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Where to stay in Ushuaia

What is the best area to stay in Ushuaia?

Ushuaia , the southernmost city in the world is located on the Big Island of Tierra del Fuego, in a wonderful setting of lakes, forests, sea and mountains, offering many activities at all times of the year.In winter it is famous for the practice of skiing and in summer for its excursions to its virgin territories, from this city you can visit the Martial Glacier, the Mount Castor, the National Park Tierra de Fuego etc.

If we look for a little warmth and atmosphere in the cold Ushuaia the best thing is to stay in the center of the city .The main street is Avenida San Martín where you can find most of the restaurants, bars, chocolate and liquor stores, as well as souvenir shops.

In the same centre we can enjoy some wonderful views of the Canal In addition, we can go to the port of the bay where the catamarans leave for the Beagle Channel where the Les Éclaireurs Lighthouse, the Isla de los Lobos and the Isla de los Pájaros are located.

In the map that shows the best area to stay in Ushuaia are located a selection of the best hotels to stay.

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Where to sleep near Ushuaia

If we are going to Ushuaia by the national road 3 or arriving via the Rio Grande airport we can choose to sleep in the same city of Rio Grande or in the town of Tolhuin before arriving in Ushuaia.

Rio Grande: a good option to stay near Ushuaia if we arrive via the international airport “Gobernador Trejo Noel” is to sleep in the same city of Rio Grande that welcomes you.

Hotels in Rio Grande

Tolhuin: if we want to stay in a more natural environment, outside the city, the town of Tolhuin on the shores of Lake Fagnano is a good option.Located only 100 km from Ushuaia is the nearest town down to Ushuaia by the National 3.

Hotels in Tolhuin

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