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Where to stay in Portland

What is the best area to stay in Portland?

The city of Portland has an excellent reputation, both in the state of Oregon and in the United States and the rest of the world: it is full of parks, rivers, well-preserved buildings, incredible coffee shops, magic book stores and some of the best night shows you will see in the area.If you stay here you will see how the city offers you a completely different atmosphere from its neighbors San Francisco and Seattle, big cities with a fast pace of life; Portland is a relaxed, quiet and discreet place, famous for its very well cared for parks, its eclectic nightlife, its small breweries, and its wonderful landscapes.

The area where we recommend you stay in Portland is downtown -Downtown Portland- , as it is the heart and soul of the city.This neighborhood will offer you a careful selection of the best you can find in the city: parks, museums, modern skyscrapers, live music, nightlife, restaurants, beer gardens, hotels… Also, although it is a fairly small area and everything is within walking distance, the area has brilliant public transportation connections to other parts of the city.

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Downtown Portland, the best area to stay

Portland is a great city in terms of mobility, as it offers the possibility to go to the places on foot, by bike, or using the public transportation system.The city was built in a grid pattern, so it’s easy to find your way around. Downtown Portland is a compact neighborhood that will offer you easy access to all kinds of food, cultural offerings, hotels and shops. In addition, Downtown is just a few miles from Portland International Airport; most hotels have taxis at their entrances that will take you there, but you can also catch the public bus, which takes you from the airport to downtown in no time.The neighborhood is also well connected to other areas, such as Chinatown or the Old Town, which is only a couple of minutes away, and is one of the safest places in Portland, as it is the main tourist center of the city and therefore reinforced with lots of police surveillance.

Like many other cities in the world, Downtown Portland is full of high-rise buildings: offices, courts, universities… in the center of it all we find Pioneer Square.This famous red brick square was built about 30 years ago, and is where most of the city’s Roman columns are located.many locals and tourists use it as a meeting point and it’s a nice place to have a picnic, as the square also has a park with water fountains, sculptures, children’s play areas and lots of places to sit and take a break.around Pioneer Square you will find many cafes, restaurants, bars and shops, as well as some concert halls and theatres where you can see beautiful shows.

Don’t forget to get on the cable car, which connects the centre with the rest of the city, and will offer you the best views of the neighbourhood… it’s time to take your camera out! Go and see the Portlandia, the second largest copper statue in the country – the first is the Statue of Liberty – and one of the symbols of the city, representing a woman with a trident, which reaches out to new visitors.If you want to go shopping and fill up your bags, go to the streets around Pioneer Square, which are full of all kinds of brands and local shops, and you will even find an exclusive shopping center.Then take a break at Tom McCall Waterfront Park, a beautiful park that stretches along the Wilamette River and is absolutely packed with memorials, fountains, sculptures, gardens and flea markets that are set up there on the weekends.

For those who want to get involved with some local culture, there are some excellent museums downtown.The Portland Museum of Art features a variety of exhibits from Portland artists, as well as some international ones, including the Historical Society, which will allow you to see all sorts of objects and artifacts that were once part of the city, as well as documents, antiques and photographs that will allow you to see how Portland has evolved over the years.

If you want to enjoy the nightlife, Portland is also the place for you.If you want to dance and listen to good music, go to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, the Roseland Theatre or the Crystal Ballroom, and all the streets around Pioneer Square are packed with bars and restaurants, and you’ll find some of the best hotels in the area, where you can choose the accommodation that suits you best.

Hotels in Downtown Portland

Other areas to stay

Southeast Portland

Southeast Portland is just a few minutes by train from downtown, and also has excellent transportation connections and guaranteed safety, making this area a great place to stay.

It’s a friendly neighborhood with a great sense of community.Here you will find the Museum of Science and Industry, ideal for children but also enjoyable for adults, and the Museum of Crafts, with lots of locally and internationally handmade items. You can enjoy some great parks – Crystal Springs, Laurelhurst Park and Mount Tabor Park -, go to the Aladdin Theater to enjoy a good show, and then fill up on shopping bags and stuff at 34th Avenue.

In the area around SE Forster Road and SE Powell Boulevard you will find restaurants, bars and hotels of all styles and categories.

Hotels in Southeast Portland

Lloyd District / Convention Centre

This neighborhood is also a good place to stay.It’s close to downtown, well connected, safe and has a lot of tourist attractions. Visit the Lloyd Centre, a huge shopping mall with an indoor ice rink, movie theater, restaurants, cafes and lots of shops.

The convention center is also located here, and offers different events and exhibitions throughout the year.The best streets to stay on are NE Lloyd Boulevard and NE Multnomah Street, full of hotels and hostels offering the best services.

Hotels in Lloyd District

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