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Where to stay in Goald Coast: The best places

Are you going to travel to Australia?if so you might be planning to go to the Goald Coast, one of the country’s most popular tourist this post we recommend the best areas to stay in Gold Coast and we explain how they are.

Gold Coast is an area of Australia that, as its name suggests, extends along the east coast of the continent.

And no wonder, since the Gold Coast has been the location chosen for record many films , as The House of Wax, Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor: Ragnarok or Aquaman among other super productions.

Remember that the Gold Coast is located in Australia, so the summer months are in December, January and February, the winter months are in July, August and September, just the opposite of the northern hemisphere, so the good weather may not go hand in hand with your annual vacation.However, in the Australian summer the rainfall is very heavy and can spoil your itinerary if you choose the wrong dates.

In this destination there is fun for all tastes, with casinos, shopping malls, water sports clubs, nightlife parties, historic tourist sites, beautiful beaches and extensive nature reserves.

Public transport links most of the coast and the suburbs by bus, train and tram. If you are renting a car, you can use the extensive road network connecting the counties and major towns by motorway, widening the range of possibilities when staying on the Gold Coast.

The best areas to stay in the Gold Coast

It is clear that staying in any of the areas that the Gold Coast is divided into will not leave you indifferent, as the 70 kilometres of coast has many charming and interesting places.

But if you need more information to decide on an area to sleep in the Gold Coast in particular, you can read below a detailed description of each location, with its advantages and disadvantages.

1.Surfer’s Paradise

The most famous area of the Australian Gold Coast is, without a doubt, Surfers Paradise, the beach is always full of tourists and surfers looking for a variety of leisure options, the whole area of Surfers Paradise is full of restaurants, nightclubs, nightclubs and bars.

The beach is always crowded with tourists and surfers looking for a variety of entertainment options and the whole area of Surfers Paradise is full of restaurants, clubs, nightclubs and bars.

Here you will find accommodation of all kinds, such as hotels, beach resorts, hostels, apartments, family houses or even boats for overnight stays.the prices are very varied, always higher in the Australian summer and rarely below 100 euros per overnight stay.

– Accommodation in Surfer’s Paradise

2Broad Beach

Right next to Surfer’s Paradise you will find Broad Beach. This beach has not been as severely impacted by massive building as other beaches on the Gold Coast, so it still has well preserved natural scenery, where wild vegetation and pine forests predominate.

Broad Beach, like Surfers Paradise, has very good public transport connections, both from the city to the beach and in the direction of other beaches. restaurants, bars and cafes are all over the area, so you will have no problem trying the local food or enjoying some nightlife.Of course, you can easily find several water sports venues on the beach.

When it comes to staying on the Gold Coast, the Broad Beach area is another favorite for tourists.

For tighter belts there is a wide range of hostels, apartments, hostels, 3 star hotels and family houses for groups with prices over 60 euros a night.

– Accommodation in Broad Beach

3.Mermaid Beach

If you prefer a somewhat quieter area without so many crowds, Mermaid Beach is a good place to sleep on the Goald Coast.</The area is mostly residential with less than 6000 inhabitants, so there is not as much traffic as in other cities on the coast.

As in other beaches of the Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach has very good connections by public transport to other beaches and areas of the coast.In addition, it is a place that has, in short distances, everything you may need in your stay, such as gift shops, supermarkets, restaurants and cafes.

Although Surfers Paradise is, as its name suggests, the paradise of surfers, Mermaid Beach is not left behind thanks to the excellent waves of the beach.The promenade is huge and has very good infrastructure.

For visitors looking for a quiet place to stay on the Gold Coast, Mermaid Beach is excellent.

However, you can find hostel and hostel rooms at cheaper prices per night, between 50 and 70 euros. However, we recommend that you book in advance to avoid your budget from skyrocketing or running out of rooms.

– Mermaid Beach Accommodation

4.Burleigh Heads

If the other beaches of the Gold Coast seemed like a paradise to you, Burleigh Heads is on a different level.

Burleigh Heads beach has several pine forests, camping areas and natural areas with picnic tables.

