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Where to stay in Salta

What is the best area to stay in Salta?

If you are thinking of visiting Salta , the best area to stay is the historical center , which is the area of the capital where you can find the best hotels in the city and the best atmosphere to enjoy a sightseeing tour.

The city is divided into many neighborhoods, which basically can be grouped by their geographical location in the center, north, south, east and west. In the center we find the historical, financial and commercial part of the city .Here Salta was founded in 1582 and nowadays visitors can find the best places to eat and drink a good wine from the Calchaqui Valleys, as well as the best variety of handicrafts.

Those who stay in the centre will also be close to the most important historical buildings and museums, such as the Museo Histórico del Norte and the Museo Colonial Histórico y de Bellas Artes .At Best Location Hotels we specifically recommend to stay in the historical center area around Plaza 9 de Julio and Plaza General Güemes.

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The historic centre of Salta

The province of Salta, in the northwest of Argentina, borders with Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile and is the communication hub between the north of Chile, the northwest of Argentina and the bordering areas of Bolivia and Paraguay.

9 de Julio Square can be considered the heart of the city of Salta and is the meeting point for residents and tourists, therefore, if you stay near here you will have the most important things of the city just a few steps away.The Cabildo is a colonial style building, the best preserved in Argentina, and today it houses the Museo Histórico del Norte and the Museo Colonial Histórico y de Bellas Artes, which exhibits the local artistic production.On the north side is the Cathedral Basilica of Salta, which began its construction in the 17th century, just one day after the foundation of the city.

A walk around the square is an unavoidable part of a visit to Salta.The High Mountain Archaeology Museum (MAAM) is also located in front of the square, and allows us to go back 500 years and admire the Inca culture, which was created to protect one of the most important archaeological discoveries in Argentina: the “Children of Llullaillaco”.These are mummies that correspond to three Inca children who lived more than half a century ago and were discovered in 1999.

A few steps from the square is another of the main historical attractions of the city: the church and convent of San Francisco de Salta.This building dates from 1582, when Fray Bartolomé de la Cruz took possession of the stable that Hernando de Lerma assigned to the Franciscans when he founded the city. The San Francisco Church was declared a Minor Basilica in 1992 and a National Historic Monument in 1941.It is an avenue of three blocks that goes from Entre Rios Avenue to the train station, it is the place where tourists and Salteños go when the sun goes down, because although it is not the only place of recreation, it is one of the best with its typical music and its folklore shows with gauchos.During the day it is also worthwhile to walk around Balcarce to have a nice meal or enjoy a good drink.

On Sundays you should not miss the typical market of Balcarce, where you can find crafts made of pacará, palo santo, gold and silver, clothes, vessels, spices, hats, silver and alpaca accessories, typical sweets and much more.But there are other places where every day you can buy these products, like the Fair of the General Güemes Square, the Fair of the San Francisco Church, the Fair in the San Martin Park, the Artisan Market and, of course, the galleries in front of the 9 de Julio Square.You will find all these options in the center and its surroundings, so you can easily get there on foot.

Only 15 minutes walking from the Plaza 9 de Julio you can reach the Monument to Güemes, where you will find the stairs to climb the Cerro San Bernardo, where you will have the best views at a height of 269 above the city.At the top you will also find options to eat, drink something and buy handicrafts.if you do not want to walk up there is another option, also 15 minutes away is the San Martin Park, where you can find the cable car that will take you to the top of the hill without physical effort.

Hotels in the center of Salta

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