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Where to stay in Las Vegas: The best places

The best areas to stay in Las Vegas are Las Vegas Strip and Downtown .In fact, many people who have visited the city as tourists have decided to stay in Las Vegas to live and even retire as retirees because of its good residential areas.

Although it is true that Las Vegas and other adjacent locations are located in the Nevada desert , the city has important water supplies, both to the east, in the nearby Colorado River and the large lakes it forms, and by numerous springs.In fact, the name «Las Vegas» was given by the first Hispanic settlers when they discovered an area of green and wooded areas.

As for its birth, although Mexican and Spanish explorers passed through the area, it was the American John C. Freemont , once the area passed from Mexico to the United States, who first made the Las Vegas valley known nationally and then began to be colonized from 1855 by Mormons and the American army itself.

Today, the main street of Downtown Las Vegas is Freemont Street, in honor of the military man and in its western part has many casinos and lodgings for to have fun and stay in Las Vegas .

It must also be said that Las Vegas is not the name given to a single city but to a metropolitan area of almost two million inhabitants and composed of several cities and counties like Henderson, North Las Vegas and others that we will see later.

The Las Vegas Valley’s geographic boundaries run west to the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, east to the Colorado River, which creates Lake Mead, a large water body that is the city’s main water source, and south to the Sloane Canyon Conservation Area.

And the northern part of the Las Vegas metropolitan area: miles and miles of arid mountains and desert.

The best places to stay in Las Vegas

1.Las Vegas Strip

In one of them, Paradise, you can find Las Vegas Strip or simply «Strip» , without a doubt the area that has made the whole valley popular and more permissive than other areas in the United States in terms of adult activities.

This area occupies about six kilometers of Las Vegas Boulevard Sur and in it you can find some of the biggest hotels in the world, as well as the best casinos, shops, restaurants and leisure places.This is the area that stars the most popular skyline in Las Vegas .

As for what to do or see, there is a small tram that runs through this area making stops at the main places of interest like the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino; The Paris Las Vegas hotel-casino, with monuments of the French city like the Eiffel Tour; the mentioned Caesars Palace Hotel; the Luxor Hotel, of Egyptian inspiration and with a pyramid shape, or the great shopping center Fashion Show Mail.

The shopping, restaurants and nightlife areas are everywhere. In addition to the resources of the hotels mentioned, for lunch we recommend visiting the popular terrace Pointe Café, or the typical American restaurants Bazaar Meat and Bobby’s Burger Palace, where you can try the best meats and burgers in North America.

As for shopping, two luxury places : Via Bellagio and Wynn Esplanada.And to enjoy the leisure, bars like the Skyfall Lounge allows you to have a quiet drink and enjoy the best views of the city; the Intrigue nightclub spend an unforgettable night of dancing or Rose.Rabbit.Lie Supper Club enjoy a live concert.

Finally, say that although there are some motels than others in the area, this is undoubtedly the most expensive area to stay in Las Vegas .

– Las Vegas Strip Accommodation


North of Las Vegas Trip, in the middle of the city and as oldest area of the city , is the so-called Downtown, whose main artery is Freemont St. This area, before the birth of the Las Vegas Strip, was the most touristic and visited.

Even though it has lost its popularity, it still has great tourist and cultural attractions . One of them is the great shopping center Freemont Street Experience , a vaulted space and part of the street mentioned, totally pedestrian, with about four blocks of area and with all kinds of shops, restaurants, attractions and even two casino-hotels.

Just behind this center there is a museum for the little ones, the Discovery, and, to the northwest, a series of museums to get to know the city like The Mob Crime Museum; Las Vegas Natural History Museum and the Neon Museum that keeps and exhibits all the historical icons that have made this city popular.

In the area you can also enjoy the nightlife in bars like Longbar and Atomic Liquors, or do some shopping in the many Outlet shops in the rest of Freemont St. Sleeping in Las Vegas in this area also has its advantages as prices are in the middle range .

– Accommodation in Downtown Las Vegas

3.North las Vegas

Surrounding Downtown are three areas of interest which are East, West and North Las Vegas, much more residential than the areas mentioned so far.In the case of North Las Vegas, southwest of the Nellis Air Force base, many of its residents are military, so it is a quiet area stands out for having, almost outside the city, the race circuit Las Vegas Motor Speedway , where NASCAR races and other international speed competitions are held.

