeking a family vacation with young children to those preparing a trip with friends, and even those who are looking for good times as a couple.From late spring to early autumn, the lake is a paradise for water sports lovers, offering the possibility of jet-skiing, kayaking, paragliding and boating – many restaurants that stand by the lake have their own mooring areas.In winter, however, all Lake Tahoe goes up and down renting sleds, skis, and snowboards, and tourists stay there to enjoy sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, and trying their luck on the skating rinks.

On the Nevada side there are some impressive shows waiting for you, along with very affordable restaurants and bright casinos that stand imposing. On the California side the area is much more discreet and is aimed at lovers of hiking and boat trips, and those who love to stay in beautiful campsites.The most visited places are South Lake Tahoe , for its sport and wonderful views, Tahoe Vista for its fun and festivals, and Truckee for its charm and affordable accommodations.

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Best places to stay in Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe

South Lake Tahoe is the largest city in the region and is located by the lake, with a wide variety of entertainment options to keep everyone busy 24 hours a day in both winter and summer.Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, pine forests, and incredibly beautiful sunsets, it should be a must for anyone who wants to stay in a place where they can practice photography.

The town is a perfect place to try out cycling routes, and there are also plenty of walks for those who prefer to go on foot; there is even a marked route to Vikingsholm Castle, which offers wonderful opportunities to enjoy the local landscape. Throughout the season there are guided cruises on the lake, as well as sailing regattas that everyone enjoys watching – tourists and locals alike.For those who want to explore the area, the cable car is open all year round, offering incredible views from the top of the mountains. At night, fireworks light up the dark sky while locals and tourists share their experiences over drinks in one of the restaurants.

South Lake Tahoe offers many different types of accommodation, ranging from cheap road motels to luxury hotels that will offer all the amenities you could wish for.In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to do all kinds of shopping, especially if you need equipment and clothing for your chosen sport, but of course there are also small shops where you can buy local and artisan gifts and souvenirs.

The restaurants serve all kinds of local and international food, which you can enjoy before you enter the temptation of the casinos.’Undoubtedly, an ideal site for those who want to sleep in a place that combines the adrenaline of the game with sports and beautiful landscapes.

Hotels in South Lake Tahoe

Tahoe Vista

Tahoe Vista is a remedy against boredom, and boasts all kinds of entertainment to offer its visitors: restaurants, shows, music, kayaking, sailing or swimming in the deep blue waters, learning to ski and taking exciting snowmobile tours… and many other activities that will make your lakeside vacation simply incredible if you stay here.

Tahoe Vista has several sites worth seeing in advance. The Vista Recreation Area Tahoe covers almost three acres of land and has a lot of resources, including picnic areas, trails and bike paths.The North Tahoe Marina has equipment for rent from almost every water sport known and yet to be discovered, and you can even try your hand at fishing… and if you are traveling as a couple, there are boat trips available at sunset that allow you to see the beauty of Lake Tahoe from a different perspective while sipping a delicious cocktail.

Tahoe Vista is also home to wonderful festivals, such as the Shakespeare Festival, Autumn Food Festival, Wine Festival and Tahoe Arts Project Festival.Most lodgings are huddled against the edge of the lake, and visitors can choose from traditional bed-and-breakfasts, motels, hotels, apartments, cottages, hostels and campgrounds.

Those who love the great view and are in love with the sunlight should also consider sleeping here: Tahoe Vista crosses the flat stretch of Kings Beach, where you can enjoy the sunlight from early in the morning until late at night.And in the west is Camelian Bay, where the “Concours d’Elegance”, a beautiful wooden boat, offers the best shows of the year.

Hotels in Tahoe Vista


Truckee is just a few minutes north of Lake Tahoe, and tourists often stay there because of its wonderful and scenic outdoor environment and at the same time because of its charming centre, full of shops and cutting-edge restaurants.People often spend a morning or an afternoon without planning anything, just strolling around carefree and enjoying the charming city centre and the friendly atmosphere of the far, old west that surrounds it at all times.

Truckee also has a wide range of activities, from winter skiing to warm summer swimming, so it is suitable as an escape spot at all times of the year.

Accommodation ranges from bargain road motels to private home rentals and secluded mountain huts, plus inexpensive dormitories for people travelling alone.

Truckee Hotels

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