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Where to stay in the Hamptons

Where in the Hamptons is it best to stay?

Just 150 km from New York City is The Hamptons , a place nothing like the big city, which with its charming landscapes attracts so many tourists looking for a fabulous days enjoying the beaches, The Hamptons is an ideal location offering activities for all types of tourists, from beach sports and biking to golf courses to enhance your swing .A little paradise for those who like to rub shoulders with the upper classes!

East Hampton offers you the chance to relax and do all kinds of activities on its white sandy beaches, while Montauk is the perfect combination of beach and nature, full of paths and tracks, and wonderful routes to explore. Amagansett is the ideal place for water sports lovers, or for those who wish to go into the gigantic sand dunes, and is a regular destination for the surfers in the area; Sag Harbor inspires with its beautiful sunsets to all kinds of artists, and is visited by those who want to marvel at landscapes and views.

In Southampton you will find incredible mansions where the celebrities stay in summer; and in the villages of Wainscott , Sagaponack , Bridgehampton and Water Mill will be able to enjoy their picturesque charm and feel like a member of the rich community

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Best places to stay in the Hamptons

East Hampton

The main attraction of East Hampton is its fine white sand beaches, fully equipped with showers and toilets.

If you decide to spend a few days in East Hampton, you can walk through the beautiful parks or buy all kinds of items such as branded clothing and accessories along the main street, where if you are lucky you can have your picture taken with a celebrity.After a busy day, there are all kinds of hotels where you can relax, including a charming hotel decorated with Scandinavian art, or rental apartments with a variety of services.

East Hampton Hotels


Montauk is the region located at the eastern end of The Hamptons, which is why it has earned the nickname «The End».The region is a major tourist destination with six State Parks: Montauk Point, Hither Hills, Montauk Downs, Shadmoor, Napeague and Camp Hero will undoubtedly be a paradise for all those sports lovers outdoor , who seek to enjoy the landscape and find the perfect synchrony with nature, either by pedaling or walking through its impressive nature trails, enjoying a fantastic day of fishing or even exploring its many trails by cross-country skiing in winter.

If you don’t want to give up a nice swim at the beach either, there are a lot of beaches all along the coast of Montauk: Gin Beach and Hither Hills offer all kinds of services and are ideal to enjoy with the family and where you can rent boat trips from where you can watch whales; it is said that Ditch Plains has the best waves in the area, making it a place of worship for surfers.

You can stay in all kinds of places with very different prices.An inexpensive option is a surfers’ hostel on the seafront, although if you can afford it there are other options such as Tudor-style apartments or luxury rooms near the yacht club from where you can admire the spectacular yachts.

You won’t be able to miss the opportunity to go shopping in the area, as you will find all kinds of peculiar shops selling everything from organic fair trade products to custom designed espadrilles.

Hotels in Montauk


The main tourist attraction of Amagansett is, without a doubt, the beach.Its white-sand beaches are a good way to spend the hot summer days that are characteristic of the area. In addition to taking a bath, at Atlantic Avenue Beach you can rent all kinds of equipment for water sports: surfing, kayaking or paddle surfing; and land sports: cycling or skateboarding.

Amagansett Square is the commercial and leisure area, located in the heart of the village, where you can walk around while browsing through cafes, music shops, yoga centres and many other establishments.

Hotels in Amagansett

Sag Harbor

Sag Harbor was once a port town that lived off fishing and whaling, but today the town is an inspiration to artists and writers from all over the world who occupy the narrow, year-round streets filled with antique shops, fashion boutiques and restaurants serving some of the best dishes in the Hamptons.

At the Sag Harbor Sailing School on Foster Memorial Beach, you can learn to kayak and even skipper your own yacht.

You can choose to stay in cozy old restored whalers houses, hotels to play beach from which you can enjoy spectacular sunsets, bed & breakfast or rented houses.

Hotels in Sag Harbor


Southampton is consolidated as one of the favorite places for the American upper class.Walking through the beautiful gardens and streets of Meadow Lane, with an average housing price of approximately 18 million dollars, you can see a lot of expensive cars and, if you are lucky, have your picture taken with a celebrity coming out of one of the elegant shops on Jobs Lane and on the main street.

The nightlife in Southampton is ostentatious; the town has a large number of nightclubs, some of which are true ultra-exclusive paradises, only within reach of a few…

The main beach in Southampton is Coopers Beach, an ideal place to enjoy a fabulous afternoon with your family, if you want to venture out and look for other beaches with less people, you will have to take into account that some are only for residents.

If you want to stay in Southampton, you will find motels and five star hotels, but you can also rent a studio for two or even an entire farm.

Hotels in Southhampton

Wainscott, Sagaponack, Bridgehampton and Water Mill

These are the four best known towns in The Hamptons, spread between East Hampton and Southampton.

Sagaponack is the closest town to the Atlantic Ocean and has the beautiful Sagg beach, full of all kinds of amenities, and where you can have fun doing all kinds of activities such as volleyball, fishing, surfing…

Bridgehampton has a small but elegant shopping centre with about forty small and charming August, the town hosts the famous Hampton Classic Horse Show, a prestigious show jumping competition that attracts a large number of horse riding fans.

Water Mill and Wainscott are more residential areas, where the elegant and luxurious properties can be seen from the road.

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