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Where to stay in Seattle

What is the best area to stay in Seattle?

Surrounded by lakes and forests, the city of Seattle offers many urban attractions and outdoor activities. The city center is the financial district , located in front of the sea and the commercial area. The neighborhoods of Belltown, Denny and Pioneer Square are also part of downtown , which is well connected by public transportation and is a good area to stay.

In the old town you will find Smith Tower, Union Square and Nordstrom, a luxury chain of shoe, clothing and accessory stores.Among the many parks in this area you will find Westlake Park and Denny Park, and at Seattle Center you will find many tourist attractions, including eating at an altitude of more than 150 meters, and a visit to Sky City, a revolving restaurant located on the Space Needle.

Seattle is a city full of art and history museums, restaurants and outdoor activities: a walk through Pike Place Market, a large farm products market and Pioneer Square, the original center of Seattle, where you will find art galleries, bars and bookstores, this neighborhood is the center of nightlife and therefore also one of the best areas to stay during your stay in Seattle.

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Downtown Seattle

Located in the northwest of the United States, between Lake Washington and Puget Sound Bay, Seattle is the largest city in Washington State, with a metropolitan area of Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue and 155 kilometers from the U.S.-Canada border.Today, it’s an area full of bars and pubs, with a busy nightlife, as is Pioneer Square, Seattle’s original neighborhood, with live music and a young and relaxed atmosphere, art galleries, cafes, and bookstores that also fill this popular entertainment area, which includes Smith Tower, the city’s oldest skyscraper (completed and opened 100 years ago in 1914).In neoclassical style, the 149-meter-high building has eight elevators and 38 floors.

Other iconic Seattle skyscrapers include Union Square, a complex of two skyscrapers (Once Union Square and Two Union Square), the second of which is the third tallest in Seattle at 226 meters.

The Nordstrom chain of luxury shops is also worth a visit, where you can buy clothes, accessories, bags, jewellery, cosmetics, fragrances and even home furnishings.

The Central Library is a must if you spend a few days in the city.Its innovative shape makes it very striking (it was designed using a series of floating platforms prepared to withstand the risk of earthquakes in Seattle, is located next to the Experience Music Project of the renowned architect Frank Gehry.This original, striking and modern building is a tribute to the musician Jimi Hendrix and the process of creative evolution of American music.From above, the Experience Music Project is presented as a conglomerate of several brightly colored central bodies.

On the other hand, Seattle is a city with many green spaces, such as the Westlake Park and Denny Park parks, where you can take a pleasant walk.

If you like “high end” cuisine, you should visit Sky City, a revolving restaurant located on the Space Needle that offers spectacular views of the greater Seattle area while sampling the best local and international cuisine.

Other areas to stay in Seattle

Close to downtown and well located for maximum enjoyment of Seattle are other areas with a wide range of accommodations.


One of them is Fremont , on the other side of the Canal that connects Puget Sound and Lake Union. In this unique and artistic neighborhood of low houses, design shops and many artistic street expressions, is the curious and famous Fremont Troll, a giant troll of almost two tons that crushes a Volkswagen beetle on a full scale.Another peculiar sculpture located in Fremont is a huge 5-meter high bronze sculpture of the Russian communist leader Lenin.

Queen Anne

The elegant district of Queen Anne is also a good option to spend the night during your stay in Seattle.

Capitol Hill

Capitol Hill , very close to downtown, is a cosmopolitan and varied neighborhood with a lively cultural and artistic life.

International District

Another interesting option is to stay in International District , a multicultural neighborhood where most of the population comes from China, Japan, Philippines, Korea and the Pacific Islands.A part of this large neighborhood has been nicknamed Little Saigon because of the high concentration of Vietnamese companies. In this ethnic and plural corner there are markets with Asian products and many restaurants specialized in typical food from those countries.

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