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Where to stay in Orlando to be near the Parks

What is the best area to stay in Orlando?

When you hear the name of the American city of Orlando , no matter what our age, the inner child inside us jumps for joy at the thought of its many theme parks, and especially the world famous Universal Studios, Disney World and Sea World .These parks, as well as many other smaller ones in Orlando , are located in the outskirts of the city, but they are not the only tourist attractions the area has, which promises adventures everywhere: besides them you will find a lot of first class restaurants, pubs and discos where you can go out at night, shops where you can buy and all kinds of accommodations where you can stay.Spend a day exploring the theme parks, laughing with the dolphins at Sea World or relaxing with a seaweed massage at a luxurious spa: Orlando has room for everyone.

The best area to stay in Orlando is the Orlando International Drive area, as it is exceptionally close to Universal Studios, and very close to Sea World and Disney World.What better than staying right in the middle of the three main theme parks, in an area well connected with frequent bus or train rides that can take you to all the theme areas, and even to the city of Orlando itself.International Drive is also very easy to reach by car and from the airport, and is one of the safest areas in Orlando

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International Drive, the recommended area to stay in Orlando

International Drive, located outside the city of Orlando, is the perfect place for those who want to stay in the area, due to the proximity to some of the most famous theme parks in the world -Universal Studios and very close to Sea World and Disney World-, and also to some smaller ones, but as much or more fun.

Transportation will not be a problem, since wherever you decide to stay in the area you will find a bus station that will have lines to the city, and of course, to all the theme parks. The biggest tourist attraction, and Disney World’s main rival, is Universal Studios’ park, which offers theme tours related to the company’s movies and all kinds of roller coasters.You will be able to see attractions such as The Incredible Hulk, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter’s Magic World, the Men in Black, The Terminator, Back to the Future, Jaws, King Kong, Alien, The Mummy and many more, which will delight the little ones, but will also make the older ones enjoy themselves like children.

The park also offers frequent performances prepared by important theater companies, live concerts and comedians.The Universal Studios complex also has hotels, restaurants, a discotheque and a shopping area with all kinds of shops related to the park’s theme. The other main theme park is Sea World, well known for its fascinating shows featuring marine life, but which also includes some rides and roller coasters where you can get your adrenaline pumping.Don’t forget to also visit Wet ‘n Wild, a fun water park, and Gatorland, full of all kinds of reptiles.

If you decide to stay at International Drive you can choose from a lot of hotels of all ranges and categories, which will make happy those who want to be in the most luxurious place in the area, to those who want to find the most basic and economical hotel.The neighbourhood also has a wide selection of restaurants, pubs and discos where you can go out to party, and all kinds of shops and department stores – some full of international brand name and designer stores – where you can go shopping.

International Drive Hotels

Other areas to stay in Orlando


The Celebration neighborhood was created by the Walt Disney Company and is located a few miles from the Disney World theme park, offering an ideal place to stay.It is especially attractive for tourists because it is next to the park and designed for people who want to spend a couple of days there, so they have made sure that it is a completely safe neighborhood, with excellent public transportation connections, and easily accessible from the airport.

The neighborhood itself was built like a city in the 1940’s, and that is evident in every house and every corner. The place is so compact that everything is within walking distance, and people move around on foot, by bicycle, or in one of the electric vehicles that can be rented to move around the area.The center is home to the largest number of restaurants, offering all kinds of cuisine, and shops selling everything from clothing to the latest in technology. Celebration is also filled with golf courses, movie theaters, theaters, parks and even a lake – where you can rent rowing boats and sailboats – and hosts many festivals throughout the year.Most of the accommodations you will find are hotels, but you will be able to choose among different categories and areas.

Hotels at Celebration

Lake Buena Vista

Staying at Celebration is a unique experience, but if you are visiting Disney and cannot avoid wanting to stay in the land of fairy tales, you can stay at Lake Buena Vista, which is part of the site, is owned by the company and, in this case, is inside the park.It is a very safe area, which has free transportation service to the entrance of the park and to other theme parks and to the city of Orlando.You will be living inside the Disney lands, the most popular theme park in the world, which has a great variety of attractions, roller coasters and shows that will fill you with magic, fantasy and amazement, no matter your age.there are also water parks, a zoo, a shopping and entertainment area, and many leisure activities -tennis, go-karting, boat trips, spas…-.

In Lake Buena Vista you will find restaurants that offer all kinds of food – American, Chinese, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Mexican – and a good amount of pubs and bars that usually offer live performances, magic shows, comedians, music and much more.Most of the hotels are located along Hotel Plaza Boulevard and Palm Parkaway, and are quite expensive, as they are in Disney’s lands, but they will give you an impressive view of the theme park and the various lakes that surround it.

Hotels in Lake Buena Vista

Hotels inside Disney

Many visitors prefer to stay directly in a hotel inside Disney, which has a wide range of 30 hotels, but it is much less expensive than staying outside the park.However, there is a selection of cheap hotels, along with villas, luxury hotels, cabins and camping sites, and we can also choose our hotel according to the closest transport option: monorail, boat or bus.

You must bear in mind that Disney Orlando is huge, so it is important to choose the area where you want to stay: \xa0Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney Springs.

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