However, the area also has hotel-casinos as the Cannery and Texas Station.As for shopping and leisure , like all residential areas, there are numerous small restaurants and bars, and the main shopping area is North Las Vegas Boulevard.

– Accommodation in North Las Vegas

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4.East Las Vegas Strip

Southeast of the above area, the East Las Vegas Strip is also recommended, as is the university district , with the University of Nevada complex as its main attraction.

Also other places of interest such as the Hard Rock Hotel Casino; The Boulevard Mall, and the Paradise Road shopping street, which runs parallel to Las Vegas Boulevard and ends at McCaarran International Airport .

Although it is a mostly residential area , it also has Boutique hotels and has the gay-friendly area of the city: «Fruit Loop» .

– Accommodation in East Las Vegas Strip

5.West Las Vegas

As for West Las Vegas, this is considered the western part of the Strip and maintains the essence of the big tourist area, but is not as luxurious and is more frequented by the local population .

In fact, the casinos are smaller , the case of Orleans Palms; there are streets with small cinemas and bowling alleys, and the most famous bars are the Ghostbar, in the mentioned Orleans Palms casino, and the Bodo Lounge, in the Rio casino.

The accommodation in this area is also more modest and the shopping area extends through Las Vegas Chinatown , the considered eastern neighborhood of the city, although, in this case, it is more a shopping center than a neighborhood.

The name of the center is Chinatown Plaza, and it includes a decorated entrance in the style of Beijing, a large square and a multitude of shops, restaurants and oriental bars. Near this area, as a curiosity, there is another alternative accommodation: the El Dorado Caravan Parking Park , where you can rent a Mobile Home for months.

– Accommodation in West Las Vegas


Henderson is a city in the southeast of the Las Vegas Valley , located in Clark County, but connected to the rest of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.Among the places of interest, you can find the Clark County Museum, several shopping centers in the downtown area such as the Galleria at Sunset or Stephanie Street, or spaces for family entertainment such as the Cowabunga Bay Las Vegas Water Park.

As for restaurants, although there are all kinds of franchises in this city for all kinds of meals, it takes a lot the small more artisanal restaurant as Lucille\’s Smokehouse, or Todd\’s Unique Dining, places where you know the American lifestyle and their own food.

Of course, even though Henderson is a residential town you can\’t miss the casino-hotels like the Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino where there are also places for nightlife.

– Accommodation in Henderson


The last great place for to stay in Las Vegas is Summerlin, at the foot of La Madre peak, northwest of Las Vegas and a place where you can enjoy the city without the hassles of the Strip .

It is a residential area , like Henderson, which also allows the naturalist escape by bicycle to the nearby mountains in the Red Rock Canyon , in addition to long walks through some of its parks like Angel Park, where there is also a golf course , and the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa, which also has a casino and is the most important tourist complex in Summerlin.

As far as eating is concerned, most of the restaurants serve American cuisine, which is smaller and more affordable than in the downtown area.

Finally, this area of Las Vegas has several shopping centers like the Trails Village Center or the new Tivoli Village, one of the most complete and luxurious shopping centers in the city with many shops and nightlife venues like the PKWY Tavern Tivoli.

– Accommodation in Summerlin

Accommodation in Las Vegas

It is a big city, and like all big cities it has a wide variety of accommodations, so you can even sleep in Las Vegas for 15 dollars a night.

Most of these super luxurious hotels are located south of downtown, on the Las Vegas Strip and, in particular, in the accommodations surrounding the popular Caesars Palace , a skyscraper hotel that at its base imitates a Roman temple and where the price for one night does not go below $300 .

As for the cheaper options to stay in Las Vegas , these are the hostels, hostels and apartments, a type of accommodation that is becoming increasingly popular.

In the case of the hostels , you can share a room with 6, 8 or 10 people, the prices per tenant go down from 20 dollars and there are several in the city, even on Freemont Street, in the downtown area.The hostels are well equipped, some have a swimming pool and are frequented by young people for the weekend.

As for the hostels and small hotels in Las Vegas, these are spread all over the city and their prices increase the closer you are to Downtown or the Strip.

Finally, the apartments or apartment-hotels range from luxury apartments to apartments and rooms rented by individuals on web platforms.

