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Where to stay in Napa Valley

Where is the best place to stay in Napa Valley?

The Napa Valley wine region -in Napa County, California- is visited by about five million people every year. It is one of the best wine producing regions, and Napa Valley has more than four hundred wineries. Some of its grape varieties are the most popular in the state: Zinfandel, Merlot, Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon.But the valley also has other delights for those who love their palates-olive oils, tomatoes, cheeses and mustards-and cultivates the rest of the senses, with an attractive landscape that surrounds visitors at all times. There are many places to stay, from campgrounds on the shores of the lake to beautiful five-star hotels.Many visitors plan routes to the vineyards they would like to visit, and then choose nearby accommodations.

Some of the most popular destinations in Napa Valley are Calistoga, small and perfect for family trips; St. Helena, ideal for those who want to go shopping; Yountville, which has the most prestigious restaurants in the area; Napa, with lots of activities for everyone and nightly shows.Rutherford will allow you to sample their unique spicy wine, and Lake Berryessa is perfect for taking a dip and hiking.

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Best places to stay in Napa Valley


If you want to make a family trip with children, Calistoga is the best place to stay.Children can run and enjoy the trails of Robert Louis Stevenson State Park, or take a family bike ride through the wonders of the nearby forest. And for the adults, after all that exercise, a visit to the resort Dr. Wilkinson Hot Springs will make them feel great… don’t forget to try the mud bath, which will leave you with the softest skin in the world!

For those who wish to make cultural visits, the Sharpsteen Museum will tell you the history of the city, and in the grounds of Villa Ca’toga you can see examples of local art and architecture, as well as visit some of the most popular wineries in the city: some of the most famous are Castello de Amorosa, which is inside a reconstructed Italian castle, and Chateau Montelana.Sterling Vineyards is another famous winery; it is located at the top of a hill, and if you want to enjoy it you will have to take a cable car that will take you to the top in five minutes – besides allowing you to enjoy fantastic views-.

Accommodation in Calistoga is very diverse: as it is a city specially adapted for children, you will find hotels with all kinds of facilities and activities, as well as luxury hotels, and even hostels and apartments for mountain climbers.

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Saint Helena

Although Saint Helena is mainly famous for its wine production, the city will offer you many more activities than just being able to taste the wines.You can also rent bicycles and spend the day on the shores of Lake Hennessey, or enjoy a good movie at the Cameo Cinema, which despite being over a hundred years old, still launches all the new products on the market.

Wine lovers can visit the cellars of the Beringer estate, the oldest in the valley, or go to the Redwood Tasting Room and taste some of its most exclusive wines.

For those who want to learn about the food and wine of the region, the Culinary Institute of America has a prestigious restaurant in St. Helena, which also offers culinary education classes.

You can stay in renovated motels that were built in the mid-century, in hotels with stunning views of the vineyards, or in cozy bed and breakfast where you can engage in conversation with the locals.No matter where you decide to stay, you’ll be treated elegantly and cordially in St. Helena, where you can enjoy good food and wine.

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Staying in Yountville is a good choice, as it is located in the center of Napa Valley; most of the wineries are within a short drive.In addition, for the gourmet, there are several excellent restaurants in town, and more Michelin stars per capita than anywhere else in North America: you’ll find beautiful, intimate restaurants run by prestigious chefs , who create culinary works of art from fresh local produce, accompanied by the best wines of Napa Valley.You will also be able to visit some of the most popular wineries: Cliff Lede Vineyards, Domanine Chandon, Consentino Winery…

Yountville is very small, and can be easily crossed on foot.For culture lovers, there’s a restored winery called Ma(i)sonry that now houses galleries, boutiques and shops inspired by local food and wine. There’s also the Napa Valley Museum, ideal for learning about the region.

For those looking for exclusive accommodation, Yountville has a superb five star hotel, a good selection of motels, bed and breakfast , and romantic inns with French charm, for those looking to captivate their partners.

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The city of Napa offers plenty of activities for all ages and families.Like all cities in the Napa Valley, there are some wineries worth visiting -Dahl Vineyards, Bouchaine, Sequoia Grove Winery and Silenus Vintners, but there are also some excellent restaurants. For the shopping addicts, the city is full of charming shops: clothing, household items, gift shops, food and beverage, antiques… don’t worry, because you’ll find everything you need.

The city also offers different types of entertainment: the Napa Opera House has very good live shows, and serves excellent food in a very intimate atmosphere.

There are several incredible bed & breakfast to choose from, as well as luxury hotels, cozy cabins with fireplaces and hot tubs…

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The Rutherford area is mainly visited for producing a unique wine, with an almost spicy element that comes from the famous “Rutherford dust”, but it also has other wineries that are worth visiting: Caymus, Beaulieu Vineyard, and Elizabeth Spencer.The city’s restaurants are experts at pairing food with that spicy wine: there are Italian restaurants that serve rustic food in abundant proportions, an excellent grill restaurant that serves the best burgers in the area, or you can take the car and drive away a bit, where you’ll find a Michelin-starred restaurant that serves food with incredible views.

For those who want to get cultured, the museum owned by director Francis Ford Coppola gives a fascinating insight into the birth of cinema. It is a large old farm perfect for walks… don’t miss the exhibitions with the magic lanterns and ancient zootropes, as they are fun and fascinating.

In the area you will find hotels for all tastes, which will offer you comforts -and most of them have a restaurant-. If not, don’t hesitate to try the bed & breakfast in the area.

Hotels in Rutherford

Lake Berryessa

Staying at Lake Berryessa will allow you to burn some of the calories you gain from wine.It’s one of the largest lakes in California, and the area offers plenty of water sports, perfect for adrenaline lovers. If you prefer something a little quieter, try fishing or renting a kayak.

In the Lake Berryessa area you can also do some incredible hiking and biking.There are perfect picnic spots, as well as wildlife viewing and bird watching opportunities, and don’t miss the spectacular view of the 100-meter-high Monticello Dam, especially when the water is full.

As in all of Napa Valley, there are wineries to visit: RustRidge Ranch, Moss Creek Canyon… you can even take a wine tour, buy a couple of bottles and dine out at one of the picnic areas.

Lake Berryessa has some great places to stay.apart from hotels and hostels, you can rent a houseboat, and gently rock yourself to sleep.there are also cheap camping sites with accommodation for tents and caravans.

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