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Where to stay in Madeira

Where is the best place to stay in Madeira?

Madeira is a subtropical island located in the Atlantic Ocean, which offers a warm and pleasant climate, excellent for resting and relaxing on the beach.

When visiting Madeira, don’t miss the opportunity to stay in the capital, Funchal It is the heart of the island, and offers a cosmopolitan atmosphere in the middle of the ocean.Most of the museums, shops and cafes are located in the city center, and we recommend a tour of the streets to explore the colorful history of Funchal

Machico is the ideal place for families because of its golden beaches and small town atmosphere, and because it is only 30 minutes from the airport, it is easily accessible and very quiet.For a more relaxed beach holiday, away from the crowds, visit Ponta Do Sol , and its traditional pebble beach.

For more extreme sports, head to Calheta , where diving a wreck is something you won’t want to miss, and for those looking for a more daring alternative, why not try paragliding? Calheta is also ideal for families, as it offers a golden sand beach, which is protected by a breakwater, and is frequented by many locals during the summer.

A more tropical island atmosphere, with miles of golden sand beach and turquoise waters, can be found in Porto Santo , the neighbouring island, where there is also a beautiful golf course open all year round.

Porto Moniz , in the northwest of the island, is the place to stay if you want a more active holiday, with access to many «levadas» of different degrees of difficulty, from easy to difficult, depending on your level of physical condition.If you prefer to stay in the village, there are a variety of cafes and restaurants, as well as the most famous natural swimming pools on the island, which are definitely worth a visit.

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The best places to stay in Madeira


Funchal, the capital of Madeira, is characterized by its amphitheatre shape, and is surrounded by suburbs such as Monte, where there is a beautiful church at the top of the city.’, ‘From Monte you can make an exciting descent to Funchal in a «basket cart». Funchal is a city that asks to be explored on foot; the numerous streets and passages, and the small cafés and bakeries are waiting for the traveller who enjoys touring the city he visits.It is almost impossible to get lost in the city, since all the streets lead downhill to the main avenue, called Avenida do Mar, which either for any of the special celebrations such as the Flower Festival, the Wine Festival, or for the Christmas decorations during the end of the year period, is the place to visit to feel the heart of the city.

When you are in Funchal, a place you must visit is the local market, called Mercado Dos Lavradores, where you can find products such as fresh fish, flowers and a variety of fruits, such as passion fruit.

As for where to eat in Funchal, there is no better place than the old part of the city, called Zona Velha, known for its excellent restaurants and for its doors painted by local artists, why not try our banana sable fish

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Machico was the place where the discoverers of Madeira first landed, and originally the capital of the island.It is a small city with all the comforts, but not as visited as the capital. Although the city has been modernised, it has managed to maintain its small town charm, with many historical elements to explore. For sun lovers, Machico has an artificial beach of golden sand.

Although Machico does not have as many restaurants as the capital, the restaurants in Machico serve the perfect seafood dish, or if you like to venture into the mountains, there are many restaurants that serve a perfect «espetada» (beef on a skewer).

Hotels in Machico

Porto Moniz

Porto Moniz is one of the oldest municipalities on the island, and although the centre has been remodelled, it still retains that small town charm.It was originally a fishing village and traces of its history can still be found in the only aquarium and museum on the island. It is the most visited village on the north side during the summer months due to its natural pools formed by volcanic rock, which are located right next to the ocean.

In Porto Moniz, for those who are more active, there are many «veredas» and «levadas», so it is a perfect starting point for anyone who wants to hike in the mountains and valleys that make up the north side of the island.’, ‘

Hotels in Porto Moniz

Porto Santo

Calheta is a small village built in the valley that stretches along a narrow peninsula on the southern side of Madeira Island.

If you want to be more daring, at the highest part of Calheta there is a paragliding centre that offers to take you over the nearest mountains and valleys, and for a real adrenaline rush, if the winds are in your favour you can even go out over the ocean.

For those more experienced divers, Calheta’s dive centre offers the experience of diving a wreck at 32 metres depth.

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Calheta is a small village built in a valley, which extends along a narrow peninsula on the southern side of Madeira Island, making it an excellent place to spend a day on the other two artificial beaches of the island.Although it is a small town, there is always parking available and you can walk to the beach and it is a perfect town for a family vacation when you want to spend a few days at the beach.

However, if you want to be more daring, at the highest part of Calheta there is a paragliding center that offers to take you over the nearest mountains and valleys, and for a real adrenaline rush, if the winds are in your favor you can even go out over the ocean.

For those a little more experienced, who want to go a little deeper, Calheta’s dive center offers the experience of diving a wreck at 32 meters deep.

Hotels in Calheta

Ponta Do Sol

Ponta Do Sol is a hidden treasure on the island, in a narrow valley surrounded by black volcanic rock.As the translation of its name indicates, «Punta del Sol» is the village with the sunniest days of the year, and from this small village you can reach numerous «levadas» and «veredas» (footpaths). In fact, you can still walk the same path that the original settlers used to take to go from one village to another.

At the end of the day, after a long walk, it is the ideal place to watch the sunset, in a small restaurant called Sol Poente Restaurant, which is located on a cliff and has a small balcony overlooking the sea, from where you can see the last rays of the sun on the sea.

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