When asked what is the best time to travel to Las Vegas, , it should never be forgotten that the city is largely surrounded by the desert, so in summer temperatures can be stifling.

Seasonality, however, does not affect the prices for accommodation while the arrival of the weekend does, as Las Vegas is a typical destination for a two-day getaway.

Also certain days of the year such as Labor Day, July 4th, the second weekend of March for the NASCAR race, Memorial Day or New Year’s Day, as well as other holidays in the United States, also inflate prices as demand for Las Vegas accommodation increases.

Best area to stay in Las Vegas

If you are looking for where to stay in Las Vegas , have no doubt, you have to stay along Las Vegas Boulevard, popularly known as The Strip .This is the avenue that concentrates the most important casinos of the city, as well as the most spectacular hotels, which are an attraction by themselves.

The casinos , located on the ground floor of the hotels, house restaurants, theaters, shops and all kinds of attractions to attract tourists.

Walking outside is also highly recommended, no matter what time of day you find a good atmosphere, and thus you can appreciate the external architecture of emblematic hotels as the Mirage, Paris-LasVegas, New York-New York Hotel & Casino, Caesars Palace or the Bellagio with its famous fountains.

Therefore, it is best to look for accommodation on The Strip , specifically from the Venetian (north of the map) to the MGM (south of the map), where you can enjoy all the spectacular Las Vegas.

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The Strip, the best street to stay in Las Vegas

Las Vegas, known as «the city of sin», is famous for being one of the main tourist destinations in the United States, since its entertainment offer is not very comparable to other cities in the world.

If you’re looking for fun 24/7, Las Vegas will be your destination and staying at The Strip will have the main attractions just a few steps away, as well as some free transportation offered by the same casinos. Also, staying in Las Vegas is cheap because all the big casinos offer cheap rooms for people to play in their casinos and the way to the airport is less than 30 minutes by car.

All the big hotels in Las Vegas such as the Bellagio, the New York-New York, the Venetian or the Paris Las Vegas have the same structure, the ground floor is a casino together with theme park attractions, while the upper part is for rooms.They have swimming pools, restaurants, bars, discos and the main ones have an attraction that distinguishes them in order to attract the players, so if you travel to Las Vegas you have a chance to stay in a good hotel at a reasonable price.

The Strip is a section of just over 6 kilometers from Las Vegas Boulevard South in the southern part of the city.The large hotel section begins with the Four Seasons Hotel, Mandalay Bay Casino Resort to the south and ends to the north with the 350 meter Stratosphere Tower which is part of the Stratosphere complex that has a hotel, shops and casino.

If you’re going with children, you should visit the Excalibur Hotel and Casino, which has a castle-like appearance and a medieval theme, while The Stratosphere offers roller coasters and other attractions that focus on height, and of course you shouldn’t miss the Circus Circus, which, as its name suggests, is set like a circus and has its own indoor amusement park that operates all year round.

If you are looking for a romantic getaway, what better than a walk around some of the European attractions in their American version. In Paris Las Vegas you will find a miniature Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, while in The Venetian you can take a gondola ride with a very Italian feel. The Bellagio is themed on Lake Como in Lombardy, Italy, and The Caesars Palace, with a very Roman style but with a height of skyscrapers.

For those who want to experience authentic American culture, the best thing to do is to visit the MGM, with its Hollywood-style façade; the New York, New York, with its small Statue of Liberty and its replica of the most symbolic buildings in the city; the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas or the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Las Vegas, where you can feel like a movie star.

If you go shopping all the hotels on The Strip will offer you many options, although it is true that in many cases they are luxury shops, as is the case on Via Bellagio in the hotel of the same name, or on Le Boulevard in the Paris.Therefore, you may want to take a stroll through the Fashion Show Mall north of The Strip with its more than 200 stores for all budgets, or go to The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace with more than 160 stores ranging from the most luxurious to the most affordable brands.

The famous American outlets are also in Las Vegas: Las Vegas North Premium Outlets and Las Vegas South Premium Outlets, where you can find brands such as Armani Exchange, Ann Taylor, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Coach, Cole Haan and Dolce & Gabbana at significant discounts.Not surprisingly, some of the best restaurants, bars and nightclubs are also housed in these venues.

Hotels on the Las Vegas Strip

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