In addition, here there is as much concentration of tourists or as in neighboring Surfers Paradise, something you will appreciate if you want to rest.

Along the coast there are many hotels focused on family tourism, as well as several luxury resorts.

– Burleigh Heads accommodation

5.Hope Island

Hope Island, Queensland, is a suburb of the Gold Coast where many tourists come to shop and enjoy their favourite sports such as tennis and golf.

When looking for accommodation, Hope Island is a problem, as there is practically no accommodation available, with only a couple of hotels and resorts.the prices per night for these accommodations are around 200 euros in high season.

Not bad for hotels that offer luxury services.But since it is mostly a residential area, you have to find accommodation outside the area and basically leave Hope Island for a visit and shopping.It is mostly a residential area but with all the useful services at hand, such as supermarkets, travel agencies, bars, restaurants, etc.

If you like surfing, you should know that Coolangatta, despite being a quiet area, attracts the best surfers in the world due to the great waves of its beaches.

Also, if you pass through the town of Tweed Heads, you can cross from the state of Queensland to the state of New South Wales simply by walking down a street, so prices of products or services can vary greatly from place to place.

Here the prices of accommodation are somewhat cheaper than in other areas of the Gold Coast.However, you may need to hire a vehicle to get around as Coolangatta does not have a very good public transport network, with irregular opening hours and infrequent stops.

However, if you are looking for beachfront resorts and less crowded yacht clubs than other areas of the Gold Coast, Coolangatta is ideal for staying in the Gold Coast.

– Accommodation in Coolangatta

7.Sanctuary Cove

Within the above mentioned Hope Island, there is another gated community called Sanctuary Cove.</As on Hope Island, accommodation at Sanctuary Cove is very scarce, if not non-existent. There are a couple of resorts that offer accommodation, swimming pool and spa services. Prices range from 150 to 250 euros a night. However, if you are lucky, you may be able to rent a boat for a couple of nights to sleep in the huge harbour of Sanctuary Cove.

– Sanctuary Cove Accommodation

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8.Main Beach – South Port

South Port and Main Beach are two areas north of Macintosh Island where you will find the huge Broadwater Parklands nature park and the Sea World theme park, ideal if you are travelling with children.

However, if you like to go shopping, in South Port you will find the Australia Fair shopping centre, which is very complete and has many shops, and both areas are very well connected by public transport, which is a good thing when visiting the surrounding areas.

Accommodation in Gold Coast is cheaper if you go to South Port and Main Beach and if you compare it with Surfers Paradise, so it is a place to take into account when staying in Gold Coast.You can find a room in high season with prices between 150 euros in a hotel or 25 euros in a hostel.

Although South Port has a reputation of being an unpleasant neighbourhood, you only have to walk around its streets to see that it is a fairly quiet area and to take into account if you want to save when booking accommodation.

– Accommodation in Main Beach – South Port

9.Palm Beach – Currumbin

If you are looking for accommodation in the Gold Coast, some of the beaches with the most natural areas and the least buildings are the Palm Beach and Currumbin coasts.

Both beaches are famous for surfing and are in excellent condition and there is also good fishing and other water sports.

Near Palm Beach is Burleigh Head National Park, a must see if you want to learn more about the local wildlife.Currumbin is home to the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, a rainforest and jungle reserve that is home to over 1400 Australian animals, many of them endangered.

As the airport is so close to Palm Beach and Currumbin, you may be interested in staying in one of these areas if you are flying to other locations.

The prices are also varied in high season , ranging from 30 euros a night in a hostel to 300 euros in a luxury hotel.without a doubt, this is one of the areas where you can save the most money on your accommodation.

You have already seen that practically all areas of the Gold Coast offer cheap accommodation.When it comes to staying in the Gold Coast, there are also luxury options, with higher prices, according to the exquisite services offered.

As it is a very touristy area, it will be difficult for you not to have all the services you need at your fingertips, with the beach just a few meters away and with views worthy of a postcard.

– Accommodation in Palm Beach – Currumbin

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