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Where to stay in Miami: The best places

If you are wondering which is the best area to stay in Miami the first thing you should know is that it is divided in two big areas, Miami and Miami Beach, the most popular places are Downtown of Miami and Miami Beach, especially South Beach .

Accommodation in Miami is quite expensive as a general rule, it is a highly valued destination that receives the visit of thousands of tourists every day, although it has an enviable hotel plant this influx of tourists makes it difficult to find a good hotel at an affordable price if not booked well in advance.

The prices of a double room in one of the most popular areas are from 100 dollars To find something cheaper you will have to give up quality and location

The prices vary depending on the season, the most expensive one coinciding with the high season runs from January to April, and the cheapest one from June to September.In any case, the accommodation in Miami should be booked as far in advance as possible.

The best areas to stay in Miami

The most popular neighborhood to stay in Miami is South Beach, but it is also one of the most expensive.the rest of Miami Beach is also very popular, as well as the Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles.The rest of Miami Beach is also very popular, as well as the Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles. on the mainland there are also several sought after neighborhoods that are a hit like Downtown among others.

1. Miami Beach, the best beach area to stay in Miami

Miami Beach is the strip of land that is in front of the coast of Miami forming a bay. it is composed of several islands both natural and man-made. is the most touristy part of the city , and where you should book your hotel if you want to enjoy good beaches and all its atmosphere.

It is a very long area that extends over several miles and is divided into South Beach, Mid Beach and North Beach South Beach is the best known and most attractive part, however, the other two areas are also very interesting.

Both Mid Beach and North Beach are quieter and less crowded beaches than South Beach North Beach is the one with more services and restaurants and some interesting architectural examples

– Hotels in Miami Beach

2.South Beach, the best place to sleep in Miami Beach

Crossing Biscayne Bay from Downtown you reach South Beach, the most famous part of Miami. This district extends from the southern tip of Miami Beach along its fantastic beach for several miles to 23rd St. This neighborhood is undoubtedly the main attraction of the city and “the place to be” .

In addition to the fantastic Beach , South Beach offers you as many activities and leisure as your body can handle.

is a very lively neighborhood , with a very funny atmosphere, open minded, and sometimes a little bit strange, almost like a circus.

South Beach is also known as the Art Deco District because it has the largest concentration of Art Deco architecture in the world .

It is the best area for to stay in Miami if you want to get into the essence of the city, enjoy the beach, admire its architecture, enjoy long walks, eat well, go shopping, be amazed by its lively nightlife … in short … if you want to have it all.

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3.Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles, a stylish and quiet alternative to South Beach

These three neighborhoods line up one after the other following the island beach north of Miami Beach.All three are upscale residential areas, quiet, and without the leisure and movement that characterizes South Beach.

Hotels, motels, luxury apartment towers, restaurants and beaches line Collins Avenue.

Theoretically, while up until a few years ago this area was cheaper than South Beach, today it is increasingly difficult to see significant price differences between these areas.

In the past there was a good supply of cheap hotels, but today many of these hotels have been converted into luxury condominiums, leaving fewer and fewer affordable places to stay.

In any case, all three are a good alternative to South Beach for staying in Miami if you can afford their prices.They are ideal for enjoying beaches that are not crowded, having some peace and quiet, enjoying good restaurants, and the exclusive and elegant shops in Bal Harbour .

– Hotels in Surfside, Bal Harbour, and Sunny Isles

4.North Miami Beach, cheap accommodation in Miami

Located on the mainland at Sunny Isles, North Miami Beach is a residential area that does not have its own beaches, but has some of the best restaurants and shops in Miami .

In this district is the luxury residential community Aventura , known for its prohibitive condos, the Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort, and the Aventura Mall.

– Hotels in North Miami Beach

5.Key Biscayne, ideal to stay in Miami with your family

Key Biscayne is a small island, secluded and very forest , located south of Miami Beach, off the coast of Coconut Grove.

This exclusive enclave offers its visitors some fantastic beaches , some super luxury resorts, world class tennis facilities, a good golf course, bicycle rides, and dense forests for walking and picnics, as well as good restaurants.

This is the best area for to stay in Miami if you are looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend a few days in a very elegant, safe, beautiful area with excellent beaches.

The accommodation offer is quite limited , and unfortunately it is not accessible for most of the mortals.

