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Where to stay in New York: The best places and hotels

Choosing well where to stay in New York is not an easy task but it is essential for you to get the most out of your holiday. It is a huge city with many districts that offer a very different experience from each other, as well as remarkable differences in the quality and price of their hotels.

The city is composed of five major metropolitan districts: the Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens and Staten Island, of which is the best area to stay in New York by far is Manhattan .If you want to save some money Brooklyn or Queens are a good option as they are much cheaper and well connected to Manhattan.

Manhattan is an island about 21.6 km long and 3.7 km wide.There are several districts as different from each other as the Financial District, China Town, Midtown, or Harlem to name a few.

The most popular and touristy place to stay is Times Square .There are other areas with a huge attraction that we will also recommend in this article.

Before analyzing the best areas to sleep in New York it is worth mentioning that this city is one of the most expensive in the world.If you want to find a simple double room with a private bathroom and in a more or less decent area you will hardly find anything below 150 dollars a night .

Between 150 and 200 dollars you will start to find some decent hotel deals, and the vast majority of 4 star hotels are above 250 dollars a night.

It is important that you book in advance to get good prices and that you evaluate well in which area your hotel is located and what connections with public transportation it has.

The best areas to stay in New York

The best areas to stay in New York are in Manhattan.In this list you will find some of the best neighborhoods to stay in the island, and other possibilities like Queens or Brooklyn that can be a very good option to save on accommodation.

1.The Midtown, the best area to stay in New York

This is undoubtedly the area to stay in New York m 😉 is in demand by both businessmen and tourists.

In Midtown you can find some of the main tourist attractions of the city like Times Squares , the heart of the city, the emblematic Empire State Building , or the Broadway theatres to name a few.

The hotels in Midtown are very sought after and therefore their prices are much more expensive than the rest of the city.Especially expensive are those on the eastern side where you can find some of the most luxurious and exclusive hotels in New York .


Luxury Hotel: Times Square Edition

It is located in Times Square and is one of the best rated sleeping accommodations in New York City.

Medium range hotel: LUMA Hotel – Times Square

In the centre of Midtown, two minutes from Times Square, the rooms have a small lounge area with a sofa, the bathrooms are fully equipped and you can dine in a restaurant with a menu inspired by Basque cuisine .

Low range hotel: St. James Hotel

The fact that it is cheaper does not mean that the experience is a bad one.this two star hotel is one street away from Times Square and on Broadway .

2. Upper West Side, ideal for family sleepovers in New York City

The Upper West Side is a quieter, residential area than Midtown and the entire downtown area of Manhattan on the west bank, across from the Hudson River, makes up this famous neighborhood that has inspired writers and screenwriters.With Central Park to the east and Riverside Park as a boundary before the river, this great neighborhood has countless attractions.

The first of these is Central Park itself which, with its 4000 m long and 800 m wide, is the green lung of Manhattan.other important attractions are Lincoln Center and the spectacular Natural History Museum .

It is a quiet neighborhood ideal for sleeping in New York City with a family and it is very well connected.


Luxury Hotel: Trump International New York

Yes: it is one of the hotels of the 45th president of the United States and also the most valued in the area.The hotel is located in a corner of Central Park and has a spa and two luxury restaurants: Jean Georges and Nougatine.

Mid-range Hotel: Hotel Beacon

A hotel to stay in New York in a typical New York building , with its exposed brick facades and everything.

Low range hotel: Apartments Upper West Side

The option of renting apartments is one of the most chosen in the world, and also to stay in New York.

3.Upper East Side, very exclusive and the Golden Mile

The Upper East Side is also a residential area but with much more class, where luxury shops and restaurants are concentrated that are not within reach of all pockets.

The Upper East is home to some of the most famous names and fortunes in the city and as you can imagine it is one of the most expensive areas to stay in New York

The neighborhood is not at all devoid of tourist attractions, but quite the opposite, it shares Central Park with the Upper West Side, is the neighborhood of the famous Quita Avenida, and is the best area to go to museums.

It is the famous Museum Mile which brings together several world-class museums such as The Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Guggenheim .

On the other hand it is the best place to stay in New York if one of your main goals is shopping .Here you can find the most luxurious brands in the world.It is also ideal, as the Upper West Side, for families with children.


High end hotels: The Mark New York

It is one of the best hotels to sleep in New York. Boutique Hotel and with a colonial style and large rooms, it has a gym and luxury restaurants.

Mid-range Hotel: Loews Regency New York Hotel

Located on one of the most famous streets in New York: Park Avenue It is family oriented, with two bedroom rooms and extra large beds.

