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Where to stay in Memphis

Where is the best place to stay in Memphis?

At the confluence of the Wolf and Mississippi Rivers, you will find the electrifying city of Memphis, the birthplace of the blues, and the home of the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley.Elvis fans flock to Graceland, while rhythm & blues fans visit downtown Memphis and arrive on the famous Beale Street, where Louis Armstrong, Muddy Waters and B.B. King immortalized the music scene.

The best area to stay in Memphis is downtown, the oldest part of the city. Its creative and historic essence pulsates most strongly from Beale Street, or the street of the blues, where memories of the musical past vibrate and intertwine with the new generations.It’s lit by neon lights and filled with restaurants, record and souvenir shops and clubs like the Rum Boogie Café, the B.B. King Blues Club and the O’Sullivan’s. You’ll also find the National Civil Rights Museum, which pays homage to Martin Luther King Jr. The center can be reached on foot by taking a taxi to Mudo Island to visit Graceland, the famous Elvis house or the popular Sun Studios.

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Downtown, the best area to stay in Memphis

Vibrant and exciting, downtown Memphis is the best area to stay in Memphis. Schwab, which has stood the test of time since 1876 and is the only store that has remained intact since that time, is a must-see stop to buy local crafts, souvenirs, books, magazines and famous Memphis brands such as Sun Studio, Hi Records, Elvis and Stax.On Beale Street, there is a wide selection of theatres such as the New Daisyp Theatre for contemporary bands and the Orpheum Theatre for everything from a Broadway show to a fun stand up comedy.

You can’t miss the most famous clubs in downtown Memphis, located on Beale Street, such as the Rum Boogie Café, the Hard Rock Café, the cozy B.B.King Blues Club and the O’Sullivan known for its live music and pet goats.Here you can not only enjoy a few drinks, but also local food such as the Po’ Boy Sandwich, and in any of these places that have a unique musical atmosphere in the world, you are likely to find an impromptu jazz session or artists that remind you of Memphis musical history.

On Beale Street you can learn about the city’s musical past by visiting the Memphis Music Hall of Fame, which pays tribute to numerous local legends, or the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, dedicated to the history of the pioneers of the 1930s who influenced the evolution of regional music.Created by the National Museum of American History and the Smithsonian Institution, it features a collection of more than 100 songs that were recorded in the city between 1930 and 1970.Now home to the National Civil Rights Museum, you can learn about the history of the civil rights movements that have changed the course of history from 1700 to the present through an interactive tour with exhibits and multimedia presentations.

Mud Island, located on the Mississippi River peninsula just 1.5 miles from downtown Memphis, is also easily accessible from the downtown area and features a park, amphitheater, museums and a wide variety of restaurants.The Mississippi River Museum tells the story of this impressive river, while the park is free and offers space for biking and hiking.

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Other areas to stay in Memphis


To get a feel for the real essence of the city, consider staying in the Midtown area of Memphis.It is one of the oldest areas of the city and for many the real Memphis, where diverse cultures and ethnic influences co-exist. Its main attraction is Overton Park, which features the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art, the Memphis Zoo and the Memphis College of Art.There are often live music concerts and food festivals held in the park during the warmer months of the year.

In the Midtown area, you’ll find old mansions that mingle with lively restaurants that host local and international music shows and jam sessions.For those who love good food, Midtown offers the famous barbecued pork ribs, and if you prefer to stroll through the antique shops, this area has the best options.

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