– Hotels in Key Biscayne

6.Downtown, to be centrally located

The Downtown Miami is located in front of the Biscayne Bay west of South Beach. This neighborhood with its skyscrapers is home to many companies and banks, and where you can find the most theaters, museums, and shops .

In addition, it is home to many of the city’s oldest buildings and some of the most important tourist attractions plus .Here you can find the popular Bayside Marketplace, museums such as the Miami Art Museum, the Miami Heat Stadium, and interesting neighborhoods such as Little Havana or the Design District.

The Downtown is a very lively place by day where it is nice to walk around, but not so at night.At night it’s a pretty dead neighborhood with the exception of the area located in NE 11 th St which has good discos and a lively nightlife

The Downtown is a good option for to sleep in Miami as it is very well connected to South Beach and the rest of the city.It is also ideal for sightseeing, has very interesting neighborhoods nearby, and its prices are more affordable than those of South Beach.

– Hotels in Miami Downtown

7.Little Havana, only if you are passionate about the Latin and Cuban world

If you have never been to Cuba, just visit this small neighborhood and you will get an idea of what it is like. Its noises, its flavors and its rhythms will transport you to Havana .Everyone speaks Spanish, and even the street signs are in both English and Spanish.

Little Havana is ideal for getting to know Cuban culture Come to Calle Ocho , the heart of the neighborhood, and immerse yourself in its atmosphere with its shops, its cafes, its tailors, its furniture stores, its Caribbean restaurants, its cigar shops where you can buy good cigars, etc.

It is also characterized by its ethnic mix with many Caribbean, Hispanic, and also artists and bohemians of all races attracted by its colorful and dynamic nightlife but unless you know the city better avoid it.

It has very few accommodation options and we do not recommend it as an interesting area for to sleep in Miami It is a place to visit during the day but at night it is not so recommended.

– Hotels in Little Havana

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8.Wynwood and the Design District, bohemian and artistic area

Midtown/Wynwood is the neighborhood that extends north of Downtown and that includes the Design District , very popular among locals and tourists .It is an area that is having a very positive development and is characterized by its growing art scene .

This neighborhood, with cheap rentals and large lofts, is a magnet that attracts hipsters, artists and art galleries.

The most interesting part of the neighborhood is the Design District (Ne 2nd Av, NE 5t Av.East and West, and NW 36th Street), where many furniture import companies, interior designers, art galleries, architects have established themselves, and are also gaining an important position in Miami’s nightlife.

Its bars, lounges, nightclubs, and restaurants, ranging from super chic and retro to progressive and indie, are turning this area into the base camp for hipsters, “expats” of South Beach who can’t stand its prices, and all kinds of artistic bohemian profiles.

It is not one of the areas where there is more accommodation , but there is quite a lot more affordable than other more touristy areas.It is an interesting neighborhood for to stay in Miami if you do not find something that fits you in Miami Beach or Downtown.

– Hotels in Wynwood and the Design District

9.Coral Gables, one of the most pleasant areas to stay in Miami

Coral Gables, located south of Downtown and neighboring Coconut Grove, is one of the least known areas among tourists and few consider for to stay in Miami .however it is a very nice area and worth considering.

This neighborhood was developed in the 1920s.It has a marked Mediterranean touch in its architecture, with very tree-lined streets that lead to beautifully shaped squares with central fountains.

In Coral Gables there are good hotels , some of the best restaurants in the city, led by renowned chefs, and very luxurious shops that rival those of Bal Harbour.

– Hotels in Coral Gables

10.Coconut Grove, lots of leisure and cultural offerings

Located just south of Downtown, Coconut Grove is very popular with both locals and tourists looking for their endless leisure offerings .It is an area that is very trendy and hipster, but at the same time is very diverse.

This neighborhood is bustling with neighborhood festivals, terraces, outdoor concerts, museums, exhibitions, and a thousand and one events that give it a great cultural and entertainment dynamism

Coconut Grove is full of restaurants and bars .If you want atmosphere you only have to go to the CocoWalk a huge multilevel complex with shops, restaurants, entertainment of all kinds, and lots of nightlife.

It also has a lot of student atmosphere which gives an extra life and makes it a very young neighborhood.

What is the best area to stay in Miami?