Upper East Side Apartments

These apartments stand out because allows you to stay for 30 days , in case you want to know New York in depth.

3.The Financial District, Wall Street and the One World Trade Center

The last neighborhood of Manhattan is the Financial District, in the south of the island and where you can find the famous Wall Streeet, the National Museum of American India and the remodeled One World Trade Center .

It is a business area where people mainly go to work.During the day there is a lot of movement but at night is a very quiet area If you are looking for calm at night is your place, but if you feel like going out to dinner, have a drink, and live the real New York choose another neighborhood to stay.

In this neighborhood you can find some of the symbols of the city as Wall Street or the Brooklyn Bridge, and is where you access by ferry to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.


High-end hotel: The Beekman

It belongs to the Thompson franchise and is one of the most luxurious hotels in the area, with normal rooms and suites with all kinds of luxury, even marble bathrooms.9

Mid range hotel: Artezen

With a beautiful exterior design, this hotel offers you a gym and rooms with full bathroom, desk and big beds.

Low range hotel: The Wall Street Inn

This hotel includes breakfast and comfortable rooms in classic style, like the building itself.Soho, chic area with designer shops and trendy restaurants

It is part of Lower Manhattan and is one of the most touristy neighborhoods in New York.Soho is one of the most touristy neighborhoods in New York City, with a lot of designer shops and avant-garde restaurants, and during the day it is common for the neighborhood to fill up with stands and street shops to create a very dynamic and cosmopolitan atmosphere

Once the bohemian and artistic area of New York, today little is left of that atmosphere due to the excessive increase in real estate prices.

In Soho you will find high end designer boutiques, some top-end art galleries (although many of them and especially the more modest ones have moved to the Chelsea area), some of the best restaurants in the city and a very chic atmosphere.


High end hotel: Crosby Street Hotel

Sophisticated like the neighborhood itself and with airport transfer included Travelers have rated it almost a ten due to its great rooms with DVD included.It has a gym, an inner courtyard for drinks and even a private theatre where you can watch movies.

Mid range hotel: The Broome

One of the best hotels to stay in New York thanks to its good value for money In this case you will find a hotel with 14 rooms, very cozy and with a classic design.The building was built in 1825 and has kept that style.

Low range hotel: CITY ROOMS NYC – Soho

If you are looking for a cheap hotel in New York in the middle of Manhattan this is one to consider.

4.Lower East Side, good restaurants and nightlife

In front of the East River and with the Manhattan Bridge and Williamsburg Bridge to reach Brooklyn, this neighborhood will surprise you with its variety, you will find luxury areas and other more neglected.

The Lower East Side is a great place to experience New York City neighborhood life and offers great restaurants and a lively nightlife

Soho, Little Italy and Chinatown are all nearby and there are many designer hotels but there are also a few more affordable options than Soho.


High end hotel: Sixty LES

Excellent design and very modern hotel located only 500 meters from the New Museum and about 800 meters from the Little Italy.An excellent option for staying in New York City:

Mid range hotel: The Ludlow Hotel

Another hotel with a classic style ( with fireplace included ) and mixed with oriental and avant-garde European decorations.

Low range hotel: Ridge Hotel

The restaurant with terrace and Skybar offers one of the best views of New York City.If you travel to the United States and visit other areas you might be interested in these others as well: Where to stay in Miami, where to stay in Los Angeles, where to stay in Washington

5.Chinatown, to live the Chinese culture

You cannot visit New York and not pass by Chinatown.West of the Lower East Side and near the legendary Brooklyn Bridge, it’s like being in China itself.


High-end hotel: 50 Bowery

It’s one of the most luxurious hotels in the neighborhood: you’ll discover it at the entrance.

Mid range hotel: Mulberry

We go back to the hotels with big terraces from where you can enjoy the views In addition, the rooms have plasma TV, there is a 24 hours reception and the stay includes breakfast, there is also room service and you will like the decoration of the rooms based on classic and antique furniture.

Hotel low range: Leon Hotel

You will have everything you need to rest and relax.

6.Greenwich Village and Chelsea, bohemian and artistic area

It is historically the most vindictive neighborhood of New York, where many demonstrations were held in the 60s.

This is one of the most interesting areas to sleep in New York It is a very lively area that still has its neighborhood life and in recent times has become the new bohemian and artistic area of the city, especially in Chelsea where it concentrates a large number of art galleries.

