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Where to stay in Portland Maine

Best place to stay in Portland Maine

There is no doubt that the best place to stay in Portland Maine is the Downtown , just 5 miles from the Portland International Jetport.The brick sidewalks and cobblestone streets of the revitalized Old Port District invite you to browse bookstores, explore craft shops, visit mansions, historic museums, operas, iconic ballets, and a wide selection of the city’s food and brewery.

If you are interested in the museums of art and history visit Portland Museum of Art which has the largest collection of European art north of Boston, if you go with children the Children’s Museum & Theatre of Maine will be a great option, there is also the Portland Observatory, and the historic Victoria Mansion.To enjoy the theater, the Merrill Auditorium and the State Theatre are the best choices.

The area’s landmarks are Old Port with its extraordinary seafood shops and restaurants, Commercial Street for shopping and dining, and Fore Street considered by many to be Portland’s most popular street for its fantastic restaurants, wine stands, clothing stores, souvenir shops, and more.To enjoy a game of the Portland Sea Dogs go to Hadlock Field, many of the tours can be done on foot or by bike, but to get to some places you will need to use the bus or go by car.

Maine is also an option for sea lovers, as you can take one of the ferries at Casco Bay and see the bay and nearby islands. Don’t miss Portland Head Lighthouse , considered the oldest lighthouse in Maine, which is only a 15 minute drive away.

On the map showing the best place to stay in Portland Maine you can find a selection of the best hotels to stay .

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Downtown Portland Maine Neighborhoods

Old Port

The best area to stay in Portland is the Old Port neighborhood, known for its cobblestone streets, 19th century brick buildings and fishing piers.Nearby are some of the main tourist attractions, such as the Portland Museum of Art, the Portland Science Center and Victoria Mansion.

In addition, its location is most convenient because Old Port is at the bottom of Munjoy Hill, making it more pleasant to return to the hotel downhill than up the hill after a day’s walk around the city.

Arts District

As the name suggests, the Arts District is the place to be for art lovers, with a number of galleries, music shops, museums and art schools.However, you should be aware that this is an area where you should be cautious about wandering around, as you may come across corners inhabited by beggars or pickpockets, but where the atmosphere is friendly and it’s easy to end up talking to an artist or listening to improvised music on the street, and where you’ll find restaurants, cafes and coffee shops and thrift shops to explore for bargains.

West End

The West End neighborhood offers tranquility and a pleasant atmosphere, and from here you can walk to the Old Port, with the advantage of being able to browse the shops and galleries of Congress St. The area is an example of economic and ethical diversity, as evidenced by the various museums and cultural centers located here, such as the Maine Irish Heritage Center or the Museum of African Culture.

East End

Next to the famous Old Port district is the East End neighborhood, where stately homes are interspersed with modern shops, restaurants and attractions.Staying in East End you can visit the Portland Observatory, stroll and enjoy the views along the Eastern Promenade or take a cruise along the bay, as this is where the boats depart for scenic tours of Casco Bay.

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