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Where to stay in Santa Barbara

Best place to stay in Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara has a unique and special spirit in America, and lots of things to do and see.With stunning beaches, cliffs and breathtaking views, the city is surrounded by a stunning natural environment with excellent beaches, unique mountains and very clean waters, as well as a large number of museums, wineries, shops and a lively nightlife. It is often called “the Italian-American Riviera” because of its fantastic Mediterranean climate and its similarity to the French Riviera.It is often called the “Italian-American Riviera” because of its fantastic Mediterranean climate and similarity to the French Riviera.It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city because of its excellent location on the beach, but still within walking distance of the center. In addition, many facilities have been created in the area for visitors. The beach itself is excellent, and there are also many shops, restaurants and pubs .The hotels in this area are some of the most luxurious in Santa Barbara.

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West Beach, the best area to stay

As soon as they arrive in Santa Barbara, all tourists look for the beach closest to the city center, and this beach is West Beach.In addition to being one of the safest areas in Santa Barbara, West Beach is a clean and tidy sandy beach, which will allow you to play in the water and swim, and also offers all kinds of activities and water sports.The Steams Wharf also houses the city’s Natural History Museum, where there are many exhibit halls where you can learn a great deal – it has one of the best preserved blue whale skeletons in the world!Also visit the harbour, where there is always activity: you will see everything from huge cruise ships to small fishing boats, and it is home to some of the best seafood restaurants in the city. From the harbour you can book boat trips that will take you to see the marine life of Santa Barbara, or you can simply enjoy the beautiful coast that surrounds the city.

As this is a very busy area, it is very well connected with buses passing every few minutes, and many taxis. The coastline is bounded by West Cabrillo Boulevard, a wonderful promenade with tons of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants… a particularly busy place once the sun has set.Another nearby attraction is the Reagan Ranch Centre Exhibit Gallery, which features original objects from Reagan’s ranch, and will explain all his accomplishments as president.

But Santa Bárbara is more than just a charming town of low houses next to a paradisiacal beach surrounded by palm trees, which is the image we all have in our heads… in the town you will also find a place whose architecture is reminiscent of the Spanish colonial style.West Beach is very pleasant to walk around, and you will be able to see the Spanish colonial houses, as well as other styles of buildings that are still standing: the town was founded by the Spanish in 1782, and passed into the hands of the United States in 1846.The main exponent of Spanish colonial architecture is Mission Santa Barbara, which dates back to 1786 and is one of the many missions that the Franciscan Fathers established in California, as well as the beautiful Palace of Justice, built in the Spanish Moorish architectural style, and the Presidio, a fortification built by the Spanish in the past.

You will be able to stay in a wide variety of hotels, from the most luxurious ones by the sea, to some more modest and a bit more distant, but which will also offer you all kinds of services and comforts.

Hotels in West Beach

Other areas to stay

The rest of the beach area

Just east of West Beach you will find East Beach , one of the most popular beaches in the city.It is full of very striking white sand , and postcard Caribbean palms.The area has a good number of hotels , shops , restaurants and pubs where you can choose , as well as many water sports booking services – surfing , stand-up paddle , parasailing and many more.

If you want less crowded beaches, head to Leadbetter Beach or Hendry’s Beach, which despite being very close to the city’s main beaches, offer a little more relaxation and escapism.Both have lots of shops, places to eat and bars, although not as varied as the beaches mentioned above, but still very clean, perfect for swimming and water sports, and very safe, with plenty of transport and connections to all areas of Santa Barbara, and therefore good places to stay.

Santa Barbara Beach Hotels

The rest of the city center

The rest of the central area of Santa Barbara is mainly between Carrillo Street and Haley Street. This area is an ideal place to stay, since it has a lot of tourist attractions nearby: the Historical Museum, the Art Museum, the Botanical Garden, the Zoo, and many art galleries.If you want to go shopping, you’ll find State Street, which starts in West Beach and goes all the way downtown, and is a shopping paradise and home to department stores.

State Street, Chapala Street and Carrillo Street are the streets where you will find more restaurants, pubs , clubs and luxury hotels with rooms overlooking the sea.

Hotels in downtown Santa Barbara

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