There is no shortage of shops, restaurants, bars, jazz clubs, and some of the best clubs in the city has a vibrant nightlife , in fact it is one of the favorite areas for New Yorkers to party.

For sports lovers, nearby is the mythical Madison Square Garden, with a wide range of hotels for medium and high budgets.


High end hotel: Kimpton Hotel Eventi

This luxury 5 star hotel is ideally located within walking distance of places like the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden or Penn Station.If you are looking for a luxury hotel in the area, this is an excellent option for staying in New York.

Mid-range Hotel: Walker Hotel Greenwich Village

Would you like to stay at a Victorian-style inn?Then this is the place for you. it is very close to Chelsea Market , it has rooms with a small kitchen and bathroom, there is also a community room, WiFi and a very cosy decoration.

Low range hotel: The Jane Hotel

Despite its two stars, you will be surprised by its facilities. The hotel has been designed like a boat , with rooms that look like more cabins, also there are bigger ones with a terrace and a view of the Hudson River. It has the Old Rose restaurant, specialized in Italian food, without a doubt one of the most interesting hotels in New York where you can stay.

7.Brooklyn, to save some money on accommodation

We leave the Manhattan neighborhoods to go south, across the East River where this great neighborhood is located, much more popular but also with places of interest, especially around the Brooklyn Bridge .

Located in the southeast of Manhattan is next to Queens a good alternative for to sleep in New York and save you some money .Brooklyn is a popular neighborhood that hosts many artists and music venues, as well as tourist attractions such as Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Museum of Art, or Coney Island.

If you have no problem dedicating some time to public transportation every day, it is well enough connected to make it worth staying in this district.


High-end hotel: 1 Brooklyn Bridge Hotel

You can stay precisely in this hotel with magnificent views of the Financial District and only 500 meters from the famous bridge.Luxury rooms and beds, 24 hour gymnasium, cinema room and common areas with equipment to be able to work.

Mid range hotel: New York Marriot at the Brooklyn Bridge

A little further south than the previous hotel, it will also allow you to enjoy a pleasant stay.It has an indoor swimming pool and spa, a bathroom with hydro-massage and rooms with all the equipment, as well as a bar and a restaurant, and is near Downtown Brooklyn , where you can go shopping, eat and do other activities.

Low range hotel: Holiday Inn Brooklyn Downtown

Located in Downtown, in the most lively area of Brooklyn with shopping centers as popular as Barclays five minutes walk.

8.Queens, cheap accommodation in New York City

The third of New York’s five most famous neighborhoods, east of Brooklyn and across from the island of Manhattan, with JFK and La Guardia airports, Flushing Meadows Park and its famous Unisphere sculpture, and the New York Science Museum.Don’t miss the Queens Museum, with the New York Panorama model.

Queens is also a good alternative to Manhattan for booking your accommodation in New York .Just like Brooklyn its hotels are cheaper than Manhattan’s .

In addition, Queens is really well connected to Manhattan, in fact it takes almost as long to get to Midtown from Queens as it does from the Upper West Side.Many new hotels are opening in this neighborhood, many of which offer affordable prices.


Mid range hotel: Boro

Very close to the Queensboro Bridge that takes you to Manhattan.You will also be surrounded by museums: the MOMA, Moving Image or Noguchi.rooms with private terrace and modern designs.a good opportunity to rest in a quiet area.

Low range hotel: Holiday Inn Express Queensbury

This hotel will allow you to be very close to the famous park of Flushing Meadows .

Best area to stay in New York

If you are deciding where to stay in New York you should know that the island of Manhattan is the heart and center of action of the city, but what is the best area to stay on this great island of more than 20 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide?

Best Location Hotels proposes Times Square as the best area to stay in New York for tourism . Times Square is in the heart of Manhattan and it is the birthplace of Broadway , the famous street known for its theaters, and Seventh Avenue, one of the most attractive streets in New York to host the Macy’s stores, which has given it the name of Fashion Avenue.

Near Times Square you can find tourist attractions such as Rockefeller Center (7 minutes), the Empire State Building (15 minutes), Central Park (15 minutes) or Fifth Avenue (13 minutes), and the area is easily accessible by New York City transportation, as it is only 8 minutes walk from Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station, the two main train stations in New York.

Staying in Brooklyn is the best option if you don’t want to stay in Manhattan

If you are interested in knowing where to stay in New York , you may also be interested in knowing where to stay in Niagara Falls, where to stay in The Hamptons, where to stay in Washington DC and where to stay in Boston.