If you are looking for where to stay in Miami , the first thing to say is that it is not the same Miami as Miami Beach.South Beach is the most valued area but in general the hotels in Miami Beach are more expensive and of worse quality.

If you want to stay in the center of Miami , in a good hotel and near the financial district, to go shopping, or to be near the port to take a cruise and also near Miami Beach, the area of Downtown that shows you the map is the best.

If you want to stay in Miami Beach check out the page on where to stay in Miami Beach.

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Downtown Miami, the best area to stay

The city of Miami is divided into thirteen different neighborhoods, but the best one to stay is Downtown Miami, geographically located to the west of the city.Here you’ll find the largest number of museums, educational centers, banks, company headquarters, government offices, theaters, stores and some of the oldest buildings in the city.

Among the museums are the Miami Art Museum, the Historical Museum of Southern Florida, the Miami Children’s Museum and attractions such as the Miami Circle, a perfect circle of 38 feet that has been there between 1800 and 2000 years, which is considered an archaeological site within the National Registry of Historical Places.

This area includes Brickell, Virginia Key, Watson Island and the Port of Miami, which receives the largest number of cruise ships in the world.It has dozens of company towers and many residential ones, where mainly Argentineans, Colombians, Cubans, Nicaraguans and Venezuelans live.

To discover the history of the city, you have to go to the historical district, which is named after more than 60 historical buildings, mainly built during the 1920s.Some of the most interesting are the Alfred I. DuPont Building, (1939), The Congress Building (1923), the Ingraham Building (1926), the Olympia Theater (1926), the Old U.S. Post Office and Courthouse (1917), the Old Walgreens/La Epoca Department Store (1936), the Central Baptist Church (1925) and the Freedom Tower (1925).

North of Downtown in the Omni area is the media and entertainment district.As its name suggests, this area is home to major entertainment, arts and communication centers, such as the Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts, and the former headquarters of the Miami Herald newspaper, as well as the Miami International University School of Art & Design, located on the former Omni International Mall, which is also home to some of the oldest churches and synagogues.

Miami is known for many things, but one of the main ones is shopping.Miami covers the entire spectrum of shopping that we can imagine, from the most luxurious and expensive brands, to the cheapest and most budget-friendly the Omni area we find the largest number of department stores such as Sears and Roebuck and Company.

In Downtown Miami we also find the Bayside Marketplace, a very popular place for visitors to Miami, not only for shopping, but for leisure in general.Here you’ll find a wide variety of shops, outdoor stalls, restaurants and live music, all with a fun tropical touch, but if you’re looking to buy jewelry, you’ll have to go to the Miami Jewelry District, also located within Downtown, an area known for its numerous jewelry stores, one of the top three in the United States.

For those looking for nighttime entertainment at the Downtonwn, you’ll find it the best area is Park West, which is even known as the Downtown Nightclub District.Here you can find the best clubs, such as the famous Space (34 NE 11th St.), Grand Central (697 N. Miami Ave.) and Mekka (950 NE Second Ave.) Among the “after-hours” we find The Corner (1035 N. Miami Ave.).

Downtown Miami is perfectly connected to the rest of the city through the Metrobus, the Metrorail and the Metromover, so it is easy to reach any other part of the city.

Other areas to stay in Miami

Stay at Coral Way and Coconut Grove

To Southwest from Downtown we find the neighborhoods Coral Way and Coconut Grove. Coral Way is a neighborhood residential with a atmosphere historical by its constructions by the decade by 1920. If characterizes by its streets wooded and su architecture colonial Spanish and Art Deco.

In the neighboring neighborhood of Coconut Grove you will find the Miami City Hall on Dinner Key, the Coconut Grove Playhouse, the CocoWalk mall and many bohemian bars, restaurants, clubs and shops.These areas are recommended if you are looking for a relaxed and quiet atmosphere

Stay in Little Havana

The community Cuban becomes present in all Miami, by the that not surprises that have its own Havana in the States United East district has a mix diversity ethnic with crowd from Caribbean, Hispanic, Bohemian, Artists and White If is wants host here lo best is be near the Street Eight, the heart the neighborhood where will find craftsmen making cigars and bars and restaurants Cuban where will find the real coffee Cuban. For leave from night not is very recommended already that not is as safe as the rest of the city.

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