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If you want to stay at the beaches of Los Angeles , Santa Monica is the ideal destination.In Santa Monica you can enjoy a pleasant stay next to the bustling and exciting city of Los Angeles.

For those who are looking for good nightlife , you will find it in Santa Monica.In recent years it has become a trendy area for night clubs, mainly along the Third Street Promenade, Hollywood and West Hollywood, center of the gay nightlife. It is also famous for its stores , mainly the 3rd Street Promenade, the only pedestrian street in Los Angeles.

On the map we offer you a selection of the best hotels in Santa Monica according to the opinion of its passing the cursor over the stars, which indicate the category of the hotels, you can access their information and reservation.if you want to stay near Hollywood attractions and Universal Studios check out our page on where to stay in Los Angeles.

Santa Monica: Beaches and Fun

Santa Monica is a city in Los Angeles County located on the Pacific Ocean. It has activities for young and old, ranging from beach games and rollerblade and bike rides to art galleries, night clubs, shopping and entertainment centers such as theaters and concerts.

Santa Monica Beach, known for its 340 days of sunshine a year, is unique among California’s beach resorts because of the variety of activities available, including swimming and surfing in the water, while to one side cycling, volleyball, outdoor chess and gymnastics.

Santa Monica Pier with its carousel, skill games, amusement park, trapeze school and restaurants offers a wide range of activities for the whole family and is one of the main attractions of Santa Monica and holds a lot of history.In 2009, it celebrated its 100th anniversary as one of the oldest recreation centers in California and the United States.People have been working out here since the 1930’s on their outdoor fitness equipment and have trained some of the world’s most famous trainers, gymnasts and acrobats here.

Another classic spot in the area is the Santa Monica Farmers’ Markets, a market where the textures, smells and images of the freshest produce mix.This place won’t disappoint the curious or the best chefs who get carried away by the smell of vegetables, freshly cut flowers, breads, cheese and more.

Santa Monica’s cultural offerings will certainly not disappoint with its 75 museums and art galleries within 8 o’clock.In addition, there is a wide variety of public art and sculptures on display in the streets.

Santa Monica’s nightlife is very varied with bars, clubs and entertainment venues all over the city.There are over 50 “happy hours” on offer in the restaurants and bars around the city and whether you’re on a terrace or in a rooftop lounge you’ll find something fun to do.If this is not enough, don’t forget that within an hour’s drive you can travel outside of Santa Monica and find a multitude of shopping possibilities in Los Angeles on the famous streets of Melrose Avenue, Rodeo Drive, Beverly Center and more.

Other beach areas to stay in Los Angeles


Because of its eclectic style, the Los Angeles district of Venice attracts both tourists and locals.The Playa part of Venice includes not only the beach, but also the promenade that runs parallel to it, as well as the handball and beach volleyball courts, the bike paths, and the shops and residences that have their addresses in front of the ocean.


It is a city located in Contra Costa County in the state of California, 10 minutes by car from Santa Monica.It is a recommended area to practice golf, since it has several courses, and it is especially recommended to stay if you are over 55 years old, since the city has a special agenda of activities for “seniors”.

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