Times Square, the best area to stay in New York City

Times Square, along with Central Park, is the area in the United States that has been featured most in movies and television shows, so when you are there it will not be uncommon to easily identify famous buildings such as NADAQ, the largest electronic stock exchange in the American country.It’s also not uncommon to find multiple cameras, in fact it’s the most common location for ABC’s Good Morning America and MTV’s Total Request Live, as well as Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, America’s most famous New Year’s celebration.This area is guaranteed to be fun and is home to some of New York’s top entertainment venues, including Madison Square Garden, home of the New York Knicks (basketball), New York Rangers (ice hockey) and New York Liberty (women’s basketball).

There is also the Radio City Music Hall, considered in the 1930s the main tourist attraction of the city, and famous for its Rockettes that are presented every Christmas with the show “Radio City Christmas Spectacular”.

Staying in Times Square is a spectacular gastronomic experience, in just a few steps you will find food from all over the world and for all budgets. According to TripAdvisor users, a visit to Wafels & Dinges is highly recommended.You will also find world-renowned shops within walking distance that are focused on children, but which are also enjoyed by adults, such as M&M World, Hershey’s shops, the famous Toys’R’Us toy store or the Disney Store.

Other areas to stay in Manhattan

In addition to the Times Square area, whether you are traveling for business or tourism, New York offers many interesting areas to stay in such as Lower Manhattan, Soho, Upper West Side, Upper East Side and TriBeCa.

Staying in Lower Manhattan

The southern end of Manhattan is shaped like a pencil point and is known as Lower Manhattan or Lower Manhattan and is home to some of the city’s most authentic symbols: Ground Zero, City Hall and the Brooklyn Bridge.We also find the entire Financial District, one of the four largest business centers in the United States, so if you are on a business trip it is a recommended area to stay.

After the tragedy of September 11, 2001, when the Twin Towers were demolished, the neighborhood has been recovering little by little.However, for those interested in the history of the neighborhood there are constant references to the subject, one of the most important being the National September 11 Memorial & Museum, located in the same place where the towers were and which opened its doors on May 21, 2014.

Lately the area has experienced a renaissance with the creation of museums, hotels and restaurants, which attract a considerable number of visitors, to which must be added the influx of a very important number of new inhabitants.

Here there are also two interesting communities: the Italian one with its Little Italy and the Chinese one with Chinatown, a place famous for the sale of handbags and imitation watches.If you add to this the geographical characteristics of the area, with its docks and wide views, the result is a neighbourhood with a lot of atmosphere and attraction.

Stay in Soho

Known as one of the coolest neighbourhoods in Manhattan, it is well known for the style of its clothes shops, bars and restaurants.The price of hotels as well as shopping has gone up and it’s not cheap at all, but in the end, the unique mix of industrial minimalism and cobblestone streets, which make up the character of the area, ends up conquering.

If you stay in this area, you’ll find all kinds of shops, from the most famous and traditional ones such as Aldo, Footlocker, Steve Madden Shoes, Urban Outfitters, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Levi’s Store, Addidas, Armani Exchange or Prada walking down Broadway street, to some of the most original and unique shops if you go through the side streets.

Combined with the neighborhoods known as Noho and Nolita, it is possible to spend a great afternoon, walking and visiting their cafes and shops.

Stay in TriBeCa

Following in the footsteps of Soho, TriBeCa has also gone from being an industrial neighborhood to a fashionable one, where its single residents are already an attraction.Numerous Hollywood stars have their properties here, including Robert de Niro.Scarlett Johansson, Heather Graham, Mariah Carey, Justin Timberlake, Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio.

This area is between Canal, Chambers, Broadway and West St.

Stay on the Upper West Side

Between Central Park and the Hudson River just north of West 59th Street is the Upper West Side, a recommended area for those looking to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Times Square.It is a mainly residential area, where you can enjoy Central Park and walk through streets full of typical 19th century houses.

But the tranquility of Upper West Side does not mean that it does not have tourist attractions, here we can find famous buildings like the Dakota (72nd Street and Central Park), where John Lennon was killed.There is also the famous Lincoln Center, the Museum of Natural History, the Children’s Museum of Manhattan, Columbia University, and St. John the Divine Cathedral.

Staying in Upper East Side

If you want to live, even for a few days, like some of the wealthiest people in New York you have to stay in Upper East Side, one of the most prestigious areas with some of the most expensive shops in the city.It also has a lot to offer in terms of culture. Here you’ll find the Metropolitan Museum and the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, two of the most important museums in New York, not to be missed when visiting the Big Apple.


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