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Where to stay in Sonoma

Where is the best place to stay in Sonoma?

Located in the state of California, USA, Sonoma County has recently become a very popular vacation destination, as the region is home to more than 400 wineries that produce wine that you are sure to love to taste… a must for tourists, as tastings are frequent, and you are sure to enjoy them during your visit.Sonoma is also home to several Native American tribes with ancient traditions, which you can discover along with many other ancient peoples such as the Mexicans or the Spanish Empire, and who will surely have left their mark in the area…

Santa Rosa is a city with a large tourist infrastructure, has a bustling nightlife and organizes all kinds of activities for all ages, is the ideal place for those who want to spend a family vacation. Healdsburg is a charming and picturesque city where you can taste all kinds of delicacies in excellent restaurants and taste its wines with world famous designation of origin, for those seeking tranquility. Sonoma Valley , will absorb you in its vineyards that are spread all over the area, where you can enjoy the mix of charm and tradition.

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Best places to stay in Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa

Santa Pink the capital from county from Sonoma, is the city more big from all the coast north from California and the fifth city plus populated of the Bay of San Francisco. city all type of activities that may perform in family: fishing, sailing in boat and visit the planetary are only one shows of the different options that offers and that without doubt any will make pass some wonderful days in family Holy Pink is famous by its big variety of restaurants acclaimed by the critical, where will be able to taste exquisite delicacies elaborated with products indigenous from first quality like meat, seafood and vegetables fresh all one luxury for your palates!

Santa Rosa’s nightlife is lively and bustling, and the city has some twenty nightclubs and offers the possibility of enjoying all kinds of events and theatrical performances at night.If you want to spend a pleasant afternoon shopping, there are many shopping centers in the city: Montgomery Village is the most famous shopping center, where you can shop surrounded by beautiful outdoor fountains and where you will find from elegant boutiques to the most expensive brand name clothing stores.

If you decide to stay a few days in the city you can visit its museums, or the fantastic Sonoma State University Library.At least one of the famous wineries, such as Deloach, Benovia, and Carol Shelton, is a must see, where you can taste some tasty wine among the vineyards.

The more adventurous nature lovers can go visit the wildlife park, camp out in a tent in the starlight, or even stay at an extravagant African Safari Camp.But if you prefer, there are all kinds of more comfortable alternatives that cover all kinds of possibilities such as motels, luxury hotels and even gay-friendly hotels .

Hotels in Santa Rosa


Healdsburg is a small town with a small-town feel, where tradition and hospitality go hand in hand.If you decide to spend a few days in the city, you can visit many wineries such as Bacigalupi and Porter Creek, and you can even enjoy an exclusive tasting at Rafanelli.

Healdsburg is full of shops, restaurants and taverns, mostly concentrated near Healdsbourg Plaza, a plaza that has remained intact for the last 150 years and where you can find a lot of exclusive shops and restaurants where you can sit and taste delicious dishes.’, ‘

Although, in the meantime, wine lovers will be grateful for the existence of a brewery they can visit, and where they can drink a good, fresh, sparkling beer.

In the city they can stay in all kinds of hotels: the most romantic can enjoy a charming stay in a rustic, old-style hotel; otherwise, they can also stay in modern large hotels and bed & breakfast .

Hotels in Healdsburg

Sonoma and Sonoma Valley

Although it is located a little less than 75 km from San Francisco, the well-known Sonoma Valley does not look like it at all… The city is a charming place, perfect for all those who wish to enjoy a peaceful stay and cultural enrichment.Its main square is full of perfectly preserved old buildings and picturesque little boutiques, as well as quaint restaurants where you can sit and have a glass of wine in the shade of the trees. Also located in the same square, you can visit the Sonoma Cheese Factory, where you can taste the famous Sonoma Jack cheese, a jewel in the form of a dairy product.

For those motoring enthusiasts who decide to stay in Sonoma for a few days, you can enjoy all kinds of activities and advanced driving courses and learn how to take curves behind the wheel of powerful cars, just like a professional!

Throughout Sonoma Valley you can find wineries that offer all kinds of interesting activities, such as Arrowood Vineyard or Chateau St. Louis. The wineries offer all kinds of interesting activities, such as Arrowood Vineyard or Chateau St. Jean, with their respective vineyards that extend endlessly on both sides of the roads that lead to the small towns of the area, full of curious corners like an observatory or a market, where you can buy all kinds of handicrafts and soak up the vitality and friendliness of the locals.

In the city of Sonoma as well as in the different towns that are spread out all over the Sonoma Valley you will find a great variety of accommodations that will suit your budget: from the smallest and simplest hostels, to luxurious hotels with swimming pools and spa where you can relax.

Hotels in Sonoma County

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