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Where to stay in Perth

What is the best area to stay in Perth?

In Western Australia, there is the modern city of Perth, a multicultural metropolis, characterized by its contemporary architecture, its many green areas and the friendliness of its people, a city that has become one of the ideal destinations for business.

At Best Location Hotels we recommend that you stay in the City Centre or Central Business District (CBD) , where the main tourist attractions are concentrated, such as the famous Mint, Bell Tower, City Hall, St George’s Cathedral, the Western Australian Art Gallery and Langley Park.

Enjoy your business or holiday trip to Perth, an oasis of tranquillity in a remote Australian destination.

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Downtown or Central Business District, the best area to stay in Perth

Perth is a city in Western Australia, located by the Swan River, so named because it is home to black swans, first seen by Willem de Vlamingh around 1697.Perth is one of the world’s most isolated metropolitan areas, and is unique in that it is closer to Jakarta than to Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane in Australia itself.

The Central Business District is the hub of Perth’s commercial and cultural life, bounded by the Swan River to the south and east, and by Kings Park to the west.Its main road artery is Saint Georges Terrace, which runs parallel to the Swan River, through the Central Business District and has many office spaces, while Hay Street and Murray Street have numerous shopping and entertainment facilities.It is located at the highest point in the city centre, on the corner of Howick and Barrack Street.With a Gothic style, it’s the only church with handmade clay bricks and limestone, and was designed by the famous architect Edmund Thomas Blacket.

Another of the most interesting stops in the Central Business District is the Perth Mint where Australia’s largest collection of natural gold nuggets and the world’s most valuable precious coins are located.It’s common for Australians to take their money, invest it in gold and deposit it as if it were a bank, and it’s certainly one of the tourist attractions worth visiting.

One of the landmarks of the Central Business District, and of course the whole city, is The Bell Tower, located in Esplanade Park, right between the city centre and the docks on the Swan River.The bells come from St. Martin’s parish and were given to the city to celebrate Australia’s bicentennial, you can climb to the top and enjoy the wonderful views of the Swan River and the city, as well as appreciate the world’s largest instrument composed of bells.There’s also a library with collections of rare books, documents about bells and books written in over 1500 languages, as well as a collection of bells from Asia.

It’s a city that mixes open spaces, public art and green areas, including the Esplanade Reserve, where sports and cultural events are held.But the most emblematic park of the Central Business District is Langley Park, one of the main open spaces of the city and the meeting place of the most varied musical and artistic events such as Cirque du Soleil, which has used its facilities to set up its tent.As a curiosity, Langley Park is also a place where fixed-wing aircraft can land in the middle of the city, despite not being an official airfield, because the park was used around 1920 as an airstrip by Major Norman Brearley, a pioneer of civil aviation in Western Australia.

For those who prefer a cultural site, we recommend the Art Gallery of Western Australia, where you can find the state’s art collection, which includes Indigenous, Western Australian, historical and contemporary Australian and international art.Thousands of kilometres of coastline, including Cottesloe, great for swimming and water sports, Scarborough and Floreat, with their calm waters and Trigg, perfect for surfing.

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