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Prague Hotels Map: Find Your Perfect Stay

Welcome to our guide to finding the perfect hotel in Prague. Whether you are planning a romantic getaway, a business trip, or a family vacation, we have created a comprehensive map that will help you navigate through the numerous accommodation options in this beautiful city. From luxury five-star hotels to budget-friendly options, Prague offers a wide range of choices to suit every traveler’s needs and preferences. In this post, we will provide you with all the essential information you need to find your ideal stay in Prague, including the best neighborhoods to stay in, popular attractions nearby, and average prices. So, let’s dive in and start planning your unforgettable stay in Prague!

What is the best area to stay in Prague?

When it comes to choosing the best area to stay in Prague, there are several options that cater to different preferences. One of the most popular areas is Staré Mesto, Prague 1, which is the historic Old Town. This area is perfect for sightseeing as it is home to many iconic landmarks such as the Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, and the Astronomical Clock. Staying here allows you to be in the heart of the city’s vibrant atmosphere and easily explore its rich history.

If you prefer a more peaceful and family-friendly area, Malá Strana is an excellent choice. Located on the other side of the river from the Old Town, Malá Strana is known for its charming cobblestone streets, Baroque architecture, and proximity to the Prague Castle. This area offers a more relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city center.

If you are looking for a cheaper area without too many tourists, New Town is worth considering. It offers a wide range of accommodation options at more affordable prices compared to the Old Town. This area is also well-connected to public transportation, making it convenient to explore other parts of the city.

For a hipster atmosphere, Žižkov & Vinohrady, Prague 3 is the place to be. These neighborhoods are known for their trendy bars, cafes, and art galleries. Here, you can experience the local alternative scene and enjoy a more bohemian vibe.

Lastly, Smíchov-Anděl, Prague 5 is an underrated area that offers a unique experience. It is located on the west bank of the river and has a mix of modern and historic architecture. This area is less crowded with tourists, allowing you to discover a more authentic side of Prague.

Overall, whether you choose to stay in the historic Old Town, the peaceful Malá Strana, the affordable New Town, the hipster Žižkov & Vinohrady, or the underrated Smíchov-Anděl, Prague has a neighborhood to suit every traveler’s preferences.

Is it better to stay in the new town or the Old Town in Prague?

When deciding whether to stay in Old Town or New Town in Prague, it ultimately depends on your preferences and what you’re looking for in your accommodation. Old Town, also known as Staré Město, is the historic heart of Prague and offers a charming and picturesque atmosphere. The cobblestone streets, stunning architecture, and iconic landmarks such as the Astronomical Clock and Charles Bridge make it a popular choice for tourists. Staying in Old Town gives you easy access to many of Prague’s top attractions, including the Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, and the Jewish Quarter. The area is also known for its vibrant nightlife, with numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants to explore.

On the other hand, New Town, or Nové Město, is a more modern district of Prague and serves as the city’s center for commerce and transportation. It offers a bustling and energetic atmosphere, with a wide range of shops, malls, and restaurants. Staying in New Town can be more convenient if you’re looking to be close to public transportation options, as it is well-connected by trams, buses, and the metro. The area is also home to Wenceslas Square, a popular shopping and cultural hub, as well as the National Museum and the State Opera.

Where is the best place to stay in Prague for nightlife?

Where is the best place to stay in Prague for nightlife?

When it comes to nightlife, Prague has a vibrant and diverse scene that caters to all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re looking for trendy bars, lively clubs, or cozy pubs, there are plenty of options to choose from. If you want to be right in the heart of the action, the best place to stay in Prague for nightlife is undoubtedly the city center.

One highly recommended option is the Hotel Prague Inn, located in the historic Old Town. This boutique hotel offers comfortable rooms and a stylish bar, making it the perfect base for exploring Prague’s nightlife. Another excellent choice is the Hotel KINGS COURT, which is situated just a short walk from the famous Wenceslas Square. This luxurious hotel features elegant rooms, a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, and a trendy bar where you can unwind after a night of partying.

If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, the Simply Hotel is a great choice. Located near the iconic Charles Bridge, this cozy hotel offers affordable rooms and easy access to some of the city’s best bars and clubs. For a slightly more upscale experience, the Central Hotel Prague is a fantastic option. This stylish hotel is located in the lively Nove Mesto district and offers modern rooms, an on-site restaurant, and a vibrant bar.

If you want to immerse yourself in the charming atmosphere of Prague’s Lesser Town, the Hotel Mala Strana is an ideal choice. This boutique hotel is located in a historic building and offers comfortable rooms, a cozy bar, and a charming courtyard. Another great option is the Hotel Josef, located in the trendy Josefov district. This design hotel features sleek rooms, a fashionable bar, and a prime location near popular nightlife spots.

If you’re a budget traveler looking for a lively atmosphere, the Czech Inn is a top pick. This trendy hostel offers both private and shared rooms, a lively bar, and regular events such as pub crawls. Finally, for a unique experience with stunning views, the Terrace Hotel Prague is a must-consider. Located on a hillside overlooking the city, this boutique hotel offers stylish rooms, a rooftop terrace with a bar, and breathtaking views of Prague’s skyline.